Things You Need to Know Before You are in Japan

Japan is an enthralling and unique country that offers visitors many wonders to make their Japan trip memorable. It is a place with a perfect blend of old traditions with new technology and where you will discover many gorgeous landscapes in just a short train ride.

The culture and language of Japan are so distinct that it is very difficult to list out what you should know before going. The country presents spectacular cuisines, top spots to get ramen, shares many amazing hidden gems, and much more to travelers.

There are many things that every traveler should know before planning a trip to Japan. Also one can make their journey memorable by booking their flight tickets using Make My Trip Offers with discounted prices.

Things You Need to Know Before You are in Japan

– Use 7-Bank

Japan is not cashless, yet so you should have an ample amount of money to spend there and for this withdrawing money from ATMs is the best option for travelers.

In Japan IC cards, i.e. rechargeable cards are used to pay and are generally utilized as debit card in numerous places, vending machines as well as restaurants.

To save money on withdrawals and payments, you should also have a Revolution card too.

– Using public transport is a must

Before roaming in Japan, you should keep in mind that the fare in the country is calculated as per the length of your trip, and for this IC card is recommended. It will ease your calculations every time you board the subway.

The fares are automatically discounted when you tap the card on the card reader while going out of the station. For long-distance traveling in Japan via rail network, you should prefer JR Pass, i.e. Japan Rail Pass which is for travelers only and is both a money and time saver.

– Rent wifi portal

The best and easiest way is to rent a wifi portal in Japan which you can take anywhere with you while traveling. It is the easiest way to stay connected and can be carried easily in your bag the entire time.

It will help you with Google Maps when you are on a Japan trip as the roads in Japan do not have signboards which can confuse you confused if you do not use Google Maps while traveling in Japan.

– Try all types of foods

Japanese food in Japan is an absolute wonder, and you should try it all also the amount of restaurants in Japan is incredible. They use the best quality ingredients, and on top the customer service is amazing.

The standards of every restaurant in Japan are very high, and for sure you will not get a bad meal in Japan. Some of the best food items in Japan that you should try once are Soba, Sushi, Gyozas, Japanese Curry, Ramen, Tempura, Udon, and Tonkatsu.

– Smoking is not allowed everywhere

In Japan, the best part is that you cannot smoke everywhere, especially since smoking on the streets is forbidden.

There are specified smoking areas where you can smoke in Japan and smoking outside the specified areas is disrespectful and also one of the biggest offenses in Japan.

There are specific restaurants, bars, and bullet trains that allow smoking, so you have to keep a check on this for sure.

– Hold trash

Japan is a clean country, and in it, there are few trash cans, and you have to hold on to the trash yourself till you get a place to dispose of it. When locals are walking, you should not eat or smoke so you will not need any kind of bin.

If you want to throw some plastic material or paper the best way to dispose of it is the convenience stores.

– Japan trip is not expensive

The budget is a matter of concern for every traveler planning a trip to Japan, but you will be surprised that Japan is very inexpensive. It is the best place to visit for a low budget traveler as entrance fees are prohibitive for attractions in Japan.

The cost of transportation can be easily reduced with the help of passes. There are ten low-cost remen along with ikazaya spots are available.

The best part is that the food in convenience stores in Japan is much better than anything else. In addition to this, you can easily book pocket friendly hotels using Oyo Offers.

– No language problem

In Japan, you will never face a language problem as the place is good in English and everyone can understand almost anything you say. They are very shy to reply as their language domain is not perfect, just be polite and smile to get a good reply from them.

In some big cities like Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto you will find the menu and signs in English so that you can explore them without hassle.

– Safest country

Japan is known as one of the safest countries in the world and where people move out of the way to avoid any kind of conflict. You can without any worry leave your laptop or else phone on the table itself.

As people in Japan believe that physical objects have the spirit of the owner and so they are less interested in stealing them. The matter is the opposite as every local finds it dangerous to interact with travelers.

Trip to Japan

If you are planning a trip to Japan, then you should know the things mentioned above before going. So stay updated by keeping everything in your mind to enjoy your trip and make it memorable.

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