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Tips For Buying Used Utility Trailers

Utility trailers are the backbone of many small companies, scout troops, marching bands, football teams, and families that travel with extra vehicles for their vacations. Because utility trailers are made in so many styles, you need to understand what you are looking at, how much you would like to spend, and how to find a trailer that will suit your needs. Read more below to learn what can be done to ensure that you get the best trailer for your family, group, or business.

How Large Is The Trailer?

You can find utility trailers for sale in Allentown, PA by searching for the amount of space they have. A trailer that has a small surface area will have the general dimensions, and a larger/enclosed trailer will often have the cubic feet of storage listed when you’re shopping. Decide exactly how much space you need before searching so that you can buy a trailer that you know will work for your specific needs.

Should The Trailer Be Covered Or Not?

Some companies prefer to use an open trailer because it is easy to take items off the trailer without opening the door or walking through the door. This is an especially popular style of trailer with landscapers because they can pull items off the trailer in a second. However, you may need to get a closed trailer if you are afraid of heavy rains that may frequent the area. The same is true if you are worried about your equipment being snowed on when the trailer is parked.

If you are hauling something like a jet ski or motorcycle, you may want to keep the vehicle out of the weather. Plus, you may need a way to lock up the items in the trailer. You cannot do that if the trailer is open.

Is The Hitch Undamaged?

You need to make sure that the hitch is undamaged when you are searching for a used trailer. The hitch itself could have been damaged during a crash, or it could have been bent by the last owner when they were parking the trailer improperly. If the hitch does not work, you cannot take the trailer anywhere.

The Wheels

The wheels on a utility trailer are not as large or as expensive as those on a massive trailer you might see not the highway. However, you still need to check the wheels and the tires to ensure that they are in good condition. You can look under the trailer to see the state of the axles, and you must make sure that there is no rust eating away at the assembly.

Is The Metal Frame In Good Condition?

The metal frame of the trailer is what holds everything together. You can see the frame of the trailer quite clearly if you are inside it, or you can inspect the frame of the trailer by lifting the flooring on an open trailer. If the frame is rusting or damaged, you may experience future issues with the trailer because the frame is already falling apart.


When you are looking at utility trailers, you need to check every item off the list above before buying. The trailer must have a good price, have a good vehicle history report, and be free of damage. Plus, you need to decide how much space you need because every business or family is different. You can even inspect the frame of the trailer, check the axles, look at the wheels, and make sure that the trailer can be hitched properly. When you have done all these things, you can make an informed purchase.

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