Top 10 Toughest Vaults To Crack. I Couldn’t Believe What Number 4 Is Used For

When you think about vaults, you think about a bank vault with the giant wheel-looking thing and probably some type of key code device. There may possibly even be a security guard napping outside the door.

Some vaults that are not as conventionally built. These vaults and bunkers are designed to hold valuables of any standard. They are often protected at all costs.

These top 10 vaults and bunkers are the toughest to infiltrate with their 24-hour security, heavy duty doors with extensive locking systems and motion-detecting cameras.


1 Mormon Vault

Mormon Vault

The Mormon Vault is privately owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It is located in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah and was built 600 feet within a large rock. How crazy does that sound? A vault built within a rock! The developers of this rock vault took much consideration in the design of the facility. They ensured that inside the vault stayed dry and was environmentally controlled to allow long-term record keeping. If you were able to tour the facility, you would see offices, loading docks, and even a microfilm restoration lab. In addition to its exclusive surroundings and comfy interior, the doors of this vault were built with unique steel. This steel is designed to tighten on impact. It is also built to withstand a nuclear explosion. What’s in this vault? How about billions of family history records as well as church documents!

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