Top Destinations For Nature Lovers

Do you want to experience a holiday off the beaten track and reconnect with nature? There are some stunning places all over the world that will leave you mesmerized by their natural marvels. For instance, have a look at Naturetrek wildlife holidays.

They have an array of exotic destinations to explore. From being sun-baked in the game-filled savannahs of Africa to the breathtaking, rugged landscapes of snow-covered forests of Finland, here is a list of top destinations for all nature lovers.

So get ready to soak in the majestic mountain peaks, vast stretches of wilderness, mosaics of grasslands, and some exotic wildlife.

1- Antarctica


Antarctica is one of the most understated holiday destinations. It is a land of extremes – being cold, dry, windy, and having the highest of all the world’s big landmasses. However, this continent is also extreme in terms of natural beauty.

You will be awestruck by the towering glaciers, massive icebergs, and wildlife of this white continent. As spring approaches and the ice retreats, the place comes alive with seabirds, penguins, whales, seals, and many other creatures.

The best way to experience this beautiful land of extremes is on a cruise, where your lodging and boarding are well looked after and you can genuinely relish the surreal remoteness of this magnificent place.

2- Iceland

Aptly called the Land of Fire and Ice, Iceland encompasses all types of landscapes, from waterfalls and icebergs to lava fields and craters. It is also known as the country of contrasts, where dark winters are offset by the midnight sun in the summers, offering spectacular terrains, rich and vibrant culture, and oneness with nature.

This island marooned near the top of the globe is an adventure in waiting. From taking a bath in a geothermal lagoon, and a trek across glittering glaciers to viewing the most magnificent and awe-inspiring Aurora Borealis’ curtains of light and whale watching in the cold waters off the coast. You can truly experience a nature-centric holiday in Iceland while enjoying Nordic nirvana through the local music, handicrafts, and delectable cuisine.

3- South Africa

South Africa Nature

If you are an animal lover and a nature enthusiast, then a trip to South Africa is a definite must-do. Visit this country of stunning diversity to satiate your senses and feel a part of the beautiful wilderness.

From lush mountains to the vast expanse of the Kalahari desert and the azure blue waters of the Indian and Atlantic oceans, South Africa has something for everyone.

Adventure lovers are sure to be thrilled with the choices here. You can spend time surfing and snorkeling in the sea or try out shark cage diving and deep-sea diving. The Big Five (lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant, and rhino) are not to be missed either.

Book a safari in any of the national reserves in South Africa, and you are sure to spot these beasts and plenty of other fauna too. Also, try out abseiling from Cape Town’s iconic Table Mountain and bungee jumping from the world’s highest point – the Bloukrans Bridge in the Garden Route.

4- Cambodia

Cambodia is a beautiful destination

The Kingdom of Cambodia is a beautiful destination to be one with nature. Renowned the world over for the UNESCO World Heritage temple complex of Angkor Wat, it has a lot of architectural marvels to explore.

Also, gloriously vibrant with forests and wetlands, it is a hub for wildlife. It boasts of numerous endangered species of birds and animals including the Giant and White-shouldered Ibis, Milky Stork, Bengal Florican, and three of the endangered vulture species – Slender-billed, White-rumped, and Red-headed.

Spend a few days soaking in the rhythm of rural life and magnificent landscapes in Cambodia. From dazzling rice paddies and sugar palms found abundant in its countryside to tropical islands dotted with fishing villages and the Cardamom mountains located in the inland regions – Cambodia offers a good getaway from the hustle-bustle of modern life.

5- Papua New Guinea

An island nation in Oceania, Papua New Guinea is one of the most unexplored parts of the Earth, with 90% of the region covered with forests. Its rugged natural beauty, thriving traditional culture, and astounding wildlife attract people from across the globe. For those of you who seek serenity and calm, there is no place better than this haven.

Its vibrant culture is infectious too. With all the old traditions still in place, the people of Papua New Guinea are warm and welcoming. The local festivals are not to be missed where they are dressed in their traditional attire and dance to the local beats.

The region has the richest avian species with about 400 endemic species of birds, making it a paradise for bird watchers. From the commonly found birds like pigeons, doves, parrots, and kingfishers to the rare species of fairy-wrens, jewel-babblers, garnet robins, and flame bowerbirds.

A must-see but not so commonly sighted bird is the New Guinea Harpy Eagle. The aquamarine life here is abundant too with a host of colorful fish found in the beautiful reefs.

6- Croatia

Croatia destination

If you dream of an idyllic Mediterranean holiday immersed in balmy weather by the sapphire waters, then Croatia is your next go-to holiday destination. Its stunning island-speckled coastline is what attracts tourists with crystal clear water, dazzling white-sand beaches, and a host of water sports to add some adventure to the holiday.

From snorkeling, kayaking, and windsurfing to diving and sailing, you can experience a plethora of activities in Croatia.

However, if you like to have your feet firmly on the ground, Croatia has a lot to offer to you as well. Visit Plitvice Lakes, National Park. This World Heritage site is one of the country’s jewels. It boasts of a verdant maze of woods, meadows, and paths around 16 lakes and waterfalls.

Wildlife enthusiasts will love this paradise too, as it is home to about 120 species of birds, resident bears, and wolves.

7- Trinidad & Tobago

Visit the true Caribbean home in Trinidad & Tobago. Renowned for its annual Carnival, the islands of Trinidad & Tobago have sharp contrasts. Pristine mangrove swamps and rainforested hills are the mainstays in Trinidad while Tobago has everything you would expect from a Caribbean island, from white sand beaches to swaying palm trees.

However, together, this twin-island republic offers an excellent opportunity for birdwatching, diving, and exotic locales for hiking.

Trinidad & Tobago is a paradise for wildlife lovers. With about 99 species of mammals and 470 species of birds, it is one of the best places to visit for all kinds of fauna. Located adjacent to the north coast of South America, the island of Trinidad is the best place to dip your toe into the avian delights of the region.

Some of the iconic species of birds include the scarlet ibis, cave-dwelling oilbird, bearded bellbird, red-footed and brown boobies, and the beautiful red-billed tropicbird.

So, pack your backpack with all the necessary travel gear for a fun-filled holiday amidst nature and get completely rejuvenated and reinvigorated.

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