Types and Significance of Dragon Jewelry You didn’t Know about

Everyone is seeking help and protection from higher powers. Someone prays to gods, some people believe in supernatural powers, and others try to enlist the support of talismans and amulets. If you belong to the category of people who believe in amulet’s magical properties, then you are probably in a search of symbol that resonates with your personality. Most people find their charms in animal jewelry. When it comes to you, you might want to evoke protection from a beast mightier than any animal. We are talking about a dragon.

Two Types of Dragons

The idea of dragons in the East and West is diametrically opposite. These dragons are completely different in every aspect, from their look to their habits and even significance.

In Europe, a dragon is a pure evil. It attacked villages, kidnapped young girls, and burned everything on its way. Men considered it a great honor to defeat a dragon. Even more, people endeavored to find countless treasures dragons guarded in their caves. Sometimes, along with treasures, dragons abducted princesses, and brave knights felt honor-bound to free them.

The Hobbit, the Heart of the Dragon, Shrek, and even How to Train Your Dragon, all portray these creatures in the same way. The European Dragon is a serpent with a hefty body, wings, and a long tail. Some people might say that these dragons resemble a dinosaur. They hunt by spewing flames from their mouth and knocking over their opponents like pins. With their claws, they lift people up to the sky and threw them down for fun. More often than not, dragons lived in mountains, caves, or in the impenetrable thicket of forests.

Such a dragon is not a friend of man. It is unlikely that jewelry depicting a European dragon will become your patron saint because it embodies the worst vices – anger, treachery, greed, cruelty, etc. Nevertheless, you can wear a dragon ring to remind yourself that you want to become a better person and overcome the evil living in your soul. With this idea in mind, you can wear a ring depicting a knight slaying a dragon.

An Eastern dragon is the exact opposite of his Western congener.

Dragons in the East

A slim and supple snake-like body, short legs, a muzzle with a mustache, and small horns – these are the main distinguishing features of Chinese dragons. They do not have wings but can fly thanks to growth on the back of the neck. Do you remember Mushu, a little red dragon from Mulan? This is how dragons look in the East.

Oriental dragons do not have the same violent temper as their counterparts from European mythology. People consider them to be reasonable, responsive, and kind. A dragon is one of the four sacred animals of China. It protects a house and everyone living in it. As the guardian of the East, the Green (Azure) dragon Qiulong represents the forces of nature, growth, and new beginnings. Possessing extraordinary power, a dragon talisman is able to enhance your generosity, sincerity, and nobility. It promotes career growth, and financial success, as well as safeguards against unkind people. As a pronounced symbol of Yang energy, a dragon favors men.

How to wear dragon jewelry

To help a dragon gain its strength, you must conduct a ceremony of awakening. To do so, you need to determine the Dragon Day according to the Chinese calendar, and in the morning, between seven and nine o’clock (this is the time of the Dragon), apply black ink on the eyes of your dragon talisman. During the ceremony, a dragon must face east.

It doesn’t matter what material your dragon jewelry is made of. However, since ancient times it was believed that dragon statues carved from green jade are the most powerful. Therefore, if you spotted a dragon ring or pendant featuring this mineral, grab it without thinking twice. If there are no jade options available, jewelry made of precious metal would be a nice alternative. Silver and gold are considered to be noble metals. They sort of pay homage to the nobility inherited in a dragon itself. Here, you will find some curious dragon rings made of silver and gold

In many legends, dragons appear to play with a glowing pearl. People speculated that it was the source of their strength. Dragon jewelry featuring white pearls will become not only an eye-candy ornament but also a powerful talisman spreading the vibes of harmony, light, and goodness.

Another gem that can enhance the dragon’s abilities is amethyst. The Chinese ascribe many magical properties to the purple precious stone and use it for meditation and fortune-telling. There is a belief that amethyst enhances super-sensual abilities. In addition, this gemstone is able to maintain clarity of thinking and drive away insomnia and nightmares.

A dragon is so powerful that it can cope with adversity and dark forces on its own. Wearing two or more pieces of jewelry depicting dragons would be a fatal mistake. Their energies would clash causing unpredictable consequences. While confronting each other, they can harm you. However, you can befriend your dragon with a turtle or phoenix and their collaboration will become much more productive.

Whatever jewelry you choose, you should never wear it close to your heart or on the top of your head. It is believed that in this way, you give a dragon too much power and it may eventually make you a slave to its desires.

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