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Who Can Be Held Liable for a Motorcycle Accident?

A motorcycle is a very fun way to get around the city. Motorcyclists enjoy driving the motorcycle, and for most of them, it is a passion. While it is an efficient vehicle, it is also an unsafe vehicle.

What could be a minor accident for a car can be catastrophic for motorcycles because of the difference in size and weight. A motorcyclist should be very careful while driving and take necessary measures to protect themselves from accidents.

Even with all the precautions, you might get into an accident because of another driver’s negligence. Accidents are never completely avoidable. However, for accidents caused by other drivers’ negligence, you can file a lawsuit with the help of a motorcycle accident attorney and get compensated.

To win a lawsuit, you need to be able to prove who caused the accident. In a motorcycle accident, many parties could be liable. You cannot always blame other drivers for the accident. You need to know about the possible liable parties for motorcycle accidents.

Possible Liable Parties for a Motorcycle Accident

Other Drivers

The most direct form of negligence comes from other drivers. In the US, all drivers on the road owe a duty of care to other drivers. So, they should drive responsibly and keep everyone on the road safe.

When drivers breach this duty of care by driving recklessly, speeding, driving under the influence, etc., accidents happen. Most accidents can be avoided if the driver is not deliberately violating laws.

Drivers who violate the law and drive negligently are the first liable party you can hold responsible for your injuries. Other drivers’ negligence will be the cause of accidents in most cases.

Product Manufacturer

You can hold the manufacturer of a product liable for a motorcycle accident. A defective product is the leading cause of motorcycle accidents. We all know about the dangers of driving a motorcycle with a defective part.

If motorcyclists are not aware of the problems in their vehicles, it can unexpectedly affect them. They will not be able to control the vehicle in crucial situations.

The victim can file a lawsuit against the product manufacturer in such cases. You need to prove that the defective part was the cause of the accident. It is best to hire a lawyer since they will have access to expert witnesses who can prove it without any hassle.

Bike Mechanic

Next up, you can hold a bike mechanic responsible for a motorcycle accident. The motorcycle mechanic should inform you about the problems in the vehicle and about the problems that can arise shortly.

If the mechanic didn’t warn you about any problems, they could be held liable for the accidents. However, proving the liability of a mechanic is more complicated than in other cases.


Sometimes, poor road conditions can cause accidents. The government is responsible for creating safe roads for the citizens. But the responsibility is taken very lightly. So, the US roads become unsafe for drivers, especially for motorcyclists, since a minor inconvenience on the road can cause major accidents for them.

In such cases, you can sue the local or state government for your damages. In this case, you must hire an experienced lawyer.

Final Thoughts

A motorcycle accident is a very serious issue, which can be less serious if handled properly. The actions you take following a motorcycle accident will determine the outcomes of your case. Hiring a lawyer is the best decision you can make following a motorcycle accident since they can prove negligence and can get you compensated for your losses.

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