Why Does Planet Fitness Require a Checking Account?

Fitness takes either of these two routes; joining a local gym or setting up one at home. If you choose to build one at home, you have to take the time to find the right equipment based on your fitness goals. This would require you to go through Fitness Equipment Reviews to find functional equipment for your home gym.

If you choose to join a local gym, you need to weigh your options and join one that caters to your needs. You will then need to sign up, get a membership, and start your sessions. This is an easier route, but you have to twerk your budget to cater to your recurring gym subscription.

Planet Fitness is one of the renowned gym chains with 1,500 locations worldwide. This fitness chain offers ultra-cheap and no-commitment memberships that start at $10. On this note, it is designed to appeal to casual gym-goers, which is why it has taken off well. But, signing up for your gym membership at Planet Fitness is not the same, simple way other gyms do it.

First, you need to sign up to activate your membership and choose a plan. You can do this by downloading the free Planet Fitness app or visiting any of their branches. You will also need to get a picture to complete your member profile. After this, you can start with one free training session using any of the equipment you like.

Why Planet Fitness Requires Checking Accounts

The signup process is relatively easy, but you need to understand how billing occurs with different plans. The payment method for memberships varies from one location to the other, but Planet Fitness accepts payments through checking accounts only. Why so?

Planet Fitness requires Electronic Funds Transfer, commonly known as EFT, through checking accounts. This is primarily for the convenience of the members and a seamless process with billing. Getting payments through checking accounts also allows them to continue your membership without interruption.

On this note, you do away with the hassle of updating your payment information in the event your credit cards are expired, stolen, or invalid.

Why a Checking Account?

A checking account is a unique bank account that makes it easy for you to deposit and withdraw money for daily transactions. These could be a check deposit, a debit card withdrawal, or a direct paycheck deposit. A checking account is one of the most liquid bank accounts, which means you have quick and easy access to your money.

One of the features of a checking account is that it allows unlimited deposits and withdrawals. And this is why Planet Fitness prefers checking accounts to other types of accounts. Renewing subscriptions is easy, and you, as the member, do not have to go through the process of validating a withdrawal.

A checking account is handy to keep your money in a secure place and make it accessible to you whenever you need it. On this note, you can access your money for quick bills, emergency expenses, and recurring charges. On the flip side, checking accounts should not be used for long-term goals, such as saving. They earn so little interest that it does not make sense to save in one.

Planet Fitness Memberships- What You Should Expect

Planet Fitness memberships start at $10, and this is why its popularity has grown. The promise of $10 a month sounds enticing, but what do you get from that? The $10 memberships are real and exist, but there are a few things you need to learn before you settle on that or upgrade to another one.

$10 a month gets you the Planet Fitness classic membership. At some branches, this option is no-commitment, and that means you can cancel anytime. At others, you need a 12-month commitment before you start using the facility. Some Planet Fitness branches offer a $15-a-month but with no commitment required.

The other membership plan comes at $21 per month. This gets you a black card membership, and depending on the specific branch, there may or may not be a 12-month commitment. It is important to note that sign-up fees vary from one Planet Fitness to the other.

Generally, they range between $1 to $49. On top of this, there is an annual membership of $39 per year. These numbers seem like much, but considering what other gyms charge, Planet Fitness is an affordable option.

From the plans above and the recurring charges, Planet Fitness needs a seamless and sure way of running these memberships. This is why checking accounts are the most convenient for them and their members too. Considering the number of members they have in all their branches, it is easier to get their payments through a checking account, thanks to the liquidity.


  1. If you’re taking payment through a checking account, why do you ALSO require credit card information in addition to the account number and routing number?

  2. There are numerous numerous entries from people interested in Planet Fitness but concerned about PF’s unnecessary requirement to have a routing and banking account information. Despite the number of people questioning the unnecessary practice by Planet Fitnes no one has addressed the requirement that Planet Fitnes needs to change this practice. Despite the numerous complaints of providing all this banking information in this fraudulent world no one has addressed the need for a resolution. And it’s important to note that ABC Fitness is the billing company that overseas more than just Planet Fitnes …this Comp. does not require all the banking information which then seems to imply it’s Planet Fitnes making this requirement and the public needs to know why? Numbers of people have voiced their discomfort and being forced to provide such information. Planet Fitnes his responses have a lot of information but never really address the problem.

  3. there is not way i’m gonna give you my checking account info to me, that’s so insecure, they already have my credit card info, that should be enough.

  4. The concept that you need a routing and account number for your own convenience is absurd. These things are in no way convenient for your average consumer and the model you are working under is archaic at best. I’ll send you a check, which you may receive in 7-10 business days. If there are any questions please contact everyone else who runs a gym for any questions about why we can’t get with the times on our payment options.

  5. Planet Fitness has a no-fee checking account, which is standard for all locations. This means you can pay your membership fees with a credit card, debit card, or cash. The fee for using a credit card is relatively small (around 1%), and will be charged to the credit card company instead of Planet Fitness.

  6. Planet Fitness requires a checking account to store your membership payments and day-to-day purchases. This is because you must also sign up for an account in order to use the facility. You can either have a personal checking account or a joint account with your spouse. In either case, it pays to be sure that you have enough money in the bank to cover all of your expenses.

  7. I just went in today to sign up. The lady tells me I have to give her my banking info and routing number. I told her I wasn’t comfortable giving her my info and offered to pay a year in cash or card right now. she said sorry we only take payments thru your bank. So I said sorry I don’t know you.. and left.

  8. No there isn’t any option except EFT. I had a long argument with one of the idiots working there rambling about it’s for member’s convenience. Do you not worry about getting hacked and exposing all your clients I asked? The idiot replies, it hasn’t happened yet! Go figured!

  9. I need a planet fitness membership. but i am not giving them the intent to hack my banking info through ach. i will do direct deposit and offer my D. L. This world is too insecure today to recklessly use personal bank info. Sounds like a setup to me.

  10. this is simply not true. there is an option drop down when you sign up to use a credit card. you can even use their app.

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