5 Reasons to Take an Original Tour of London

Are you looking for a quality and dependable guided tour of London? If so, look no further than the Original Tour of London. This company has been providing quality tours for almost 60 years! If that wasn’t enough reason why you should purchase a ticket, continue reading on for more.

guided tour of London

1- The Original London Tours Visitor Center

Alto often, when you take a guided tour of London, you pay on the spot or in advance. Next, you meet at a predetermined destination and go on your way. Yes, you can do this with the Original London Tours, but you also have the option of stopping at their visitor center, which is located at 17 Cockspur Street.

At the visitor’s center, you can purchase bus tour tickets, as well as tickets for walking tours, cruises, and other popular attractions. Free printed tour guides are available as well.

2- The Method of Transportation

In London, you will find a wide range of guided tours to choose from. These tours may include traveling by van, bike, foot, or even an amphibious vehicle. Yes, these tours are exciting, and you should give them a try, but not after you first see London the way it was meant to be seen, by an open-topped bus.

Method of Transportation London

Open topped buses are also commonly known as double-decker buses. They have been a fixture in London for years. For a truly memorable experience, ride on the top level, as there is no better way to see the many sites of London than here.

3- Hop-On and Hop-Off Service

When on a guided tour of London, you will see many historical landmarks along the way. These landmarks can include Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, Albert Hall, and Buckingham Palace.

One looks at these landmarks and you may want to stop and enter. Unfortunately, not all guided tour companies allow you to do so. That is not the case with the Original Tours of London. In fact, you will like the freedom provided to customers.

historical landmarks london

When you purchase a ticket for an Original Tour of London, your ticket is valid for 24 hours. This means that you can get off at one of the many stops and get back on later in the day. There are also many routes for you to choose from. So, even if you decide to stay on a tour, you could easily spend all day exploring London.

4- Special Deals and Discounts

Since the Original London Sightseeing Tours have been in the business for over 60 years, they have developed relationships along with way with other businesses. Many of these professional relationships have resulted in money saving discounts for you.

Although special offers are likely to vary, you may gain access to free attraction tickets, discount tickets, a free Thames River Cruise, as well as free walking tours.

Special Deals and Discounts london

You will be hard-pressed to find another tour company in London that goes above and beyond this.

5- The Kid’s Club

If you are traveling to London with your family, it is important to mix up your activities. This allows you to enjoy your trip and let your children do the same. The good news is that you will not have a problem when on an Original Tour of London tour.

Why? Because kids get free tour packets. The official website for the Original Tour of London, states that they are the only tour company to provide these items to kids free of charge.

The Kid’s Club london

These kid’s packs are a fun and interesting way for your children to learn about London and the sites they will see on the tour.

In conclusion, a day on an Original Tour of London is a day you will never forget. With that said, remember you do have other tour companies to choose from, so compare your options if you wish. In the end, you will likely turn to the Original Tour of London, as they are known for their experience, quality, flexibility, and affordability.

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