Money Saving Hack for Online Shopping

Here’s a way to save serious cash online: use a VPN. This trick works because most companies charge different rates based on your location and using a VPN can cloak your location.

Airline and car rental companies are infamous for this type of dynamic pricing. It’s easy to bypass location and web tracking services and save hundreds of dollars.

First of all, what is a VPN?

A VPN is a virtual private network that lets you browse the web through a private connection. The software hides your data from the internet by encrypting it. There are many VPN software to choose from, including highly-rated providers such as ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, or NordVPN.

Once you download your VPN, you can choose a server location and begin browsing the web. The sites you visit will see your traffic as coming from the VPN’s server location, not your actual physical location, which allows you to bypass dynamic pricing and save money on certain online purchases.

To demonstrate, TheBestVPN created a guide to saving money with a VPN. They found that by choosing a VPN server in Poland rather than the United States you can save $1,121.29 on international airfare.

You can also nab a subscription to Apple Music for $1.75/month by purchasing through a VPN server in India, rather than $13.33/month in the UK.

Next time you need to make a major or recurring purchase, try using a VPN. You can compare costs in different countries by disconnecting your VPN and reconnecting in a new location. Check out the full amounts you’re able to save in the infographic below.

how to save money with a vpn

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