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Foreign students who dream about studying in Paris are primarily accepted by private boarding schools and besides them, there are five more state lyceums.

Foreign students who dream about studying in Paris are primarily accepted by private boarding schools and besides them, there are five more state lyceums. This is a huge advantage of France over many other European countries, where public schools accept foreign children only under the “Academic Year Abroad” exchange programs. Paris is the most desired city for foreign students from all over the world. Best public schools in Paris accept foreign students in high school (lyceum level), private boarding schools – from any level.

The main advantage of public schools is free education, while the best private schools in Paris are of high-quality and versatile education. However, French public lyceums that accept foreign students are not bad at all. They are located in different parts of France: in the Parisian suburb of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, in Ferney-Voltaire near the Swiss border, in Nice, Lyon, and Strasbourg.

Education in a private school in Paris is held according to an alternative program (for example, American) in English, also fully corresponds to the international cycle of complete secondary education and, thereby, makes it possible to enter international universities directly, without a preparatory/transitional year. It is worth noting that it, as a rule, is necessary for applicants with a foreign high school certificate.

An important component of successful education in the best high schools in Paris was and is preliminary sufficient preparation. For international students, the main requirement is strong academic preparation for school studies, as well as a high level of French or English proficiency. English, of course, can be perfectly prepared in many countries of the world. But French for studying in the best high schools in Paris it is better to start learning during school holidays in France.

Benefits of studying at best high schools in Paris

  • A real immersion in the culture of Paris. Best private schools in Paris offer full immersion due to various French courses. It guarantees the rapid integration of foreign students into studies in Paris
  • Optimal schedule: ideal distribution between main activities, sports, cultural events, extracurricular or art sessions, conferences and entertainment
  • Personal approach to each student
  • If a student needs enhanced control, it is possible to sign an additional contract with a private school in Paris
  • Students take part in cultural and artistic activities both within the school curriculum and in one of the sections / extracurricular activities
  • 97% of students receive a diploma in the IB program – this is a demonstration of the highest level of knowledge
  • The use of modern technologies and innovative teaching methods: classrooms are usually equipped with computers, video projectors and interactive whiteboards, a physics laboratory, a multimedia center with a cinema, computer science classes
  • Intensive study of foreign languages

Admission to best private schools in Paris

To enter a private school in Paris, in most cases it is enough to fill out a questionnaire, provide a report card with grades translated into French and certified in a foreign school, a testimonial from the class teacher or director. Some schools arrange entrance exams (depending on which grade the child enters), others limit themselves to simple interviews. Many private schools in Paris do not require excellent knowledge of French from a foreign child, promising to teach on the spot.

Paris schools ranking

One of the best private schools in the suburbs of Paris is The École des Roches. It is one of the best private boarding schools in Europe. It was founded in 1899 by sociologist Edmond Demolins. Education at this school provides the child with a complete immersion in French life and culture. The École des Roches was the first “new school” in France to take an innovative approach to education that was seen to be ahead of its time.

For over a century, the school has continued to provide a world-class education to many generations of students. From the very beginning, the school was guided by universal and humanistic values. This is why the École des Roches has been recognized as a model for new schools. To date, the school has established a reputation for excellence in educational excellence. And graduates of the École des Roches excel in political, economic, and cultural careers around the world.

  • In 1999 the school became a member of the UNESCO organization.
  • In 2015, École des Roches joined the prestigious global education group GEMS.
  • On June 11, 2016, the École des Roches was recognized by the IB International School and is eligible to offer the International Baccalaureate diploma program in French and other languages.


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