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Are Business Degrees still a Good Investment When Starting Your Own Business?

Starting a new business is no simple task; there are mountains of planning to do, and the initial funding has to be secured before you can even get started. Then there's hiring, establishing supply chains, and perhaps even considering locations if it's that sort of business

5 Weird Chewing Gum Brands and Their Best Promotional Items

Chewing gum brands go to some great lengths to promote their product lines. Here are some interesting brands and their most unique promos. Did you know that over 100,000 tons of gum are chewed every year?

What Is the Best CRM Design Firms Can Find?

What kind of CRM has the features that a design firm can get the most out of? Learn the best CRM design firms can find on the market. As a designer, you have a lot to keep track of

A Guide For Buying VoIP Phones For Businesses

Buying phones for your business is a big part of communicating with clients, improving workflow, and ensuring that your company is making money. Use the steps below to find the best phones for your office. You can change the way that your business functions when you use the right phones

Which Sage Product Should Your Business Be Using?

When it comes to enterprise resource planning (ERP) business solutions, Sage is a leader in the industry. They’ve been providing business solutions like accounting software for a number of years now that gets used by small and large companies around the world.

Top 5 Tips for Starting a Business That Will Succeed

According to statistics, about 30 percent of small businesses fail during the first year while about 50 percent of small businesses fail within their first five years. Although so many new businesses never live to achieve the success the owners initially had in mind

Importance of Using Name Badges in The Company

One of the major problems that people working in a major corporation face is that they often do not know everyone from their company. This is mainly because there are so many people working in the building it is virtually impossible for one person to know them all and to have remembered them as well

How Can a Motivational Guest Speaker Engage Your Employees

Some people who are not very familiar with how motivational speakers affect others may view them as glorified “cheerleaders” and that they pump people up and the company’s morale with rousing speeches. The truth of the matter is motivational speakers do more than just deliver uplifting speeches.

The Benefits of Using On Hold Music

People that manage businesses often have clients calling the office to inquire about their services or products. Once in a while, these people may need to put a caller on hold. But let's face it, no one enjoys being put on hold

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