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One of the most frequently asked questions we get from women upon their visit to our wig shop includes: “Are you looking for human hair or synthetic?” For those who are first-time wig wearers most of the time, the answer is: “I don’t know – What’s the difference?” Knowing the distinction between the two types of wigs will allow you to make the best choice for yourself.

A few things to think about – both synthetic and human fibers wigs can be found in various qualities or grades. In our review, we will examine the differences between high synthetic hair to Grade A human hair. The following is what they are:


Human hair wigs may appear more natural than synthetic ones, but that’s not the situation. Many people can’t discern the difference between synthetic and human hair just by watching them. Synthetic hair tends to appear a bit shiny or glossier than colored human hair wigs. The higher quality wigs aren’t as shiny and appear more natural compared to cheap synthetics. A different look has to do with the movement. Human hair is more realistic in its bounce and movement than synthetic, which is more rigid. If you’re wearing a short hairstyle or applying hairspray, this is generally not a problem. If you have hair that is loose and long and loose, you might prefer the natural movement of hair that is human.


Human hair is softer and is a more silky feel than synthetic. The region will determine the texture of hair it comes from. Asian hair is denser, more straight, coarser, and straighter. Indian hair is smooth and curly. European hair is finer and softer, with the appearance of a small wave. It could be permed to mimic the look that was characteristic of Yaki hair.

Synthetic hair isn’t as soft and smooth as human hair. The hair’s texture is determined at the factory and can vary from straight, wavy, or straight curly. The higher the quality of hair, the weaker it’ll be.


Both synthetic and human hair wigs are washable. Synthetic hair must be cleaned in cold water using products specifically designed for synthetic fibers. Then, it should let dry in the air. The wig will remain in design.

Human hair can be rinsed with either cold or warm water, and you can use any hair products you wish to apply to your hair. We suggest applying mild shampoo and conditioning products that are moisturizing. The products designed specifically for hair with color are effective for wigs as well as closure and bundles. The wig is damaged when washed and loses its style, and it will revert to its natural tone. For restyles, you’ll have to blow dry or style using heated tools.

LIFE SPAN Many factors will determine the length of time your wig will last, such as the length of the hair and the frequency you wear it and in what conditions, as well as how well you take care of it. Synthetic hair can be prone to frizzing when it is rubbing against something.

Longer wigs are especially vulnerable as they will be rubbing against your neck, back or purse, chair, and so on. Human hair, when well maintained, can withstand the force of friction and can last for longer. In general, a short synthetic hair wig can be for up to 1 year, while a longer one to stay up to 6 months. A v part wig made of human hair can last for up to two years, while a longer one will last for about one year. So, generally speaking, you can count on human hair wigs to last twice as long as synthetic.

STYLING HEAT is one of the greatest benefits for human hair because it can be styled as your hair using heated styling tools, such as flat irons, curling irons, or hot rollers. Utilizing heated tools on synthetic hair will cause the fiber to melt. Synthetic hair can be modified (curled and straightened) using a steaming technique, but it is best left to a professional stylist. There are heat-friendly synthetics available on the market, which can be styled using conventional styling equipment. However, they require more time and patience to create a more human style.

COLOR Hairy wigs of humans may be colored. We suggest picking a lighter color and using lowlights instead of raising the hue as bleach can cause damage to get the best results. Synthetic wigs are not colorable. But synthetic wigs can be found in a broader range of shades, including highlighted and graduated, rooted, and foiled tints. Human hair usually comes only in basic colors, and you have to include highlights or lowlights.


Human hair can be permed using chemicals, just like the hair you have. Synthetic hair shouldn’t undergo treatment with chemicals. However, waves and curls can be removed or added permanently by a wig stylist using a steamer for wigs.


The most frequent misconception that we hear about synthetic hair is that it can’t be stylized. Although they aren’t styled using heat, they can have the ability to be cut and trimmed and thinned. They can also be being combed, brushed, and styled in a variety of ways. Some synthetic wigs feature the option of having a portion that can be altered. It is possible to brush hair towards or away from the facial hair can also be straight or side-swept. Synthetic wavy wigs offer the greatest flexibility since they can “scrunch” them to make more curly or brush them to create straighter. Hairstyling products such as mousse gel, hairspray, and mousse come with synthetic hair to create various designs. One of the major benefits of synthetic hair is that after you’ve styled it according to your preferences, it stays in place and is extremely low maintenance.

As we’ve mentioned hair of humans is more flexible because it can be styled using heated tools. However, the look can fall off over time or when it becomes wet, which requires frequent repairs. If you’re considering human hair wigs, it is recommended you are comfortable with the styling. If not, you’ll have to bring it to your stylist often to have it restyled.


The price is usually one of the main factors when deciding the wig you want to purchase. Prices vary considerably and are based on a variety of elements. On average, you should expect to pay around 2-3 higher for human hair. If you are looking for hair that is virgin hair or European hair, you’ll spend about 8 percent more on synthetic.

When weighing the wig cost, consider the length of time you’ll wear the wig. Because human hair is more durable than synthetic, you might pay lesser for hair from humans in the long run than synthetic, especially for longer-lasting styles.

Which Is Best For You?

We recommend going to a wig boutique or salon and asking an expert to assess your needs specifically and decide which one is the best. Find a shop that allows you to experience, feel, and test various kinds of hair. You can then buy with confidence! With a knowledge of the difference between synthetic and human wigs, you’re better positioned to make a choice.

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