How to Set Up the Best Home Office on a Budget?

Working from home is excellent! It’s all good until you find out how much it is going to cost you. Whether it’s a small or big home office, there are tricks you can use to set up a fantastic functional office with the least expenses.

If you’re on a budget, every dollar counts. First of all, you need to decide:

  • The type of work you’re going to do.
  • Where will you set up your home office?
  • What are the essentials for the office?
How to Set Up the Best Home Office on a Budget?

So, to help you save and use the budget effectively, we created a guide that will help you put together a beautiful affordable home office.

Office Desk

If you’re looking to use the space you have in the room effectively while saving money, then we highly recommend the Wrap Corner Office Desks. It saves a lot of space and makes use of the corner. It always has a better price and offers excellent functionality.

How to spend less?

Can’t find a home office desk at a reasonable price? Then, you should get a plain rectangular kitchen table instead.

Thankfully, you can still get a good looking table at a low price at lower-end furniture stores. However, the kitchen table doesn’t come with drawers, so you can compensate by adding a single or two drawer filing cabinet underneath.

Avoid buying workstations or computer desks from lower-end furniture stores because they’re flimsy and pint-sized.

Office Chair

An office chair is where you’ll be sitting for hours working. You’ll be putting your back and neck at risk if you bought the wrong chair. In the long run, you’ll hurt your health and spend even more on medications to fix your back and neck problems.

Does that mean buying crazy expensive office chairs? No, not all. But, it’s worth mentioning to keep in mind your health.

You should get an affordable office chair with excellent back support. Also, keep in mind its ergonomic features to comfortably sit in it for hours on end.

How to spend less?

Used office chairs aren’t bad ideas. Why? Me businesses go out of business and put their office supplies, including desks and chairs, on sale for lower prices.

Surplus office stores usually have used office chairs that are as good as new. Amazon and eBay have used chairs as well. However, make sure to read the sellers’ descriptions carefully for any damage and wear.

Computer & Laptop

Unfortunately, the computer or laptop is a must-have in your home office, and it’s not the least expensive one. Can you save money by buying one? Of course!

Again, you need to know why you need a laptop or computer! You don’t want to spend money on a computer with extreme tech and specifications when your work revolves around emails, writing, and blogging.

So, the goal is to focus on the computer with the least specifications that will serve your work needs. You can always discuss with the salesperson your work demands and nature, and he’ll point you at the computer for you. However, I always love doing my online research before hitting the store.

Don’t skimp on the monitor when most, if not all, of your work, is on the computer. Try investing in a 24″ or a larger unit to maintain your back, neck, and eye health.

Bonus Tip:

If you save documents on your computer locally, make sure you have a backup system. An external disk, Cloud storage, or USB flash drive are excellent options to avoid data loss in case of system failure.

Still can’t afford a laptop or computer?

No worries, you can always consider getting a decent Android tablet. iPads can be expensive compared to Androids offering the same functionality.

How to spend less?

You can only save money when you know the specifications and features you need for your work. Do your research and find out the best laptop at the best price. Don’t settle for the first store or online website; invest time searching to save money. You’ll find the best prices on Amazon on new and used computers and laptops.

Filing Cabinets

It’s great to have a paperless office; in fact, it’s every business’s dream. Is it possible? It’s hard to have a business free from any documentation and paperwork.

So, are you going to have paper and files sitting and crowding your desk space? I hope not!

You need to keep a neat and clean desk space to maximize your focus and productivity.

To be successful while working at home, you need a decent place to store your files. A filing cabinet is excellent for storing files effectively while taking up small space.

How to spend less?

Shop for used filing cabinets at surplus stores, auction sites (eBay or Amazon), or in your local paper. I highly recommend Amazon or eBay, where you read a full description of a used filing cabinet and have the right to return it if something is wrong.

Desk Accessories

The little things can make a great difference. Small desk accessories like pencil holders, desk organizers, and desk trays can keep your workspace organized. You’ll find a lot of options under $10 on Amazon. You can get creative and choose cool accessories that match your office theme and personality.

How to spend less?

DIY projects using an old coffee can or slightly broken mug work beautifully as a pen/pencil cup. Also, you can use empty food jars (mason jars) as a desk organizer; the options of creativity are limitless. So, use what you have to your advantage.

Desk Storage

Why not take advantage of the vertical space for storage? You can build some shelves and store your office supplies and paperwork. Also, you can add a little piece of decoration to brighten up your home office.

If possible, get a desktop storage unit to find and access anything you need easily. Or, get some beautiful book or storage shelves that will match your home office.

How to spend less?

Storage cubes are the best affordable answer when wanting to save money on desk storage units. You’ll usually find them for $20 or less. There’s no harm in checking some used storage cubes on Amazon.

Computer Software

Are you going to spend loads of money on an office suite when you can take advantage of cloud applications? Well, an office suite needs a regular upgrade every few years! On the other hand, you can store all your work and personal data online and pay a yearly subscription fee.

Some online applications are FREE like Google Drive!

How to spend less?

Enjoy free applications like Google Drive, and its multiple applications that are very useful for any business.

Multifunction Printer

It’s always smart to get one device that can do it all. It’s a great money saver, too. So, look for a printer that can print, copy, scan, and fax altogether. It’s way cheaper than getting a device that does each separately. And who knows what you’ll need at any point. Being a successful home worker means that you’re ready at all times to conduct business. Let’s make everything count.

How to spend less?

You can save money by knowing exactly what you need. If your job never uses fax, then find a multifunction printer that doesn’t include fax and save extra cash. Also, another trick is buying older printer models that are always om huge discounts!


Finally, if your work involves using a desktop phone, make sure first you have space on your desk to install it. Then, you can get a speakerphone and a hands-free, which are a great essence of productivity.

How to spend less?

At phone retailers, you can find floor models or repaired speakerphones that are perfectly fine at a discount. You can choose a non-speakerphone if you want to save extra money. It’s your choice.

Wrapping It Up

Well, I can’t say that setting up a home office is inexpensive. But, is it worth it? Totally! This is the best decision you’ve ever made! Working at home in your comfort is probably the best thing to invest in some savings. With this list, you can’t go wrong. Enjoy!

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