7 Everyday Immunity-Boosting Foods That Can Help Fight Diseases

The word immunity is all over the study material, and the internet, and is a topic of conversation and debate in ordinary life and media. COVID-19 has reinforced the power of immunity in thwarting a virus attack. In our school years, we have all grown up learning how to build immunity. We have followed some tips, but not on a relentless scale.

Our immune system does many things. It threatens the virus, protects us against infection and disease, and makes us recover after a fall and an injury. These cannot happen overnight. One has to be steady with immunity food intake and supplement it with exercise and sleep to overcome illnesses. Here is a list of immunity-enhancing foods to start right away.

1. Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits

The first thing we reach out for when we are suffering from a cold or a runny nose is vitamin C medication. Low-calorie citrus fruits are high in vitamin C and help prevent and fight cold. They increase the number of white blood cells in the body to battle infections.

There are many choices in citrus fruits to boost immunity. Lemons, oranges, limes, mandarins, and grapefruit get you the daily quota of vitamin C to keep you in the pink of health. Vitamin C oral supplements are a substitute for raw natural citrus fruits. One must take them after a doctor’s consultation.

2. Eggs


When you start your day with eggs, you are taking an excellent source of protein, iron, Omega-3s, and vitamin A to fortify your immune system.

Eggs are the most nutritious foods on the planet and have every relevant nutrient your body needs. Egg taken in any form increases HDL or good cholesterol and further help reduce the chances of a stroke or a heart ailment.

3. Garlic


A universal ingredient found in every dish; garlic has a healthy side to it. From fighting infections to slowing down the toughening of arteries, there are many things a garlic pod does. The immunity-boosting feature in garlic comes from a sulfur-containing compound called allicin.

Eating raw garlic may not go down well with many of us. But the tremendous health benefits it brings such as boosting memory and immunity can change your mind.

4. Ginger


A slice of fresh ginger in tea not only enhances the taste of the beverage, but it also helps shoo the morning chill. The active ingredient Gingerol in an uneven bunch of ginger helps decrease chronic pain in arthritis patients and lowers bad cholesterol.

If you are complaining of a sore throat, don’t forget to include ginger in your teas and recipes. Crunch it and let its juice bring good health and immunity to your body.

5. Cannabis


Cannabis that comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant has a profound ability to balance the immune system. The current environmental and lifestyle changes make our bodies prone to inflammatory conditions.

Cannabis modulates these abnormalities in the body by reducing the spread of infectious bacteria. It is mostly used to suppress the attack on immune functions. Cannabis consumed in oral and skin application forms reduces the inflammatory signals in the body, keeping you healthy. The range of cannabis edibles is vast and includes cooking oil, beverages, brownies, CBD chocolates, CBD mints, THC gummies, etc.

6. Turmeric

The vibrant golden color of turmeric has the power to suck pain from wounds and injuries. Turmeric milk is grandma’s ancient recipe for healing a bleeding wound. Curcumin is a natural compound in turmeric that has anti-inflammatory compounds.

A pinch of turmeric adds wonderful color to any bland dish. It boosts the formation of new body cells and is a good remedy for health and beauty.

7. Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

A little chocolate therapy can do something great for your immunity. And that’s promising news for those who like to surrender to this guilt food. Dark chocolate has phenolic compounds that increase body immunity and resistance power.

As one of the richest sources of antioxidants, the cocoa content in dark chocolate has flavonoids that reduce heart disease and stroke. The high mineral content in cocoa improves overall health. Magnesium in cocoa helps in muscle repair and bone mineralization.

Fun Facts about Immunity-Boosting Foods

  • One medium-sized orange meets all your vitamin C needs for a day.
  • Citrus fruits help in better absorption of iron.
  • Eat raw garlic. The allicin compound in it boosts immunity.
  • Cut a few slices of ginger and boil it in water. Mix it with one teaspoon of honey. It is a great way to cure seasonal ailments like the common cold, cough, and sore throat.
  • Dark chocolate may be good for a stubborn cough.
  • Cannabis oil containing the psychoactive THC has cancer-fighting properties.


Whether you are feeling under the weather or in the best of health, include these immunity-boosting foods in your daily diet. Processed foods, refined sugar, fast food, and drinks containing sugar are bound to cause obesity due to a lack of nutritive value.

Eat a rainbow-colored diet in a week to supplement your body with immunity. Making a conscious attempt to eat foods higher in immunity is a sensible approach. Consult a dietician from time to time for meal plans that work in favor of your health.

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