Facts & Facets Before Considering the Right Type of Breast Reduction Surgery

You might have long cascade-like hair. Or your charming & angelic pair of eyes might make your admirers go gaga over them. But, truth be said, no other features in a woman can replace the appeal of beautiful and perky breasts. And for busty women, misfortune never comes alone because the problem is just not one!

Thus, when she reads about breast reduction surgery or hears it from her friends or close folks, her mind hopes for brighter and better days to come, when a ‘big boobs problem’ will not disturb her mind, body, and soul. And this is how she starts dreaming of making her unfulfilled wishes a reality.

Wearing a swimsuit on a beach, getting rid of shoulder and back pains due to bra problems, or standing confidently tall without hunching her shoulder to hide those extra breast fats that peep out of the tops – these are some small little dreams of a busty lady. And, if you think reducing the size of your boobies could make it happen, opting for breast reduction would indeed be an investment. So, here’s to consider all the facts & facets before you think of having a word with your surgeon.

Breast Reduction Surgery Types

Is it necessary to opt for a reduction surgery?

It’s true that no woman initially would wish to undergo a reduction surgery – for beauty does not get defined by physical looks. Instead, she would prefer the stores and shops to stock the size that she wears. But when she experiences weird situations where no bra size fits rightly or she constantly has to remind people to look up, the problem begins from there.

From taking mental tolls to giving physical pains, there’s not one big breast problem a woman suffers from. This is where she finds reduction surgery more comfortable than living with the burden of being called a busy woman’ instead of a beautiful woman’.

The Scientific Definition of Breast Reduction

Breast reduction, in scientific terms, is defined as ‘reduction mammoplasty’. The treatment contributes to making women flaunt well-proportionate and shapelier breasts that stay aligned with the rest of their body structure.

An invasive process is implemented in modern surgical treatment. It helps in addressing severe or mild sagging and drooping, reducing the size of the breasts, and alleviating discomfort and pain in areas like the shoulder, neck, and back portion.

Bras that previously used to cut the shoulder area and result in infections and bruises are eliminated with the help of the reduction surgery. Oftentimes, busty women experience infections and irritations in their breast areas. Undergoing this surgery would, thus, help eliminate this condition too.

Common Surgical Techniques to Reduce the Size of Breasts

>> An Anchor or Inverted-T Technique:

Breast reduction treatments come in different types. The most common technique used is the anchor scar technique. The name has been given for the scar’s shape that is left on the breast’s bottom right after undergoing the technique.

The anchor scar is a common reduction technique. With the breast reduction procedure, your breast surgeon creates an upside-down T or an anchor-like incision right at the bottom portion of your breast. Plastic surgeons make the right use of this incision for removing excess breast fats, tissue, & skin.

In this technique, three incisions are involved – one around the areola’s edge, one from the areola vertically to the breast crease, and the last one is put along the crease under the breast. The breast skin gets removed both in the transverse and vertical plane; while the nipples areola portion gets reduced.

The method is practiced for reshaping and re-contouring breasts to give them a lifted appeal. This is how your disfigured big breasts get an aesthetically pleasing look.

Women who desire the removal of maximum breast fats and tissues should opt for this method. The resulting scars will be in areas straight down the breasts and inframammary fold.

  • Corrects asymmetrical breasts
  • Reduces a significant portion of breast tissues and fats
  • Addresses sagging issues
  • Reshapes and re-contours the breasts
Reduce the Size of Breasts
Three white brassieres with fruits inside, over a colored background. Apple, grapefruit, and watermelon as small, medium, and large breasts. How to navigate in choosing of bra size

>> A Vertical Reduction Method:

A woman with a moderately heavy and huge breast size is a good candidate to undergo this vertical breast reduction technique. It’s also known as lollipop scar reduction where your bust size is aimed at reducing. This technique allows your breasts to get opened around the nipple or areola.

The middle portion of the breasts would also get added with volume to make it look shapelier. From the incision, the excess breast fats, tissue, and skin get removed. The areola & nipple get positioned into a natural-looking place to enhance the beauty of the mammary glands.

In this method, two-incision sites are involved. While one is right around the areola, the other runs vertically from the areola’s bottom directly to the inframammary fold or the crease under the breast.

From removing excessive fat to reshaping the smaller bust size, it gives a perfect lift to your breasts. With the help of the incision pattern, surgeons remove the excess breast tissues and lift the bust size with more youthfulness.

The scars resulting from the vertical reduction technique are going to be similar to those of anchor breast reduction. However, the scarring will be limited to areas underneath the nipple and areola. So, it can easily get hidden under a top or a bikini (or monokini).

  • Removes excess breast tissues and fats
  • Lifts the breasts
  • Reshape the breasts and make them more youthful

>> Liposuction-only technique

Science defines it as lipectomy, but for common people, it’s already popular as liposuction. And if there’s one appropriate method where breast reduction gets performed by using one method, it has to be liposuction.

The advantages of undergoing this procedure are not only because of its short and less-invasive method but also because it includes undetectable scars with a lasting result. The technique is for a woman who wants to remove the medium portion of her breasts.

The removal of the internal tissue’s medium volume can be achieved successfully through this technique. The method is best suited for women requiring surgical procedures to undergo mild breast reduction. This option is great for a woman who has fatty breast tissue yet possesses amazing skin elasticity.

But in certain patients, the technique achieves just optimal results. The candidates fit for a perfect result are those who desire to undergo slight to moderate breast reduction. Again, patients with good skin elasticity are the best candidates. If a woman has little-to-no sagging in good condition, it helps her to undergo liposuction without a second thought.

  • Treats stretched breast skin’
  • Little sagging problems get corrected
  • Corrects asymmetrical breasts

Which Breast Reduction Method is Right for Me?

The physical structure of every woman is different and unique, and so are their breast sizes. You aren’t going to get a one-sized-fit-all or something like the ‘free-size’ method for all types of breasts. There’s a specific surgical solution for each size, and it is always best to consult your surgeon before deciding it all by yourself.

No matter how many types and techniques of surgery are available in today’s advancing medical universe, the truth remains the same. That said, it depends on the anatomy and situation of the women. Another thing of concern that depends on the selected type of breast reduction surgery is the desired result.

You might desire to get a ‘C-cupped’ size for a ‘can’t-complain’ appeal of your breasts, while your best friend wants to undergo surgery to trim down the size and make it ‘D-cupped’. So, it depends on the desired result and how much breast fat and tissue you would want your surgeon to remove.

The secondary point of consideration is whether you consider reshaping and re-contouring or you want to undergo a perfect nipple position alongside. Unless you have a one-to-one conversation with your surgeon, things aren’t going to be that easy.

Undergoing breast reduction surgery

The surgery is performed typically as the outpatient method. A competent surgeon performs it by including some compulsory medications – general anesthesia and intravenous sedation alongside local anesthesia.

Upon making incisions by the specific technique, the cosmetic surgeon removes the excess tissue, fat, & skin, from the breast area. The nipple or areola complex also gets lifted by inches and then it gets a more forward position on the breast area.

The remaining tissue & skin in the breast gets reshaped. The structure gets a closed position with dissolvable sutures. If needed, the surgeon also reduces the size of areolas to make bring a proportional size.

Upon the completion of the surgery, the patient will have to spend some time in supervised recovery. After that, she can expect to go back home the same day. But, the woman should continue taking extra care during her recovery stage.

What to expect during the recovery stage at home?

While going back home, the chest of the woman will be bandaged and she should wear surgical bras post the surgery. Considerable soreness is a common symptom that indicates that you are recovering fast.

After undergoing the surgery, the surgeon will prescribe pain control medicines alongside other antibiotics to prevent further pain in the breasts and infections. The medicines will help keep you comfortable throughout the initial days of recovery. Your surgeon might suggest you use ice packs and place them atop the bandage to alleviate pain and discomfort during the initial days of recovery.

How much time do I need to recover?

The period you require to recover from the breast reduction surgery entirely depends on the natural healing rate. But it also depends on the extent of the surgery performed.

Walking around after the first few hours of the surgery is advantageous. Given the possibility of walking around on the same day of surgery, it becomes easier to predict a fast recovery phase. Contrarily, it would be helpful if you always have a trusted adult right beside you to offer physical and mental assistance when needed during the first twenty-four hours.

For the first few days, taking a shower would not be possible. You apparently will be instructed to take showers after a couple of days. Getting dressed would require a close person’s help because you won’t be completely fit to move your shoulder and chest area alone.

After about one week or two, a majority of women become fit and fine to return to their routine. Patients also feel safe driving back home or even returning to their regular desk job routine. And this is the time when they manage to do without the prescribed pain medications.

The right time to revisit your surgeon is three to four weeks before you resume your exercise routine or daily errands. Visiting the surgeon after three to four weeks will ensure the incisions to heal properly. Plus, it is imperative to follow the activity rules given by the cosmetic surgeon upon undergoing surgery.

Will my breast reduction results last for a lifetime?

Upon undergoing surgery, a woman’s expectation to get lighter and smaller breasts for a lifetime is quite natural. But she should remember one thing – the longer you maintain your stable weight the longer the results will last for you.

Nonetheless, your aging process is natural and nothing actually can stop it. You might experience sagging breasts once you start aging, though it would not be as severe as your breasts before the surgery.

Future pregnancies can change the size and shape of the breasts, possibly reversing some positive changes during the reduction surgery. For young women, it’s always better to talk with your cosmetic surgeon once you decide to carry a baby post-surgery. Regarding the doctor’s suggestions, it’s safer to undergo the surgery once you decide not to carry any more babies.

Breast reduction is not just an aesthetic procedure to restore your breasts to a sizable and beautiful state, but it is a way to alleviate physical discomfort! And if you have decided to opt for the surgery, it is the right time to talk with your plastic surgeon.

Drawing the closure,

Remember, no matter how unrealistic your expectations might be, the surgery will leave you with some scars – the scars that are going to remind you of the physical and mental pains you’ve undergone before the breast reduction surgery. In this way you are going to enjoy your life after the surgery – so, here’s wishing you health and happiness!

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