Significance Of Wigs For Black Women

Black women and their hair have always been a topic of debate for most people. Some state that black women should stop defining themselves with wigs or hair relaxation, while others say that they should continue with false hair. The debate has gained popularity because hair is not just a part of beauty for black women, but it is more of a status symbol.

That is the reason why almost fifty percent of black women wear wigs or straighten their human hair wig. Also, if we try to search online, we can quickly see how popular wigs for black women are. To further understand the topic better, we need to dig into the history of black women and their hair.

Black Women And Their Hair

If we look back at the older times, we can see that hair has always played a crucial role in black women’s lives. For them, natural and curly hair meant that they were not well off. On the other hand, women with relaxed hair were recognized as more sophisticated. Further, the “ïdeal beauty standards” in those times, were mainly focused on white women. So straight or wavy hair was considered more beautiful than the afro-curls.

However, times have changed now. Not just black women, every person is trying to accept themselves as they are, instead of falsely implying. But wigs for black women are still a popular concept. You must be wondering why. Well, there are various reasons behind it like:

Protects Hair

Wigs are not worn just for beauty purposes. They also serve the purpose of hair protection for many women out there. The afro-textured hair is tough to handle for almost everyone. As we can see, most black women prefer to tie their hair in braids to keep them manageable. However, this braiding damages the hair as well as the hairline. So they prefer wearing a wig instead.


Afro-textured hair does not have many options for hairstyling. Most hairstyles make the hair look messy and undone. Relaxing their hair for a long time leads to hair damage and ultimately hair breakage. That is one of the reasons why black women suffer from alopecia more. To solve this problem and keep their hair safe, black women wear wigs. It gives them a chance to seek various hairstyles without relaxing or damaging their hair.

Gives Volume

It is not wrong to say that everyone loves long and healthy-looking hair. However, with stressful lifestyles and bad eating habits, most of us fail to keep our hair healthy. The thin and fragile hair leaves us with two options hair extensions and wigs. But when it comes to the afro-textured hair, they do not support the hair extensions like caucasian hair. It is because of its rough and curly texture. So that leaves black women with just the option of wigs. So they wear wigs to make their hair look more voluminous and healthy.

Is Cheap

Hair is of great significance for black women, from ever. They love to style their hair in sophisticated and stylish ways. Earlier, women made all these hairstyles like braids and dreads at home. Tying their hair in these long-term hairstyles saved their hair from breakage. But as times have changed now, women prefer going to salons to styling their hair. And these salon visits are quite expensive. On the other hand, opting for a wig is way cheaper for them, so they choose it over salon visits and Cute Cheap Wigs Online.

Hide Blemishes

As mentioned above, black women are more prone to alopecia because of their hair routines. Alopecia leaves bald patches on the scalp. Wigs for black women are also used to cover those patches and keep their blemishes away from everyone.

These were some of the reasons why black women preferred wearing wigs, and they had nothing to do with their love for their natural hair. We can see how everyone, including black women themselves, loves their Afro-textured hair if we go through social media or other blogs.

The Wig Trend

As we see through the ongoing trends, we can notice that most black women who wear wigs, do not prefer straight or wavy hair textures. It shows that they are not obsessed with the false “ideal beauty standards,” and they only want to bring some change in their lives. The most common trends which are seen in wigs for black women are:


Yaki is the most straight black women wig trend that can be found nowadays. It is highly voluminous and lets the women enjoy their hair in any way they want.

Yaki Lace Frontal Wigs


It is the most popular wig trend found in black women. The tight, lustrous black curls look stunning, giving women the freedom to style them in various ways.

 Curly Wigs for Black Women Lace Front Wigs

Deep Curly

After curls, comes the deep curls. They are not as tight as the curly hair, but they are deeply voluminous. They look like natural hair and have the liberty to be carried in almost all styles.

Deep Curly Lace Front Hair Wig for Black Women


Dreadlocks have become a huge trend all over the world. Many people prefer to dread their natural hair, but as the afro-textured hair is more fragile, so black women prefer wearing it in a wig form.

There are various other ongoing wig trends for black women. Also, some black women still prefer straight or wavy hair wigs. It is not because of traditional reasons, but it is merely a choice of women.

Dreadlocks Wigs For Black Women

The Natural Hair Trend

As relaxed hair is a long-gone trend for black women, they now prefer wearing their hair naturally. And wear wigs whenever they want a little change. Just like everyone else, they have accepted their beauty, and they no longer follow those false beauty standards. However, it is not effortless for them to carry their afro-textured hair. For women who want to shift to natural hair from relaxed hair, here are a few tips:

The No Comb Rule

Combs are generally harsh on the hair, especially when the hair is tangled. It can stretch the hair and lead it to breakage. As the relaxed hair is already weak and damaged, women need to take special care of them. They should avoid using a comb as much as possible. Even if their hair needs detangling, they should use fingers instead of a comb.

Taking Care Of Dry Hair

Damaged and weak hair is generally dry. It can be completely dry or dry towards the ends. Not taking care of this dry hair can lead to further breakage and hair loss. To keep them safe, women have to take care of them in the following ways:

  • They should keep the hair properly moisturized.
  • They should cut off the dry ends.
  • They should not keep their hair ends tied to stop them from further drying.
  • They should avoid using heat on the hair, as it can make the hair drier.

With these tips, they can manage their hair and keep them away from any further dryness.

Wigs To The Rescue

Another way of saving their natural hair from any further damage is to protect it with a wig. As mentioned above, wigs are a great way of hair protection, which keeps the hair stylish. And we all know how wigs for black women trend has proven to be a hit everywhere. So they can easily find a suitable wig for themselves, and keep their hair away from all the damage.

But they should remember that wearing a tight wig for a long time can harm their hair. So it is essential to choose the one that would be the best fit for black women, and they should avoid wearing it for long hours.


Once black women leave their natural hair flowing, they have tons of hairstyle options in front of them. However, there are a few points that they should remember before trying on a hairstyle:

  • The hairstyle should not be too tight, or it can lead the hair to break.
  • The hairstyle should not be the same as the previous one that they carried in relaxed hair. It can irritate the women, so they should try some new hairstyles.
  • A new hairstyle can change the women’s complete look, so they should focus on hairstyles that fit their style. Otherwise, it can leave them feeling uncomfortable.
  • As said earlier, the ends should be tucked to save them from damage. So opting for a hairstyle that does not leave the tips open would be an excellent option.

The Big Chop

The last option is to opt for a big chop. It is the best option for women who have extremely damaged hair. It can help them in getting rid of all the damage in one go. So they can begin their natural hair journey with better and healthier hair.

Take Away

Black women have always been obsessed with their hair. When they relaxed their hair in ancient times to the times they used wigs for black women to their rescue, they always wanted to try new things with their hair. However, it has nothing to do with society or beauty standards anymore. Most of them opt for these styles now for their interests, which is the best thing they can do.

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