All You Need to Know About Human Hair Wigs

Wigs are not merely for people who suffer from baldness. Over the years, they have seen a major transformation and have been used as a style statement as well. When it comes to choosing hair wigs, your primary options include human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs.

There is a considerable difference between these two types, and human wigs are more popular among people. There are plenty of cheap human hair wigs available in the market, so irrespective of your budget, you can get a wig that suits your needs.

In this article, we are highlighting all the information that you need to know about human hair wigs.

What are Human Hair Wigs, and How they are Different from Synthetic Hair Wigs?

The difference between human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs lies in their fiber. As the name suggests, human hair wigs are made from real human hair; therefore, they look and feel more natural. Synthetic hair wigs, on the other hand, are made from artificial materials. They give an artificial appearance but can hold the style longer.

You can get cheap human hair wigs that allow you to style your hair the way you want easily and conveniently. Synthetic wigs are sensitive to heat, so you have less flexibility to style them.

What are the Types of Human Hair Wigs Available in the Market?

The types of human hair wigs can be differentiated by lace area as well as texture. And in this section, we will be covering both of the bases.

According to Lace

Lace Front Wigs

Human hair wigs with lace fronts are among the most popular in the market. Baby hairs made out of human hair are attached to the front of skin-colored lace to give the effect of real hair. The skin-colored lace matches the natural scalp, and the people are not able to recognize that you are wearing a wig.

There are different types of cheap human hair wigs available in various lace fronts, so wearers with different skin tones can choose their ideal human hair wig. These wigs are made of high-quality elastic mechanical mesh, and the human hairs are then carefully sewn into the mesh. Hair lace front wigs offer natural and elegant hairline so that you can comb your hair in any you want.

Red Lace Front Wigs Long Wavy

Full Lace Wigs

When it comes to comfort, full lace human hair wigs are the ideal choice. These cheap human hair wigs are made from baby hair offer higher breathability and are good for your existing hair as well. Additionally, these are made using strong materials and, therefore, offer high resistance to wear and tear.

Full Lace Wig Orange Red Color Human Hair

According to Hair Texture

Based on the texture of the hair, cheap human hair wigs are available in the following different options:

Bob Hair Wigs

Blunt cut bob hair wigs are quite popular among women. These look tender and stylish and come in an array of different styling options. Whether you want straight bob hair wigs, curled ones, or ones with bangs. Each of these styles brings a unique personality, and you can choose the one that aligns with yours.

Lace Front Wigs Human Hair Short Bob Wigs

Straight Hair Wigs

These are the most basic types of human hair wigs that come with straight, smooth, and lustrous hair. These are long straight hair that allows you to experiment with different hair-dos without fussing about any damage. Straight hair wigs also offer the flexibility to style and color as per your preference.

Straight Human Hair Lace front Wigs

Curly Human Hair Wigs

Curly human hair wigs are among the most stylish choices due to their texture. People opt for both small curls as well as big curly hair to display their distinctive personalities. You can find these hair wigs in different colors and lengths.

Curly Human Hair Wigs

Human Hair with Natural Waves

These cheap human hair wigs come with natural waves that look elegant as well as fashionable. These come in different lengths and color options and give a distinctive appeal.

Natural Curly Clip in Human Hair Extensions

What are the Benefits of Human Hair Wigs?

Following are some of the amazing benefits associated with choosing cheap human hair wigs:

Looks Natural

One of the prominent benefits of choosing human hair wigs is that they look natural, and people will not be able to differentiate whether it is your real hair or wig. Contrary to synthetic wigs, natural hair wigs are neither stringy nor excessively shiny. Good quality natural wigs look like natural hair even up close. These are made from quality hair and material where proper attention to detail is given.


A problem with synthetic wigs is that they cannot be styled, so the wig that you choose has to be worn as it is. Additionally, you can expose the artificial hair to heat, perms, or dye as it will ruin the material.

However, with natural hair wigs, you do not have to fuss about any of these things. You can style cheap natural hair wings the way you would style your real hair. You can straighten it as well as curl it, to get the style you desire, thereby providing more versatility.

Higher Quality

Often when people hear the word wig, they resonate with cheap-looking costume wigs. However, natural wigs are made from high-quality human hair by experienced professionals who make them look completely realistic.

Extreme care has been given while weaving these hair wigs to make them look like real hair. So if you are sensitive or allergic to artificial material, you should opt for natural hair wigs.


Durability is another factor that makes natural hair wigs stand ahead of synthetic hair wigs. Good quality human hair wigs can last for up to five years, whereas synthetic wigs need to be replaced every year. With a human hair wig, you will be making a long-term investment. If you give proper care to the wig, you can further expand its longevity.

Real Human Texture

Natural hair wigs are made out of real human hair; therefore, the texture you will get will be completely natural. These wigs are made using the finest human hair that does not show any signs of damage. People who donate their hair for wigs are examined properly to gauge the condition of their hair.

How to Buy Human Hair Wigs?

Following are certain steps that will help you in picking out the best human hair wig for yourself:

Getting the Right Texture

Density is an imperative factor when selecting your hair wig texture. To find out the right density of your hair, take the front section of your hair and make a side partition. If you can see the scalp underneath, then your hair needs more volume. Therefore you should opt for human hair wigs that are thicker.

Length of the Hair Wigs

Cheap human hair wigs come in different length options, including short, medium, and long. Here the choice depends on your personal preference or the occasion. Short hair wigs are ideal for places with humid weather conditions.

Longer hair generally traps more heat, so you are likely to feel warmer throughout the day. Moreover, short human hair wigs are also easier to style and maintain. But if you do not mind, taking extra care of your hair, then there are plenty of options for long hair wigs as well.

The Shape of Your Face

When choosing the human hair wig, your face should also be an important consideration. There is an array of human hair wig options, but not all of them will look good on your face shape even when you prefer a certain type of wig.

If your face shape is oval, a long wavy wig, a shoulder-length flip wig, or a line bob wing would be perfect. People with a round face can go for wavy hair wigs, layered hair wigs, or side part bob wigs. Moreover, they should avoid bobbing with bangs, medium curls, or flat pixie.

The Perfect Color

The right color will add to the natural appeal of the hair wig and help it blend perfectly with your existing hair. Before buying a hair wig, ensure to do a color test during the daytime in adequate light. If your hair is not one-dimensional, you can buy hair wigs that are dual-blended or tri-blended.

Affordability Maintenance

The cost of human hair wigs varies significantly on the brand, type, quality, hair length, etc. You should select affordable hair wigs that require low maintenance but are also affordable. There are plenty of cheap human hair wigs that offer good quality so that you can enjoy the extensive for a longer period.

Final Thoughts

Human hair wigs are popular for the natural look and texture they provide. Moreover, you will get an array of options in these wigs that perfectly cater to your requirements. And when it comes to buying natural hair wigs, you can refer to this article to gain all the information that will help you in making the right decision.

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