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What to Consider as You Start Your Medical Career

Congratulations! You’re in the midst of the tumultuous years of studying to be a doctor. Maybe you’re still in your pre-med courses, studying for the MCAT, putting yourself through medical school or surviving medical school

What is a Cardiologist and When You Need to See One

What is a cardiologist?A doctor that has received special training to develop a specific skill in finding, preventing or treating diseases that affect the blood vessels and the heart is known as a cardiologist. The cardiologist acts as…

Facts About Spine Surgery

Your backbone supports the spinal cord, which gives rise to nerve endings that stretch across your body. Supporting the backbone or vertebrae are complex tissues in the form of muscles. All of these parts work together to keep you upright…

7 Reasons Why Laughter Really Is The Best Medicine

There’s no denying the fact that having a sense of humor is important. It helps heal wounds, mend relationships, and generally brings about positive things to your life. Laughing won’t cost you anything, it’s free and is readily…

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