7 Places To Visit in Bhutan No One Is Telling You About Eastern Bhutan

Are you planning a trip to Bhutan? Every traveler visiting Bhutan only stays up to Thimphu, Paro, Punakha, and a few other common Bhutan tourist places. Check this out to find out the actual real places to visit in Bhutan, no one is telling you about.

There are so many articles on the internet telling you about “Places to visit in Bhutan”, but no one is telling you the actual virgin places in Bhutan to visit.

Every traveler visiting Bhutan only stays up to Thimphu, Paro, Punakha, and a few other common Bhutan tourist places.

I’ll be sharing with you about the unexplored places of Bhutan no one is talking about or the 7 top places to visit in Eastern Bhutan.

If you’re a spiritual person wandering for peace of mind or just traveling to explore the unexplored then this article is for you about Bhutan.

The REAL question is: Have you ever thought of Travelling in the most eastern region of Bhutan?

I bet you didn’t, right? Thinking that nothing is interesting to visit, why waste your precious time and money on seeing just one small town, right?

If you have been thinking in that way then I should say you are wrong.

Why? Because you have no idea about the place that’s hidden and unexplored other than a big white stupa and Bumdelling wildlife sanctuary.

Here’s ANOTHER question, Do you know that the Trashi Yangtse region is the north-eastern side of the Bhutan map and what it’s famous for?

Where is Trashiyangtse?

Well, Trashiyangtse is the north-eastern part of the country Bhutan at an elevation of 1750-1880m.

It is the newest dzongkhags (district) in the country.

Covers 1,437 sq. km of subtropical and alpine forests with some of Bhutan’s famous landmarks.

Where is Trashiyangtse? Bhutan famous landmarks

As you can see in the map above, it is the extreme eastern part of Bhutan, but have to say the real beauty of the country Bhutan lies there.

Some might be known and vice versa and it’s okay.

Why is Trashiyangtse famous?

Trashi Yangtse is known for its excellent wooden cups and bowls made by local artisans.

It is also famous for traditional paper making and moreover, it’s famous for its unique chili called Yangtep Ema which no other regions own it.

Overall most importantly Trashi Yangtse is covered by its spiritual landmarks which only local people are aware of it and most other region people don’t know.

So, this article is for those who have no idea about Trashi Yangtse.

I couldn’t help myself for not sharing about this blessed place. Everyone deserves to know it. For me, Trashi Yangtse is a truly blessed place.

So please take your valuable time to read my article. I bet you, it’s worth reading if you want to know further about Trashi Yangtse and if you want more places to hike.

Let’s dive in.

Here is the list of unexplored Bhutan famous landmarks

1. Chorten Kora

As I have mentioned a big white stupa, is not just a big white stupa. The place is popularly known as Chorten Kora where Chorten means stupa and Kora means circumambulation in the local language.

Chorten Kora in Trashiyangtse, Bhutan

It was built in the 17th century by Lama Ngawang Loday to subdue evil spirits. It is located just beside the Kholong Chhu River and below the main town of Trashiyangtse. It’s also a gateway to the Trashiyangtse town.

The story behind worshipping this place is because of the virgin princess from Arunachal Pradesh sacrificed her life inside the stupa for other living sentient beings.

The princess sacrificed her life to lay in rest inside the Chorten to meditate, pacifying a demon and bringing peace to the local valley. People also believe, that whatever you wish there, the wish comes true.

tshechu festival, Places to visit in Bhutan

During the first month of the lunar calendar (February to March), there is an auspicious kora held here, where people worship by walking around the stupa.

It is celebrated on two auspicious dates, The first date is the 15th of the lunar month and is for the people of the Dakpa community in Arunachal Pradesh, India, who make a day pilgrimage to commemorate the noble death of that young princess, who is believed to be a Dakini.

The second kora also known as Drukpa Kora is for the Bhutanese, who come from all over Eastern Bhutan to worship. However, the dates depend on the lunar calendar only.

How to reach

Chorten Kora is the gateway of Trashiyangtse town. Reaching Chorten Kora is easy as it is easily visible once you reach there. From Thimphu, you can take a bus or taxi and it’ll take 24 hours to reach Trashiyangtse.

Another way to reach Eastern Bhutan can be carried out by taking domestic flights from Bumthang Airport to Yonphula Airport.

The best time to visit

January to March is the best time to visit the Chorten Kora because of the festivals and the weather.

2. Pema Ling Ney

Pema Ling Ney is a pilgrimage blessed by Guru Rimpoche during his visit to Bhutan in the 8th Century.

It is located at around 4500m elevation surrounded by many pristine caves where Guru Rimpoche meditated and truly exquisite blue lakes.

Pemaling Ney, Places to visit in Bhutan

Many of the pristine lakes located at Petaling Ney are considered sacred (Latshos) including Pel Dechog Khorlo Latsho which is one of the main sources of the Kholong Chhu River in Trashi Yangtse.

Pema Ling Ney is a 3-day trek from the main Trashiyangtse town. And if you are looking for Snow trekking then no other seasons won’t be better than winter for that.

Things to expect while trekking are the chirping of birds, beautiful waterfalls, rich flora and fauna of the place.

Isn’t it beautiful? Come on friends let’s get lost in the beautiful nature of this place.

How to reach

Reaching Pema Ling Ney is a 3-day trek from Bumdeling. Reaching Bumdeling is easy from Trashiyangtse as you can find a taxi from the town and it’ll take 30 minutes to reach Pamadung in Bumdeling.

And from there you can start your trek to Pemaling Ney. Heavenly Bhutan is one of the best tour and travel operators in Bhutan that can help you manage all your travel-related needs.

The best time to visit

The best month to visit this fascinating place is from September to October because at that time the weather is neither hot nor too cold and no rain.

3. Dechen Phodrang

Dechen Phodang is a monastery hidden in the valley amid huge boulders of religious importance. The main reason for people worshipping this place is also a place where Guru Rimpoche personally visited and meditated.

Dechen Phodrang should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Bhutan.

Dechen Phodrang, Places to visit in Bhutan

There are so many supernatural things to hear, believe, and see like a narrow waterhole in the rock near the monastery believed to be as deep as the huge tree nearby.

There is Singye Phomo also in the natural rock formations, where Singye means lion Pho means male, and mo means female in the Bhutanese language. Guru Rimpoche left his print and souvenirs.

If you go personally and ask the man in charge over there about the history of the Monastery, you would be left with so many surprises. The main ney (sacred place) is half an hour above the monastery.

It is considered one of the most precious monasteries in Bhutan full of blessings. There is also a fact that if childless couples worship and ask for a blessing for kids then couples are blessed with kids, and also a woman can ask for a boy or girl baby when they are pregnant. Whatever they ask they are blessed with that.

How to reach

The way to reach this sacred place is you can go by vehicle or by trekking. By vehicle, it takes 1 hour from the main town of Trashiyangtse, and by trekking, it takes 3 hours to reach there.

While traveling there you will come across villages filled with picturesque traditional Bhutanese houses and farmers working on the farm. There is a campsite along the trail across the Woogmanang River.

The best time to visit

The best time to visit is in springtime when the fresh essence of wildflowers and wild plants and the different chirping of birds welcome you.

The sky was filled with blue and crystal-clear clouds. Isn’t it an awesome place to visit?

4. Rigsum Gonpa

Rigsum Gonpa is a traditional religious school for about 40 monks. It was built by a disciple of the 9th Je Khenpo Shacha Rinchhen, Lama Tshering Gyamtshi.

The Jowo Shakya Muni Statue is brought there from Punakha which is a replica of the one in Lhasa in Tibet.

It is believed by the locals that if you can’t go to Tibet for pilgrimage then visiting this place is another option to get the same merits.

How to reach

It takes 4 hrs to walk from Bumdeling, and the monastery is located on a ridge with good views of the Bumdelling Valley and Trashiyangtse Dzong.

The best time to visit

Any time except June, July, and August because at that time the routes are uneasy due to heavy rain almost throughout the months.

5. Omba Ney

Omba Ney is the Taktshang of East Bhutan, built on a cliff where there are temples, caves, and various sites of religious importance. The hundredths numbers of the letter OM can be seen written under the cave.

Omba Ney is one of the three holy places linked to Guru Rimpoche, 3 three-hour walk from Nangkhar Gonpha, with a steep descent of 330m.

Omba Ney Places to visit in Bhutan

How to reach

Omba can be reached from Kheni Village after a three-hour climb. It is believed if you crawl through a narrow cave passage on the cliff above the Lhakhang (temple), it will cleanse you of your sins.

The best time to visit

The best time to visit Omba Ney is March and April. In Omba village, homestays and camping sites are easily available.

6. Gongza Ney

The Gongza Ney is located at an altitude of 950m linked to the Guru Rimpoche. Gongza Ney was initially named Gung Jha because of the local’s belief system where Gung means the “time between 11 am to 12 noon” and Jha means “tea”.

Gongza Ney, Places to visit in Bhutan

A woman offered tea to Guru Rimpoche at this time while subduing a demon in the area. The Gongza Ney holds a shoe of Guru Rimpoche, a devil’s egg, and many other relics.

Though the temple is small, there are so many unbelievable things left to believe about Guru Rimpoche. It takes 1 hour of quick exploration of the sacred place.

How to reach

It is 2-hour steady walk from the Doksum which is just near Gomphu Kora and from Trashiyangtse, Doksum is 45 mins by vehicle.

The best time to visit

People visit there generally in the winter and spring because many sacred places are submerged by the river flowing along the temple in summer. Also in summer, it’s very hot and humid which makes it difficult to travel.

7. Gomphu Kora

Gomphu Kora is a small temple in the north of Trashigang about 21km away located below the road to Trashi Yangtse. Also, if you come straight from Gongza Ney along the riverside for a 3-4 hour walk there is Gomphu Kora.

Gomphu Kora

Some people also say the sacred places of Gongza Ney continue till Gomphu Kora along the river.

Gomphu Kora is known as a place where Guru Rimpoche meditated under a big rock and subdued an evil demon. The story of Gomphu Kora goes back to the 8th century AD.

Legend has it that an evil spirit named Myongkhapa escaped from Samye in Tibet when Guru Rimpoche, the progenitor of the Nyingma strand of Buddhism, was spreading the Dharma in the Himalayas.

Myongkhapa followed the course of the present-day Kholong Chhu stream and concealed himself inside a rock where Gomphu Kora stands today. The Guru followed the evil, mediated for three days inside the rock cave, and finally vanquished it.

Another reason Gomphu Kora is known is because of Gom Kora Tsechu held from the 8-11th of the 2nd Bhutanese month where tribal, local people, and people from Arunachal Pradesh circumambulate the huge massive rock where Guru Rimpoche meditated and subdued the demon.

There is also a steep rock to climb for blessings and a crawl through a narrow passage in the rock, to get cleansed of your sins. The Guru is attributed to have said that devotees will flock to Gomphu Kora for eons to celebrate the triumph of good over evil.

There couldn’t be a more accurate prophecy. If you like this article and want to go to these places then you should definitely ask your guide to include these places in your itinerary.

How to reach

Gomphu Kora is between Trashiyangtse and Trashigang near Doksum, so it’s easy to find a taxi to this place. The taxi will directly take you to Kora.

The best time to visit

As the locals over there have a saying about Gomphu Kora, “Go around Gomphu Kora today for tomorrow may be too late”. March is the best time to visit this place because of the festival when people all over from Eastern Bhutan descend upon the valley.

Wondering now How to Enter Bhutan? Check out this article to know all the steps you require to Enter Bhutan.

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