What to Do Before and After Breast Asymmetry Correction Surgery?

A woman decides to undergo cosmetic surgery to improve the aesthetics of her uneven breasts only once she becomes confident enough by Breast Asymmetry Correction Surgery. Talking about confidence, a woman’s lopsided breasts can stop her from doing things she always wanted, and this is how she becomes self-conscious. The problem starts right from there.

Thus, deciding to work on your asymmetrical breasts is a bold move. And if you have decided to go for a Breast Asymmetry Correction Surgery, here’s giving three cheers to your ‘womanly’ attitude! But before you go under the knife, there are certain points of consideration. You’d require knowing the pre and post-surgery tips only to live a healthy & wealthy life post the surgery. So, before anything else, let’s see which surgery option is for you.

Which Breast Asymmetry Correction Surgery Should I Opt for?

Which Breast Asymmetry Correction Surgery Should I Opt for?

The aim of undergoing surgery is to match two breasts in size, as close as possible. The surgery depends on individual situations. Given below are the types.

– Breast Augmentation

A significant method to correct your irregular bust size is by undergoing breast augmentation. The method is performed on your smaller sized breast to match it with the size of your large breast.

If you want to work on misshapen bust size and increase it to flaunt your perfect curves, a surgeon puts implants on both your breasts and places a larger implant in the undersized breast. Recovery time for this type of treatment usually takes around two to three weeks, depending on the health of the woman.

– Breast Lift

A breast lift might not be a standalone option for correcting uneven breasts. But, if your boobies have got uneven out of drooping and sagging, a breast lift treatment can undoubtedly give an enhanced youthfulness to your breasts.

The breast lift technique depends on the degree of sagging. It might reduce the asymmetrical appearance of your breasts and make you feel more confident about your curves. Thus, it’s a perfect way to lift your confidence and get back what pregnancy or some other issues might have taken away from you (maybe, it’s the best treatment to fit into your favorite swimsuit once again?).

– Breast Reduction

If one of the boobies is larger than the other, then a breast reduction might be a safer bet. This method gives you immense relief from the large breasts that cause you to utter discomfort while wearing a bra or flaunting that beautiful slim-fit dress. The procedure might take more than three hours.

The recovery time of the surgery is two weeks or slightly more than that. During the recovery period, it is better to avoid exercise and other similar strenuous activities.

Preparing for the Surgery

Before the surgery, you are going to take care of certain things such as your food habits, consumption of medicines, etc. Below is a list of things you should consider before going for the surgery:

  • You should stop consuming painkillers two weeks before the surgery
  • Discuss your medication routine with your surgeon beforehand
  • Six hours before entering the operation theater, you shouldn’t chew or eat anything; you should ensure not to have beverages too
  • Smoking is prohibited before and after the surgery (always take recommendations from your surgeon on this front)
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages for about 24 hours before undergoing the surgical treatment
  • Use antibacterial soap for washing your body one night before the treatment (it helps prevent naturally occurring bacteria on skin surfaces)
  • Remove toenail and fingernail polishes (if you are wearing it)
  • Remove piercings before getting admitted

After-Care Post Surgery

The post-surgery after-care should be practiced delicately.  Post the surgery; you are going to get nursed by caregivers at the hospital. They will look after you, your wound, and your newly-shaped breasts. You might also be prescribed painkillers on initial recovery days.

To begin with your food habits, you are going to be provided with water, tea, and other beverages. Feeling dizzy or getting tired can be an issue post-surgical treatment. But, you should remember not to move around here and there. It can result in chest infections or other minor injuries. Once you start making progress, you are going to get released from the hospital. And this is where following the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ begin.

Dos and Don’ts after Undergoing Breast Asymmetry Correction Surgery

You’ll be required to follow these ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ to get severe complications in the future. Given that there are risks associated with breast asymmetry correction, it’s always predominating to follow some tips so that it does not result in post-surgical complications, including:

  • Residual swelling
  • Rippling or wrinkling
  • Loss of sensation in the nipple area


Do take care of your boobs when you plan for a holiday: First of all, planning for a trip does not seem the right thing right upon undergoing surgery. But if you have talked things out and shared the trip’s urgency with your surgeon, you should consider certain things before taking that first step out of your house. Although it is better to wait for two weeks post the surgery, your boobs won’t explode just in case you board a flight. So, yes, considering a couple of things might help you get the best experience of your trip.

If you are visiting a desert area or beachside (somewhere sunny and hot), it is imperative to protect your breasts from UV rays. It’s illogical to just sit under the shed and miss out on all kinds of sun rays. But, you should ensure that your bust area is protected and covered up properly.

Do be extra cautious of using sunbeds post-surgery: Whether or not you can use sunbeds post surgical therapy is a bit dicey. In case the scars after surgery have been exposed, there’s always a higher risk of hyperpigmentation. That points to the fact that the skin under your boobies might get pigmented and dark or change its color. It’s always safer to avoid going topless, but you should always get medical assistance from your surgeon.

Protect the entire bust area if your surgeon permits you to use sunbeds. You can use sunscreen lotion or cream (anything that suits your demand). Pay extra attention to the scars that layer up. You can go for plasters and apply them to your scars. Cover your breast area with opaque and thick material. If you want to let your twin baby look all yellow and golden after getting sunkissed, please wait for at least 6 to 8 weeks.

Don’t wait for some days to put on your shapely bras: The aftermath of breast surgery is pretty much delicate a phase. And this is the reason you should wait for some days before wearing your favorite shapely bras. During the recovery period, you are surely going to see the power of compression bras as they are going to support your bust area and take good care of it. They comprise clasps beneath the front area, which is one reason why getting in and out of these comfortable wears is so easy!

But here’s a quick tip, don’t do that quite often as putting in and out your bra more often would just disrupt the shape. But, you can start shopping and choose your perfectly-shaped innerwear right after consulting your surgeon.

Do avoid smoking: Smoking is one reason why your breasts droop and sag at a young age. And if smoking was a cause why you had drooping boobies that resulted in uneven shapes, then it is better to quit smoking.

You shouldn’t indulge yourself in an addiction post the surgery. And if it is about smoking, it is a big no. Of course, you can consider occasional smoke-ups but not after the surgery!

To avoid strenuous exercises: Lifting weight, performing vigorous exercises, and doing strenuous errands might result in severe complications. Avoiding such activities during the aftermath of surgery prevents from getting serious surgical worries.


Do not have sex without considering some facts and facets: Although there’s no right and wrong answer as to when you should have sex after undergoing surgery, there are certainly some key points to consider. The first thing you should do is to keep your breasts supported at all angles. Please be wary of vigorous movements and try keeping a small distance between your partner’s body weight and your bust.

There’s no harm in fondling, but you should always be mindful of your breasts to be sensitive to touch for a minimum of three weeks upon undergoing surgery. Given that sex is a kind of exercise, you should always stick to what suits your comfort. Trying moves that impact your bust area is not the right thing. Also, nothing’s wrong with keeping your compression innerwear on. But, please be mindful enough to ask your partner to handle it with care.

Don’t consume alcohol-based drinks during the surgery: The recovery journey post breast asymmetry correction surgery is delicate and complex. So, during this time, attending any party or visiting pubs does not mean that you can include any alcohol-based drinks. It’s always better to say a complete ‘no’ to even cocktails, at least for 48 hours after your surgical treatment. Also, it would be a good move if you tried to limit the consumption of alcohol in the following weeks.

Avoiding alcohol for a definite period does not only keep your mummery glands fit and fine, but it also lets the antibiotics and painkillers do their job effectively. Also, you have fewer chances of bleeding during the recovery period. And if you have the urgency of attending a party or corporate meeting, do get permission from your surgeon before sipping in your glass of wine during the surgery. After all, you cannot overall the overall health and wealth of your body.

Don’t go bra-less right after the surgical treatment: Understandably, you want to flaunt your bare perky, and shapely breasts post the surgery. But you need to understand the importance of wearing your bra daily, at least for six weeks, if not more than that. Your breasts, post the treatment, requires that perfect support (which your supported bra can only provide). But if you consider going for augmented surgery, you might go braless!

A significant benefit of choosing augmented surgery is that it offers perfectness to the youthfulness of your breasts. Your boobies are always uplifted, perky, shapely, and beautiful even when you don’t prefer putting your bra on. But, it is always a safer bet to get the full support of wearing a bra. For this reason, you need to be a bit selective about purchasing a couple of comfy bras.

Don’t take a bath alone post your surgical therapy: Beating the refreshing feeling of getting inside the bubble bathtub after a tiring day is something you always long for. But, let’s just reassure you that undergoing breast surgery is not something straightforward. And, hats off to your independent decision of choosing the right kind of breast surgery! But did you know that you are not supposed to take a bath all by yourself after the surgical treatment?

Taking a bath for the very first right upon the surgery would require someone else’s assistance. Someone who can help you get all the ins and outs while bathing! The truth is that you are not supposed to use all your weight during the first recovery hours. So, be very careful about it! After the surgery, get a tepid towel for yourself. Please try keeping the dressing dry, as much as you can. You can also get yourself a bath pillow!

After Everything Else,

Thinking of undergoing cosmetic surgeries to improve your womanly curves (we are talking about your boobies) is indeed a thoughtful decision. And for you, it might have been challenging to decide on going under the knife only to enhance your physical aesthetics and look all the more presentable. Now that you know the pre and post-surgical tips, why worry any longer? Here’s wishing you good luck as you are about to choose a competent surgeon.

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