Why Does Planet Fitness Have Tootsie Rolls

Planet Fitness has a different approach when it comes to how gyms run. One, it offers affordable gym membership plans that most people can take advantage of. Two, it has branches spread around the world; therefore, accessible to more and more people. That is the positive side in addition to their relatively well-stocked gyms.

But, Planet Fitness has tootsie rolls at the reception desk. You may wonder why a gym would stock a jar of candy while everyone in the gym is trying to avoid such temptations. When you join the gym, you probably want to improve fitness, lose weight, or build strength- check out for more tips on doing so.

And while this is possible exercising at Planet Fitness, there is one out-of-the-usual strategy; the jar of tootsie rolls.

First, Planet Fitness has built its name with clean facilities, functional equipment, and friendly staff. Together with the budget-conscious pricing, it is a no-brainer; most people prefer Planet Fitness to other local gyms. The place is designed to suit everyone, the décor is energizing, and is generally a fun place to work out.

However, there are a few perks that may confuse you and leave you wondering if you should continue working out at Planet Fitness. One of the controversies surrounding Planet Fitness is the tootsie rolls usually advertised as ”little treats – you deserve it!” We all agree you deserve a treat after your workout, especially if you are starting to see progress, but with candy?

Maybe a healthy salad at your local restaurant is a much better treat than the candy, but this is not on Planet Fitness books. Let’s say you work out for an hour every day at Planet Fitness. At the beginning of your workout, you are probably low on energy and struggling to concentrate. Then, there is this jar of candy, and your instincts tell you that you should probably have one.

That is not a problem because the sugar can ramp up your energy in a few minutes. But what happens when you keep eating the candy in between your workouts? Tootsie rolls are harmful neither are they harmless. Like any other candy, they have their good and their bad. The good; is you get to eat a sweet, sumptuous treat. The bad; you pack on sugar that you are trying to avoid.

Why Planet Fitness Keeps Tootsie Rolls

To most people, those tootsie rolls seem to defeat the purpose of going to the gym, not forgetting the pizza and bagels that Planet Fitness offers occasionally. One of the things fitness trainers recommend you do before you start your fitness journey is eliminate any triggers and any unhealthy foods from your pantry. But Planet Fitness has these, and it purely does not add up.

Maybe this is a clever move by Planet Fitness. If you keep eating the candy, let’s say five each day, then it cancels out the benefits of the workout. In turn, your progress gets slower, and results take time to show. What do you do? You keep going to the gym trying to reach your goals, eat the candy as a ‘deserve it’ll treat, and the cycle continues.

On the flip side, this could be a motivational idea for gym-goers. There is a phenomenon known as the ‘peak-end-rule,’ which shows that when people evaluate an experience, they stay focused and pay attention to the end. This means that when you ramp down the intensity of your workout towards the end, you feel happier and content after the session.

It gives you the idea of feeling happy every time you finish something, and in this case, you expect to enjoy future exercises. Therefore, when an experience ends on a more positive note, you tend to remember the whole experience as enjoyable. In this situation, when you enjoy your tootsie roll at the end of your workout, you get the idea of an enjoyable session.

You are more likely to repeat this to look forward to the end. Perhaps, tootsie rolls are a way of motivating you to the gym every day to end the session on a positive note. This makes it more likely that people will return to the gym, which means more business for Planet Fitness.

It is probably a smart move, but at the end of the day, it has little benefit, if any, for the gym-goers. please check the Planet Fitness Holiday Hours.

The reward theory works great, but it is best if the treats stay within the healthy bracket when it comes to fitness. Stuffing people with candy, pizza, and bagels after a workout cancels out all the hard work they have put into their workouts.

If you find indulging in donuts after a workout ideal, then tootsie rolls at Planet Fitness are not much of a concern to you. The best you can do is have them and everything else in moderation.

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