Why Kids Love Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Kids are picky eaters and will stick to a favorite to have it every day. One of the foods that kids love is morning cereal, particularly the famous cinnamon toast crunch. Cinnamon toast crunch is one of the most consumed cereals in the USA, and this goes to say, that the taste, texture, and aroma are certainly unique.

Before you understand why your little one loves this cereal, it is important to learn essential things, like most other kid-related products on Ram Research.

If your little one has been obsessing about cinnamon toast crunch and probably does not want any other cereal, you will understand why they love it that much. You will understand what makes up this cereal, why it stands out, and the benefits it brings.

The Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Cinnamon toast crunch is a type of cereal made from rice or wheat. It also incorporates cinnamon to give the cereal that rich, distinct cinnamon flavor. With the high rice percentage, the cereal has a crunchy sound when added to milk.

The cereal is available in the USA, Australia, Europe, and other parts of the world. It comes packed in bags or boxes, and this differs according to the geographical location. Similarly, the shape of the cereal varies according to the location but is either circular or squared.

Why Kids Love Cinnamon Toast Crunch

There are a few reasons why your little one is obsessed with the cereal. Here are possible reasons why kids love cinnamon toast crunch.

The Slogan

If your child is one of those who cram a catchy phrase of a product, then it could be the reason they cannot have enough of cinnamon toast crunch. The cereal comes with the slogan, ‘Crave those crazy squares,’ which grabs kids’ attention. This slogan has contributed significantly to kids’ love for this cereal.

The Advertisement

This is another way that kids obsess about. Even when they do not necessarily have the product, they will sing along to an advertisement. The cinnamon toast crunch advertisement is catchy and draws kids’ attention, loving the cereal even more. Not to forget, the advertisement grows the popularity of the cereal among adults and kids.

The Varieties

Aside from the fact that this cereal is delicious as it comes, one thing that kids enjoy is the different varieties they can make with this cereal. Think of nuts and seeds mix, waffle cone mix, churro snack mix, fruit and cinnamon mix, etc. There is so much to enjoy with this cereal. Kids can enjoy the same cereal every day with a unique element each day, solving the monotony problem.

Cartoon Characters

Kids love cartoons, and any branding that includes cartoon characters is already a key selling point. The cinnamon toast crunch packaging was revamped, adding famous cartoon characters that most kids love. This has been a significant feature and a big reason why kids love the cereal.

When walking around at the store with your kid, best believe they will want to bag the cereal. This is usually the first love episode before they taste and get used to the cereal. And, with the amazing cinnamon toast flavor, texture, and varieties, then they will always come back for more.

The Taste

This is the major reason why kids love cinnamon toast crunch. Unlike most cereals, this one has a distinct flavor and texture. Most kids agree that the cereal is delicious, and with the crunching feel of the pieces, they enjoy the last scoop. The warm cinnamon feel of the cereal in warm milk makes it a favorite among cereal lovers; specifically, kids.

Why Your Child Should Have Cinnamon Toast Crunch

People have raised concerns about this cereal’s nutritional value, but the fact remains that it is a top choice for kids. It is a whole-grain cereal, and as much as it has added flavors, it comes with a few benefits for your child.

One, the cereal is considerably high in fiber, which kids need on a daily. Also, it is a great source of energy and has a fulfilling effect on kids. The high fiber content also aids in digestion. Ultimately, it helps fight off constipation and inflammation. Moderate consumption of this cereal also contributes to boosting the body’s immune system.

Cinnamon toast crunch, with whole grain rice and wheat, can reduce the body’s cholesterol. However, it needs to be taken in moderation as the added sugars and flavors can render it unhealthy if taken in large quantities.

The Bottom Line

Kids love cereal for breakfast, and the cinnamon toast crunch is one of the favorites among kids. The cereal is tasty and crunchy hence the love from kids around the world. If you are wondering why kids love cinnamon toast crunch, the taste, varieties, cartoon characters, and the slogan are some of the reasons why.

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