12 Sunny Beaches Around the World to Float in Luxury

As the weather gets cooler and the dread of winter intensifies, your dreams of sunny beaches, blue skies, and sand between your toes are amplified. We all prefer the warmth of summer and soaking up that vitamin D on the beach.

If you keep fantasizing about getting away from the icy cold, why not make it a reality? Here are 12 luxurious resorts and sunny beaches around the world to live out your summer dreams during the winter season.

1- Bedarra Island Resort, Australia

With only 16 guests, you’ll definitely have some privacy in this Great Barrier Reef Resort. It’s 45 hectares of tropical rainforest and sunny beaches, making it the perfect getaway for you. All the rooms have a gorgeous view of the ocean and simple access to the beach.

Among the accommodations provided, there is a two-story villa, called the Beach House, surrounded by swaying palm trees. There is a deck with sun loungers as well as a daybed for you to take a little nap on. It is the perfect room for all you sun lovers out there.

Bedarra Island Resort, Australia

2- Fowl Cay Resort, Bahamas

Exuma is known for its beaches, with extremely fine, white sand and crystal clear waters. Each villa comes with its own 17 or 18-foot powerboat for your own personal use. You can get driving lessons or a driver on request, whichever you prefer.

So on the off-chance you actually get tired of lying on the beach, just get on your powerboat and hop off to another island, or stay on the seas and enjoy the calming breeze.

Either way, the Fowl Cay Resort is the perfect place for you to get some sun and heat on one of the best sunny beaches in the world to ward off the winter dread.

Fowl Cay Resort, Bahamas

3- Hermitage Bay, Antigua

With contemporary conception and modern design, Hermitage Bay is free from the nostalgia that hangs on numerous island resorts. With 17 hillside bungalows and 8 beach bungalows, you’ll have plenty of room to roam around the house.

Each bungalow has white walls, huge windows, and an outdoor shower, and is decorated simply yet elegantly. You can definitely kick back and relax back in the house once you’re done with the beach. For meals, you can head to the on-site restaurant, which is supplied by an organic garden. You can let your worries go here in Antigua and enjoy the summer heat and your sunny beach.

Hermitage Bay, Antigua

4- Wakaya Club and Spa, Fiji

This private island resort brings luxury to a whole new level in the South Pacific. Surrounded by sky blue lagoons, mighty cliffs, and vibrant coral reefs, the resort spans 2200 acres, with each of the 10 waterfront villas covering 1650 square feet or more. If sunbathing on the beach gets a little boring for you, there are plenty of activities available for you to participate in, be it watersports, golf, diving, or spa treatments.

These facilities are all near the beach, so you won’t have to walk too far to try something new. This is the perfect place to relax and take part in something you normally wouldn’t do on other sunny beaches.

Wakaya Club and Spa, Fiji

5- St. Regis Princeville Resort, Hawaii

This 251-room resort is one of the top resorts in Hawaii. You can relax on the sunny beaches, take a dip in the seaside pool, and surf or snorkel in the clear blue seawater. Enjoy fresh local seafood at the Kauai Grill or authentic Hawaiian cuisine at the Makana Terrace.

This resort also has impressive amenities, such as a massive outdoor pool overlooking the ocean, a gym, golf courses, and even a spa. Best of all, no matter what activity you choose, you’ll have a breathtaking view of the famous Hanalei Bay and the gorgeous mountains of the Na Pali Coast. Be quick to book your vacation, as the experience here is unparalleled.

St. Regis Princeville Resort, Hawaii

6- Cheval Blanc St-Barth Isle de France, St. Barth

This hotel has been considered one of the island’s most extravagant yet private places. Known for its attention to detail, ideal location, and exemplary service, this hotel was recently renovated. Each room is pure white, with large windows to let in the natural sunlight and the cool sea breeze. Leanor Greyl hair products are also available for your use in the room.

There is an on-site spa you can make use of, and it’s the only Guerlain spa in the Caribbean. There is also an outdoor swimming pool where you can escape the heat, with daybeds shaded by umbrellas you can lie on. Catch the sunset while sipping on refreshing cocktails at the White Bar. This hotel is truly a paradise.

Cheval Blanc St-Barth Isle de France, St. Barth

7- Song Saa Private Island, Cambodia

Located in the Koh Rong Archipelago, this enticing resort spans two small islands. Song Saa is Khmer for “the sweethearts”, and the resort is aptly named. It comprises 27 personal and private villas with individual pool decks and outdoor showers, some of which are built on stilts over the water.

Unwind in the spa “sanctuaries” to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. This island offers serenity, luxury, and an escape from your worries. Enjoy the sun on this picturesque island that is sure to turn your friends green with envy.

Song Saa Private Island, Cambodia

8- KiChic Hotel Boutique, Peru

This unique name is taken from ki, which comes from Japanese philosophy and stands for vitality and energy, and chic, which indicates style and elegance. It serves as a hideaway for guests to find their inner peace and connection with themselves in order to renew their energy. This Nirvana is located on the Pacific Coast and is surrounded by soft, white sand and blue seas.

With daily yoga classes, tasty cuisine, and massage therapists on call, you will feel at peace in this tranquil environment. If available, book the Himalayan Suite. It has incredible views of the sea from its terrace as well as an outdoor shower. You’ll leave this hotel feeling energized and renewed.

KiChic Hotel Boutique, Peru

9- Imanta Resort, Mexico

This private resort is a natural beauty, serving as a break from the glamour of the other resorts along the coast of Punta Minta. The nine bungalows are built down a hillside, next to 250 acres of jungle that lead to a stunning sunny beach. This beach has few visitors, so you’ll have almost the whole beach to frolic around.

There is a restaurant nearby where you can catch a gorgeous sunset into the Pacific. The views here are to die for, and on top of that, there are countless facilities at your disposal, including a gym and a spa. Spoil yourself for the winter and head to this little hideaway to get your summer fix.

Imanta Resort, Mexico

10- Le Taha’a Island Resort and Spa, French Polynesia

This resort is the only Relais & Chateaux property on the Islands of Tahiti. Located on a private islet just off the coast of Taha’a, this resort is quiet and isolated, which is perfect if you like a remote destination.

Inspired by traditional Polynesian architecture, the suites, and villas are built on stilts above the waters, with glass panels on the floor to view marine life, and ladders on the decks so you can have a dip in the ocean. You can get to the islet by a 14-minute helicopter ride from Bora Bora, which will give you an amazing view of the coral reefs, lagoons, and the ocean.

There are also three restaurants offering food that is a fusion of French and Polynesian cuisine, giving your taste buds a treat. With a spa to complete your vacation, this is definitely a must-go on your next escape from winter to this one of the best sunny beaches.

Le Taha’a Island Resort and Spa, French Polynesia

11- Uxua Casa Hotel & Spa, Brazil

Lying on the Bahian coast near the town of Trancoso is this luxurious hideaway. The ambiance is clean yet sophisticated in all ten houses. Among these ten, four are restored fishermen’s homes that have been elegantly decorated.

There are many amenities for you to enjoy, such as a restaurant, a gym, and a spa. The highlight would be the rustic beach lounge made from antique fishing boats, where you can relax on the shaded chaise lounges while sipping an ice-cold tropical cocktail from the restored fisherman’s bar.

Enjoy different activities on the beach, such as kayaking, beach volleyball, and surfing. There won’t be a boring moment here! like all sunny beaches, we recommend it!

Uxua Casa Hotel & Spa, Brazil

12- Mukul, Nicaragua

This intimate retreat lies on an expansive coastal area called the Emerald Coast. Aptly named, the water here glistens like a jewel, and the hills are full of lush flora and fauna. It’s the country’s first true luxury resort and it makes full use of the incredible backdrop, showcasing Nicaraguan architecture and craftsmanship.

There is a golf course and a gym for you to make use of, as well as six spa sanctuaries to unwind in. Make sure to try the rum — the house pour is Flor de Cana and has been made by the owner’s family for generations with the amazing sunny beach.

Mukul, Nicaragua

I hope this list has inspired you to book your winter vacation tickets! You’ll be sure to be pampered at these ultra-luxurious resorts while enjoying the warmth and sunshine on all these sunny beaches we recommend! Don’t forget to pick up some pool floats that are great for adults to enjoy the ultimate luxurious vay-cay.

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