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Who said you couldn’t have a cool home office while spending less money? The way your desk looks and the supplies you have to affect how you work. It’ll be a lot easier

Who said you couldn’t have a cool home office while spending less money? The way your desk looks and the supplies you have to affect how you work. It’ll be a lot easier if you have simple office supplies that made your work easier with suitable home office furniture.

It’s all about having the right supplies at the right time. So, we’ve made a list of affordable office supplies for the ultimate office upgrade.


Motivational Posters

You always have to stay motivated and inspired to keep on working! Reading motivational quotes daily will keep you going and focused. We’re influenced by what we see and hear every day.

So, why not make sure that your office will keep you motivated and inspired at all times. You can also print a poster of someone who inspires you in your business or life to keep you going when you feel down.

Motivational Posters

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Office Trash Can

Maintaining a clean desk is crucial for success! So, you need to keep a trash can nest to your office desk. You may have a trash can in the house. However, it’s best to dedicate a small trash can for your home office instead of going back and forth and leaving your station.

Office Trash Can, Affordable Cool Office Supplies

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Desk Lamps

If you don’t have natural light shining where you have your home office, then you need to get a desk lamp. Why? How are you going to work efficiently in dim light?

Dim light can really damage your vision, reduce your focus, and, therefore, decrease your work productivity. So, having the right desk lamp is a lifesaver!

You don’t want to be stuck on a project because of bad lighting.  You can choose between many types of desk lamps depending on your work nature and lighting needs.

Affordable Desk Lamps

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Desk Organizer Set

It’s smart to get an affordable desk organizer set. A lot of organizer sets include hanging wall file holder, sticky note holder, pencil holder, letter tray, and mail sorter to meet all your desktop storage needs.

You can high-quality organizers made of metal for durability and extended life span. They are multifunction, space-saving, and suitable for home or office to organize your desk supplies.

Desk Organizer Set

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Desktop Bookshelf

These are incredibly easy to install at an excellent price. I recommend getting a desktop bookshelf because it’s space-saving design. It has two separate pieces that you can push close together to create a small shelf rack.

If you want to create a longer shelf, then pull the two pieces further apart. You can get creative and install it however you want depending on your style and available space. It’ll help you maximize the use of your desktop space and keep your desktop organized.


Hanging Wall Organizer

I always love using vertical space to organize my home office. You can easily and affordably get a hanging wall organizer to sort your office supplies. It’s great for mail storage, notebooks, planners, and file.

Hanging Wall Organizer, Affordable Cool Office Supplies

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Storage Organizer Box

Store and organize all of your desk and home office supplies in one convenient place. It’s perfect for storing markers, pens, staplers, binder clips, calculators, pencil sharpeners, rechargeable batteries, rubber bands, memo pads, glue sticks, push pins, and erasers.

Also, you can use organizer boxes to hold small stationery and mailing supplies like note cards, labels, postage stamps, thank you notes, ink pads, rubber stampers, and more.

Storage Organizer Box

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Pencil Case

You can get large storage pencil cases. There’re pencil cases that can hold up to 60 pens, and pencils, dual brush pens, and a calculator.

Choose a pencil case that has a divider that will help to separate your pens and pencils or highlighters. Also, a Velcro pocket will hold other desk supplies like paper clips, stapler, eraser, scissors, and cards. You can use it as a pen bag for your home office, travel, or makeup pouch for girls.

Pencil Case, Affordable Cool Office Supplies

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Mini Table Calendar

Keep track of the week and write notes on a mini table calendar that won’t take much room, look cute, and organize your schedule altogether.

Mini Table Calendar, Affordable Cool Office Supplies

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Quoted Mouse Pad

If you use a desktop computer or a laptop with an external mouse, then get creative by getting a mouse pad with an inspirational quote. Mousepads, nowadays, come in many designs. I love to choose a mouse pad that will motivate me to work and decorate my disk space at the same time.

Quoted Mouse Pad, Affordable Cool Office Supplies

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Mobile Phone Holder

Keep your phone insight and put it on a colorful mobile phone holder. A lot of people don’t think about getting a mobile holder, but it makes a huge difference. You’ll easily grab your phone any time instead of look for it all over your desk.

Mobile Phone Holder, Affordable Cool Office Supplies

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Sticky Notes

It’s important to keep sticky notes nearby to write down any business notes that come to mind, business meetings, or a priority task you need to do. A simple desk accessory like this can improve your work productivity and focus levels by taking it off your head and writing it down.

Sticky Notes, Affordable Cool Office Supplies

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Tape Dispenser

If your work demands a tape dispenser to be sitting on your desk, then get creative with it and choose a classy, elegant tape dispenser. Also, there are funny looking tape dispenser for a little smile on your desk.

Sticky Notes, Affordable Cool Office Supplies Tape Dispenser

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Drawer Organizer

Stay organized and efficient, and get a drawer organizer to save space and keep an orderly and neat feel for each of your drawers. It will unclutter your pens, pencils, and other office supplies.

Drawer Organizer

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Also, it’s an excellent solution for coffee pods, sugar, and stir storage. Most drawer organizers are simple in design and add a professional and elegant look to any drawers, shelves, desktops, and other places where you want an organizer.

The little things can make a greater difference in how you perform, work, and produce. At an affordable price, you can add some desk supplies that will boost your productivity and motivate you to work better.

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