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Top 10 Vegan Protein Powders Reviewed

The purpose of ViralRang Supplement Zone is to give you exemplary reviews about the best vegan protein powders on the market and also inform you about where to buy them at the most reasonable prices available online.

Whether you are an athlete, and are trying to enhance your muscle building, or are simply trying to lose some weight, here you will find numerous organic protein powders which are deemed as being the most suitable for a natural and healthy diet.

All the products presented and reviewed here are 100% plant-based proteins, non-GMO, and animal or dairy-free products. We also strive to bring you sugar-free products as well.

Besides offering you only natural vegan proteins and supplements we also aim to offer you products that will add a delicious flavor to your protein shakes. The most popular flavors are vanilla and chocolate, but there are many other flavors that you can choose from. Or if you prefer, all proteins are also available in unflavored forms as well.

In the list offered below, you will be able to see some of the most important information, like the protein source (base), nutrition facts, available flavors, the price, and a summary and description of the product. A more detailed review is available by clicking the image of the product from the list where you can get additional information about the use and the preparation of the product.

Read our reviews of the top 10 products and find out the answer to the question about what is the best plant-based protein powder for your vegan diet. Browse the list and get your genuine dairy-free protein powder today!

PlantFusion – Nature’s Most Complete Plant Protein Powder

PlantFusion – Nature’s Most Complete Plant Protein Powder

Protein base (source): PlantFusion Protein is a plant-based protein powder that incorporates a mixture of plants to score high on the protein digestibility lather. Its protein sources are pea, artichoke protein, organic sprouted amaranth powder, and quinoa powder. This mixture provides a perfect source of amino acids

Nutrition facts: One order of PlantFusion Protein is good enough for a total of 30 servings, where one serving contains 21g of protein (70%). Approximately, each serving contains 120 calories with a total fat of only 2g and only 4g of fructose sugar. The product is entirely cholesterol free and is a perfect way to start your diet.

Available flavors: Many interesting flavors are also available besides the Natural Unflavored kind. There are Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Raspberry, as the favorite types, and Cookies n Cream is a special type of flavor. Very tasty and perfect for those who want a little bit of flavor in their mix or to go in their smoothie.

Price: PlantFusion Protein comes at a very reasonable price of $39.99.

Weight: The total weight of this product is 2 pounds (908 g)

The PlantFusion protein powder is one of the best vegan all-natural proteins on the market. It gives you a perfect blend of plant-based proteins to provide you with the whole aspect of amino acids given in a protein powder. It comes highly recommended for enhancing muscle tone, is great for recovering energy after a workout, and also provides you with a natural way to manage your appetite.

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The ingredients are all highly digestible and do not include any allergens like some of the whey-based or animal-based protein powders do. Not only men but also women can use it as it does not include any soy and does not tamper with your hormones. PlantFusion is also gluten-free and includes an enzyme that enables better digestion and does not affect people with sensitive stomachs.

Warrior Blend – Raw Vegan Protein by Sunwarrior

Warrior Blend – Raw Vegan Protein by Sunwarrior

Protein source (base): Sunwarrior Blend protein is a complete green protein made from all-natural raw plant ingredients. The process used for the extraction results in a complete amino acid profile needed for your workout, which is exceptionally high in Arginine, Lysine, and Leucine. The protein base is made out of raw organic pea protein, raw cranberry protein, and raw organic hemp seed.

Nutrition facts: One package will give you a total of 40 servings with one daily scoop amount at 25 g. You will get 19 g of proteins per serving. There are 100 calories in each serving, 15 calories from fat. Servings do not include any saturated fat, trans fat, sugar, or cholesterol.

Available flavors: This vegan protein comes available in a Natural taste, but there are also Chocolate and Vanilla flavors as well.

Price: Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Protein costs approximately $35.

Weight: One package of this raw vegan protein weighs 2 lbs (890g).

Sunwarrior Warrior Blend is a great vegan protein powder that fuses the power of plant-based proteins and gives you all the needed supplements for a pleasant workout. The powder is great for those who generally want to amplify their health and take their fitness goals to a new level.

Easily digestible and easily used, it can be mixed with simple water or your favorite drink. You can make a smoothie or a shakeout of it and even refrigerate it for later use. Sunwarrior Blend is far superior when compared to whey or animal-based protein powders.

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It is totally dairy-free, gluten-free, and sugar-free, and does not contain any GMOs, artificial flavors, or solvents. The plant-based ingredients are easy to digest and create a feeling of satiety after use. You will feel fully energized and healthy after using it and can also include it in your weight loss diet as well. This is achieved with the inclusion of all the essential amino acids needed for healthy muscle building.

Raw Organic Protein by Garden of Life

Raw Organic Protein by Garden of Life

Protein source (base): Raw organic protein offered to you by Garden of Life is an all-natural protein powder that brings you an organic mix of raw proteins, living seeds, and grains. The protein base of this powder consists of a mix of organically sprouted proteins without any additives, which is also gluten-free, dairy-free, and all-out vegan.

Nutrition facts: One serving of Raw Organic Powder by Garden of Life is 23 grams in weight and the total container includes 28 servings. Each serving contains 17 grams of proteins and 90 calories. The blend is also endowed with a mixture of vitamins A, D, E, and K which in total makes for an excellent source of complete proteins for your diet.

Available flavors: Many people actually prefer the unflavored kind, but for those of you who want to add a bit more taste to your smoothie or protein shake there are three flavors available, Chocolate, Vanilla, and the exotic Vanilla Spiced Chai.

Price: Raw Organic Protein by Garden of Life is available for a price of $33.59.

Weight: A single container weighs a total of 21.86 oz. (620 g).

Raw Organic Protein by Garden of Life combines a mixture of available living seeds and grains to bring you a vegan protein powder that has a complete choice of proteins combined together. Thirteen different raw seeds are used to produce this powder. It results in providing 17 g of protein per serving, which is 33% of your daily value. Organic Protein by Garden of Life includes an array of all the essential amino acids.

You can use it to enhance the protein value of your meal or simply as a refreshing protein shake or smoothie. Using raw proteins also enables a high-quality and healthy diet which will help you achieve your athletic goals without any consequences to your health. The protein powder is also recommended for those who are on a low carbohydrate diet as well.

All-in-One Nutritional Shake by Vega One

All-in-One Nutritional Shake by Vega One

Protein source (base): All-in-One nutritional shake by Vega One is a protein-rich meal replacement made from natural and whole-food ingredients. It is a healthy choice which is good for you and the planet as well. The source of proteins comes from a mixture of pea protein, hemp seed protein, sprouted whole grain brown rice protein, and SaviSeed or sacha inchi.

Nutrition facts: Each container is good for 22 servings. There are 15 grams of protein per serving. A single serving contains 135 calories. The natural mixture is completed with the addition of A, C, D, E, and K vitamins.

Available flavors: To add an interesting flavor to your protein shake, there are several flavors available. All-in-One Nutritional shake can be found in Chocolate, Berry, French Vanilla, and Vanilla Chai flavors. But those who prefer can also get the basic Natural kind as well.

Price: You can get the All-in-One nutritional shake by Vega One for a price of $50.

Weight: The weight of one canister of this vegan meal is 30.9 oz. (876 g).

All-in-One nutritional shake by Vega One is a perfect choice for fueling a healthy and active lifestyle. It is completely clean and plant-based. Perfect for those who are on a vegan diet and do not want to take in any dairy or animal-based protein powders. The product is also soy-free and gluten-free and includes 50% of a daily intake of vitamins and minerals all in one serving.

The balanced amino acids are provided with the combination of sprouted whole grain brown rice, pea, hemp, and SaviSeed proteins while the Vega Chlorella, alfalfa grass, spinach, broccoli, and kale provide a serving which equals to a complete array of greens that need to be taken per day. Included in the mix are also the digestive enzymes and probiotic additions which are used to help you maintain a clean and healthy intestinal flora.

Pea Vegan Protein Powder by Naturade

Pea Vegan Protein Powder by Naturade

Protein source (base): Pea vegan protein powder by Naturade is an all-vegan protein powder that provides you with a set of nine amino acids that our bodies need. Being a plant-based protein, it allows better digestibility and healthier use, not including any gluten, cholesterol, soy, or dairy. Its main protein source is derived from peas, or rather yellow peas also known as split peas.

Nutrition facts: A daily dose includes 2 scoops which amount to a total of 37 g. Each serving contains 130 calories, with a total fat inclusion of only 2.5 g, which does not include any saturated fat. The total amount of carbohydrates comes down to 10 g a ration, out of which 2 g are dietary fiber, 2 g of soluble fiber 3 g of sugar, and 1 g of sugar alcohol. One serving contains 20 g of protein.

Available flavors: Pea Vegan Protein Powder comes in a delicious Vanilla flavor.

Price: Pea Vegan Protein Powder is one of the cheapest products on the market and its price tag of $28 makes it highly popular.

Weight: The total weight of this product is 22.8 Oz (645 g).

The Pea Vegan Protein Powder is a plant-based powder derived from yellow peas. Its key success is gained by fabricating proteins from only the high-quality protein isolate available. The product is highly soluble does not include any cholesterol, gluten, or sugar, and is not in any way hypoallergenic.

The pea protein provides the same amount of amino acids as whey proteins do, but in turn, does not have the unnecessary byproducts that the whey-based proteins have. They do not have any disadvantages that the animal-based products have and in turn, offer a set of nine essential amino acids.

No artificial flavors and no GMOs are included in the pea protein. The vanilla flavor is one of the most popular on the market and provides the best tasting protein mixture which will go great in your protein shake.

Gluten-Free Vegan Meal Replacement by Garden of Life

Gluten-Free Vegan Meal Replacement by Garden of Life

Protein source (base): Gluten-free meal replacement by Garden of Life is a vegan meal replacement that has been designed to enable you to have a full batch of nutrients in a healthy and well-balanced meal.

It is very filling and satisfies hunger and gets its protein base out of 26 superfoods from raw organic seeds, sprouts, and greens, raw meal provides 34 grams of protein per serving, 9-16 grams of fiber (depending on flavor), and a healthy 2.5 grams of fat. Particularly useful for those who are watching their weight.

Nutrition facts: The full container is good enough for 14 servings of level 2 size scoops of 80 g. Each serving contains 310 calories, with total fat calories amounting to 45. You will get a total of 34 g of protein, 32 g of carbohydrate, and only 5 g of total fat. The powder is completely cholesterol-free and does not include any trans-fat.

Available flavors: Many people like using the Un-flavored kind, but an additional three other flavors have been made available, the standard Vanilla and Chocolate flavor with the addition of the Vanilla Spiced Chai flavor.

Price: The gluten-free vegan meal replacement by Garden of Life includes a price tag of $40.

Weight: The total weight of each canister comes down to 2.5 lbs (1.1 kg).

Raw Meal from the Garden of Life is a natural snack or meal replacement that consists of a nutritious mix of protein, fiber, minerals, and vitamins you will find in a well-balanced meal.

The Raw Meal will give you a serving of 20 Vitamin Code vitamins and minerals which in turn provide a daily value of 16 key nutrients needed for a healthy meal. You will feel full and energized after its consumption and will be ready for anything that the day brings you.

It is an excellent source of plant-based proteins and will not cause any side effects that animal-based proteins might have. Also, each serving contains a ratio of insoluble fiber, which is dependent on the flavor. This is one of the most popular products!

Organic Hemp Protein Powder by Nutiva

Organic Hemp Protein Powder by Nutiva

Protein source (base): Organic Hemp Protein Powder by Nutiva is a protein that is made out of hemp. Hemp is the basic source of protein for this powder which gives you a vegan powder that provides eight essential amino acid sorts. Hemp is considered one of the high-quality sources of protein that can bolster a healthy diet and is a way of achieving your athlete’s goals.

Nutrition facts: A daily serving contains three tablespoons and equals 30 g. Each bag has enough for 45 servings, and each serving amounts to a total of 90 calories of which 25 are from fat. Each serving also includes 15 g of protein, 9 g of carbohydrates, and 3 g of fat. The product does not contain any cholesterol and no trans-fat and has only 1 g of sugar.

Available flavors: make your shakes tastier by incorporating various flavors into your diet. We offer you a choice between Chocolate and Vanilla, as well as the Natural of course.

Price: This product costs around $30.

Weight: One bag of Organic Hemp Protein Powder weighs 1.4 lbs or 620g.

The Organic Hemp Protein Powder by Nutiva is made entirely from USDA-certified organic hemp seeds. Hemp is a great source of protein and provides eight amino acids into the mix. This gives you the needed energy to conduct your workouts and will enable you to feel healthy and fit.

The protein powder contains 66 % edestin, which is a globulin protein that is easier to digest than other forms of protein, for instance, dairy or whey proteins, and will enable better digestion and will not cause uneasiness in your stomach.

Hemp protein is also very tasty and gives you a choice of mixing it with a smoothie, juice, cereal, or even better. You can even find interesting recipes in which you can mix the powder and use it for an experience that is both tasty and good for your health.

Organic Rice Protein Powder by Nutribiotic

Organic Rice Protein Powder by Nutribiotic

Protein source (base): Organic Rice Protein powder by Nutribiotic provides a healthy formula that will boost your nutrition and energize your protein intake. The protein base of this product is made from whole grain or rather sprouted brown rice. It does not include any milk, eggs, soy, nuts, or yeast.

Nutrition facts: A daily serving of Organic Rice Protein amounts to a tablespoon of 15 g. The whole container is good enough for 90 servings. Each serving contains 60 calories, without any fat. A total of 12 g of proteins is available per serving. There are 2 g of carbohydrates, out of which 1 g is dietary fiber and 1 g is sugar.

Available flavors: besides being available in the Plain flavor, there are also some extra types of flavors available for people who prefer a better taste and do not mind the extra calories. There are Vanilla, Chocolate, and Mixedberry flavors available as well.

Price: the price of the Organic Rice Protein Powder is set at a very reasonable $40.

Weight: Each container weighs 3 lbs (1.36 kg).

Organic Rice Protein Powder given to you by Nutribiotic is the best option on where to find rice protein powder. Rice is an excellent source of vegan protein and comes highly recommended as a substitute for whey passed protein powders.

The powder is easily digestible and has a low amount of carbohydrates in its mix. All-natural and completely healthy, the mix of amino acids that the product provides is enough to enable a completely healthy workout, bolstering your performance and fitness level.

No chemical processes are used in the production of this powder, it utilizes an organic plant enzyme which is used to separate the carbohydrates and fiber from the protein source. Not GMOs and no pesticides and completely CCOF and USDA approved. The powder is best served mixed with water or rice milk, but can also be used with your favorite beverage as well.

Seeking Health Rice Protein Powder – GMO-FREE

Seeking Health Rice Protein Powder – GMO-FREE

Protein source (base): Optimal protein powder provided by Seeking Health is a vegetable-based vegan protein powder. It does not include any GMOs or sugar and it is gluten-free. Its protein source is derived from pea protein isolate and rice protein concentrate.

Nutrition facts: Every scoop of daily serving has 21 g, which makes for a total of about 14 servings per container. Each serving has a total of 70 calories with no fat and 17 g of protein. The total amount of carbohydrates is only 1g, and there is no sugar and absolutely no dietary fiber.

Available flavors: Optimal Protein Powder comes available in an extra Vanilla flavor for those who want to mix it up a bit and sweeten their shake. The Vanilla flavor is sweetened with real cane sugar and stevia.

Price: The Optimal Protein costs some $37.95 per container.

Weight: Each container of this protein powder weighs 22.75 Oz (645 g).

Provided to you by Seeking Health, Optimal Protein Powder is a vegan protein powder derived from vegetable protein sources like pea proteins and rice proteins. It is a GMO-free, gluten-free, and sugar-free protein powder that is both healthy and easy to use. The Vanilla flavored Optimal Protein Powder comes available with natural sweeteners, like sugar cane and stevia, and does not include any chemical sweeteners or solvents.

Mainly used as an additional protein boost to your food, it can also be used by those who are sensitive to dairy-based proteins and can be used as a part of your diet or weight loss system. The pea protein isolate gives you a 90 % protein content and a high digestibility rating.

Also available is a well-balanced mix of amino acids, particularly lysine, arginine, and branched-chain amino acids, resulting in a 100% score of amino acids included in the mix.

Hemp Protein Powder for Vegans by Manitoba Harvest

Hemp Protein Powder for Vegans by Manitoba Harvest

Protein source (base): Hemp Pro 70 is a protein powder for vegans produced by Manitoba Harvest and it has hemp as the protein source. It is mainly used by athletes pre and post-workout in the form of a shake. It will add extra proteins to your diet and give you a bit of extra energy for a great workout.

Nutrition facts: Each container includes 15 servings. One serving equals 4 tablespoons and weighs 30 g. There is 20 g of pure protein per serving. This protein powder has one of the highest concentrations of protein. A single serving contains 140 calories. There are only 4.5 g of fat, no trans-fat included. Also, there are no dietary fibers and only 2 g of sugar.

Available flavors: For those who want a bit more sweetness in their mix and would like to add a bit more flavor to their protein shakes, choose the Chocolate or Vanilla flavors that are also available.

Price: Hemp Pro 70 is available at a more affordable price of $25.89 per container.

Weight: The total weight of each container amounts to 2 lb or 907g.

Hemp Pro 70 Protein Powder for vegans provided by Manitoba Harvest is a very nutritious protein powder that provides 20 g of proteins per serving and 3.4 g of omegas. Hemp protein powder is mainly used by athletes who need proteins on the go and use it pre and after workouts. Great for giving you an extra boost after a workout or the much-needed energy to complete one as well.

Its hemp protein base allows you to get the sufficient proteins you need to complete every task you strive to do. Compared to a whey protein powder, the hemp protein powder for vegans gives you all the necessary nutrients and proteins and does not cause any harmful effects.

Whey-based protein powders can sometimes unsettle your stomach and cause it to bloat, which is not the case with hemp proteins. Its easy digestibility will only bolster your digestive tract and make you feel a lot better.

After conducting an extensive evaluation of the top 10 vegan protein powders, We provide you with information simply about the perfect supplement to complement your plant-based diet. It is crucial to bear in mind that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach when it comes to nutritional supplements.

Each individual possesses distinctive requirements and dietary constraints, hence the most suitable vegan protein powder is the one that caters to these factors. Our goal is for our insights and personal recommendations to serve as a valuable guide in your pursuit of accomplishing your fitness and health objectives.

Your dietary journey is personal and revolves around discovering what works best for you. Embrace experimentation and don’t hesitate to sample various brands and combinations until you discover the one that satisfies your preferences and necessities. Here’s to an exceptional, plant-powered lifestyle!

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