Best Video Editing Software for Beginners

The prevalence of video content on social media networks has risen over the past few years. You can expect this trend to continue. Promotional and social media videos can help businesses run successful publicity campaigns. Moreover, it can help maximize income and brand awareness. Nowadays, video is an essential part of any promotion operation.

However, it can be daunting and financially challenging for small companies to create videos regularly. It would also be best to know some of the best video editing software that you can use to render your video content.

Figures reveal that about 88% of marketers say that video lets them boost revenue. About 81% of marketers use paid video for advertising their brand on social media. On the other hand, consumers enjoy videos, with 54% wanting brands to generate more video content. Social media videos can produce up to 1200% more views than text and picture content combined.

Reasons To Use Video Editing Software

Video editing software can help you highlight your brands from any perspective. It can create quality promos for social networks like Instagram, YouTube, or everywhere else you post brand content. Various easy-to-use free video editing apps can help you get ahead of the competition.

Well-produced product videos are a more appealing marketing method than photos alone. It can reduce the customer’s reluctance to purchase. Although it can be a little daunting, it’s easier than ever to make high-quality videos on your own. You can produce quality content without in-house employees or outsourcing your video.

Best Video Editing Software For Beginners You Can Use

No matter what you’re trying to edit, you can find the best video editing software with all the functionality you need. It may be promotional ads, social media posts, short films, or even a full-length movie. Here are some software solutions you can consider.

· VideoPad

This software is a perfect choice for beginners. VideoPad is a video editing software that will help you create high-quality video content. Furthermore, you can produce content without the need to splurge on your budget. You can find a vast range of essential and easy-to-use functions.

It can provide you with 3D video editing and sound effects, overlays, and text editing. You can also easily upload completed videos to social networks such as Google Drive, Twitter, and your mobile phone.

The only downside is that it can be too easy for advanced video editors. It doesn’t come with as many advanced tools as some of the other free video editing applications. However, you can choose to add light effects, fine-tune colors, and overlay text and pictures. That is enough to make it worth a free download.

· GoPro Quik

Although the company exclusively did this for the GoPro camera, it helps you export your files from other devices. Using a GoPro camera, processing and processing the materials you produce from your camera is automated.

The software also lets you save all of your footage on the cloud so that you can access it at any time. Creating time-lapses, syncing videos to music, or applying text overlays to photos and videos are only a few reasons why GoPro Quik is one of the best video editing software. It is for everyone who captures their videos on a GoPro camera.

· Pinnacle Studio 24 Ultimate

Pinnacle App is one of the best alternative video editing software on the market. With Pinnacle Studio 24 Supreme, you can find one of the most complete and fastest video editing applications available on the market these days. It can help you develop amazing videos that can make a difference in your digital marketing campaigns.

This sophisticated video editor appeals both to pros and beginners. It is an alternative to costly video editing tools on the market. Furthermore, it comes with caliber equipment such as color grading controls and video masks.

A customizable workspace helps users to create space to improve their flexibility. You can also customize the tools that you often use.  It also has a multi-track rendering and excellent file handling to guarantee the status of your computer.

· Lumen5

You can turn a blog post into a video in just three simple steps. All you have to do is paste the blog post URL into Lumen5. Its AI-powered editor will create new scenes depending on the amount of text you enter.

The Lumen5 platform also gives you access to a vast stock of audio, picture, and video libraries. That helps you create social videos even though you don’t have your footage. However, you must select a payment package if you want to delete a watermark from your videos. The same goes if you’re going to upload videos with resolutions greater than 480p.


VSDC is a video editing program that you can use to create a film of any length and difficulty. You can use VSDC to process subpixel resolution images and video transformations. You can use 10+ mask styles to cover, blur, or illuminate objects in your video. Main features include a 4 K and HD export, a Video stabilization app, and a YouTube uploader. You can also create 3D models, mix modes, and Instagram-like filters.

The VSDC desktop video editing app is available as both a free and a premium version. While the free version has limited functionality, it still comes with VSDC’s full video editing suite. That includes a mask tool and a chroma-key function for green-screen video effects.

· HitFilm Express

If you don’t have years of knowledge of video editing, HitFilm Express can help you. It may sound a bit sophisticated at first to make Hollywood-style movies, but it’s worth mastering. It is one of the best all-in-one free video editors around.

Moreover, HitFilm offers animation software that helps you develop and edit audio and video transfers. You can do this even without making composite shots. That makes this software a huge time saver when filming.

· Lightworks

Lightworks is one of the most adequate YouTube video editing tools for beginners. The free edition contains everything you need to make quality videos in HD and SD formats. It has a simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface. Moreover, it provides a series of video tutorials to help beginners make beautiful videos right from the start.

· iMovie

Learning how to use iMovie to create social media videos would not take so much of your time. This software’s simple interface makes it simple to execute all necessary video editing acts. iMovie lets you edit footage shot in resolutions up to 4K. It also features ten high-fidelity filters that improve your images’ colors.

The software also lets you create PIP and split-screen images. You can also adjust the video clip’s playback pace or catch opening titles or end credits. It also comes with royalty-free audio, sound effects, or voiceover recording functionality. That will all help you create the ideal soundtrack for any video you edit in your iMovie.

· Blender

This software is a downloadable, open-source 3D animation suite. Blender provides a versatile video editor that caters to any beginner’s needs. Moreover, it has features that model and render 3D animations. Blender also provides features such as video masking, slicing and splicing, color grading, and more.

Bonus: Windows Movie Maker

It’s been a few years since the Windows Movie Maker was shut down. However, this video editing program remains a better solution for younger video editors. It is still running Windows 8 or older versions of the Windows OS. Windows Movie Maker offers you access to an extensive collection of transitions and visual effects. It allows the task of making video titles effortless.

It also comes with video stabilization, available on the Windows 8-compatible version of the program. The exact list of resources offered by Windows Movie Maker differs with various versions of Windows.

Final Thoughts

Planning is a crucial phase in making videos. Therefore, you need to know what you need before the process begins. When you know what you want to do, you can study video editing software to figure out if it suits your needs and helps you reach your target.

The price is another consideration that you should remember. Remember that you don’t have to spend much money on video editing software that takes years to learn. That is applicable, especially if you only want to make a promotional video for your business.

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