Bhutanese Ezay | Easy & Simple Bhutanese Recipe

Let’s start talking about Ezay as a Food Appetizer from the beginning and later, I will be sharing the Bhutanese Ezay recipe.

Ezay is love for the Bhutanese people. Readout this article and learn the easiest recipe on how to make Bhutanese Ezay.

As a matter of fact, Bhutanese people use lots of chilies in most of the dishes they consume. One of our favorite foods is Ezay.

What is Bhutanese Ezay?

Ezay is basically a kind of chilly sauce, also considered a food appetizer locally made up of condiments like Red dry chilies, green chilies, tomato, onion, garlic, and cheese.

Ezay is common among Bhutanese people. As it’s considered a type of Chutney in Bhutan. Some people spell it out as Bhutanese Eze.

While searching it on the internet, you can search it with both terms.

We eat Ezay with almost all the food, like rice, roti, momos, chow-mein noodles etc.

Bhutanese Ezay Ingredients

Generally, it all depends on person to person to use Green chili or Red chili whichever you prefer more.

Most of the time we use our local chillies to make Ezay because of its taste and delicacy.

We also need an onion, tomato, onion leaves, coriander, garlic, ginger, salt, a little amount of water, and some oil.

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The quantity of oil depends upon what type of Ezay you are making. Using garlic and ginger is optional. Use coriander because it helps to make your dish have lots of taste.

With the above-listed ingredients, we can make so many different styles of Ezay.

Types of Ezay in Bhutan

1. Fried Dry Red Chilli Ezay

This is the common type of Ezay available almost in every home in Bhutan and especially served with Momos, Rice, Noodles, Roti, and even with boiled eggs.

In some parts of the country, this type of Ezay is especially known by its name Momos chilli sauce, and is loved by all and does ask how it’s made.

Here is how it’s made simple and flavourful. check it out, guys!

You can find the recipe for this Ezay at the end of this article.

2. Crushed Dry Red Chilli Ezay

Put the well-washed red dry chili into the stone mortar and smash the chili with the pestle until the chilies are broken into small sizes.

You can also use a mixture grinder to make chillies into pieces. However, the use of mortar and pestle gives more taste maybe because it’s my kind of perception, haha. 

Here you don’t have to make sure whether the chilli is kept in the sun for 2 to 3 days or in the oven to get very well dry. It is very simple to crush the dry red chili.

Just put the chilli into the mortar add 1 tsp of water and add salt at first. Water will work as a lubricant and will help chilies to chop quicker and salt will help to keep your dry chill in the mortar only.

Mix chopped onion, and tomato well with the crushed chili. At last add coriander, farmer cheese, or American cheese.

I would suggest using farmer cheese if you have it because it makes lots of taste in your Ezay. Rice is the best option to have with Ezay.

3. Burnt Dry Red Chilli Ezay

The name of the Ezay itself clearly explains what dry red chili burnt Ezay is. Basically, it is made by keeping the dry red chilies on a small flame and letting it burn for a little while to make Ezay.

This type of Ezay is served with fried rice, even with plain rice, it is also served with drinks. This Ezay is one of my favorites.

4. Green Chilli Bhutanese Ezay

This Ezay is very easy to prepare and gives an exquisite taste. This Ezay is served most of the time with rice. In Bhutan, we use our local chili in seasons.

In offseasons, we use imported Indian green chili. Indian green chilli is insanely spicy.

If you are a spicy lover you will enjoy this Ezay if not you won’t like it. The difference between Bhutanese chili and Indian chili is in its size and spicy level.

Bhutanese green chili is bigger in size as compared to Indian green chili. Moreover, Bhutanese green chili is less spicy compared to Indian green chili.

Ezay Food Appetizer | Easy & Simple Bhutanese Recipe

Let’s start talking about Ezay as a food appetizer from the beginning and later, I will be sharing the Bhutanese Ezay recipe. As a matter of fact,..

Prep Time : 10 minutes mins

Cook Time : 1 minute min

Course : Appetizer

Cuisine : Bhutanese

Servings : 4


  • Mixture Grinder


  • 4-5 Dry red chillies cut into half
  • Tomato
  • Onion
  • 5-6 Cloves of sectioned garlic
  • Small ginger (optional)
  • 6-7 tbsp Oil
  • Salt to taste
  • Coriander
  • ¼ Pepper (optional)


  • Wash chilies, tomato, onion, garlic, coriander, and ginger thoroughly.
  • Cut them into any shape, doesn’t matter because, at last, we are going to grind them using the grinder.
  • Now heat the oil and put tomato, garlic, ginger, and onion one after one and fry them for nearly 2-3 mins.
  • After frying for 2-3 mins add cut dry red chilli on fried tomato, onion, and garlic and fry for 2-3 mins.
  • Put the above fried into a mixture grinder, add salt to taste, and pepper if you like. Cover the mixture grinder and grind it until your recipe turns consistency. It takes less than 2 mins.
  • Take out from the mixture with the help of a spoon and put it in the container
  • Garnish the Ezay with pinches of cut coriander leaves.


If you don’t have a mixture grinder, smash them using the stone mortar and pestle.

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