Can I Take My Gun on a Road Trip

The school’s out, and you’ve got some days off from work? Well, it’s time to plan a road trip, where you and your family can spend some time together exploring the unexplored. 

During a road trip, safety is paramount, so most folks think of taking a gun. If you are one of those who want to fly with your gun to ensure safety, then this post is something you should definitely delve into.

Carrying a gun can attract strict punishments in some states, so it is better to find out if you can carry your pack or not.

Traveling with a Gun: Is It Legal?

There are two answers to this question: yes, and no! Whenever you apply for a CCW (concealed carry permit), you are allowed to carry the firearm in your state only.

In simple words, you can carry a gun on a road trip within the state that has issued the CCW. Entering any state with a different set of regulations can attract several felonies. 

It is critical to understand the state-by-state CCW laws to make sure whether the state you are traveling to permits you to enter with the firearm or not.

Let’s say you hold a CCW issued by Alabama, then you can enter South Carolina with the handgun, as both states share the same set of rules. But if you pass through a state with restricted rules, then your permit will not be honored, unfortunately.

Carrying a firearm on a road trip may be punishable in any of the states with different rules.

As per the Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986, “anyone may pass through a restricted area with a gun provided that the firearm is unloaded, and is packed in a car gun safe.” Furthermore, the case should be inaccessible to the passengers, and the ammo should be stored separately.

According to the law, you can lawfully pass through the restricted state. Doing anything rather than just passing will void the law, and it can be a punishable offense.

The Right Way to Carry a Gun on a Road Trip 

We know you want your journey to be smooth, and that’s why we are here with a handful of tips. Follow these tips to carry your gun on a road trip to avoid breaking the law.

  • Always place the firearm in a certified car gun safe. You will find some good car gun safes that you can use while traveling.
  • Don’t keep the gun in the center console or glove box as it will be accessible to anyone traveling with you. You can place the gun safe in the trunk or in the car’s bed.
  • Store the ammo away from the gun, or you can use a separate ammo case for it. The gun should be unloaded all the time!


Before you throw the gun inside the trunk and start driving towards the destination, it is essential to read the state-by-state rules. Furthermore, you can even consult an attorney to know about the laws in detail.

Breaking the law can bring serious penalties, and that’s what you should avoid at all costs! Lastly, always invest in a good-quality hard-sided car gun safe that keeps the firearm safe and is legal to use.

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