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Goal Setting, How To Setting Goals and Achieve Them

Goal Setting, How To Setting Goals and Achieve Them

There is an art to setting goals. There is a very definitive ‘right way’ and ‘wrong way’ to set a goal. And if you go about your goal setting in the wrong way, then you can reduce your chances of accomplishing those goals. That’s right: a bad goal will actively hinder your chances of success.

Conversely, if you are setting your goal in the correct way, then it can completely transform the likelihood of your being successful and help you too much more reliably carry out all of the necessary steps to execute your plan.

How do you go about getting a goal right? This comes down not only to the methodology and phrasing but also the content. Because there’s another scenario that can happen if you write your goals in the wrong manner: you can end up achieving those goals and then not being happy with what you’ve accomplished.


We will take a look at how you can go about setting the right goals and then seeing them through…

Goal Setting, How To Setting Goals and Achieve Them

You will learn:

  • How to know your life’s purpose
  • How to write your ‘mission statement.’
  • How having a goal and purpose changes EVERYTHING and makes you more driven, more charismatic, more passionate and more
  • How to phrase goals to give yourself the best possible chance of completing them
  • How to maintain motivation and stick to your goals even when the going gets tough
  • How to create an action plan that fits with your lifestyle and routine
  • The power of visualization and how it helps you accomplish what you want
  • How to maximize your chances of achieving what you want
  • What to do once you have successfully established your goals

By the end of our articles on goal setting, you’ll have a toolset that will enable you to easily look at your life, reflect on what you might want to change and then carry out the necessary steps to make that happen. You’ll be able to become exactly who you want to be and create precisely the lifestyle you want to lead. And when you’ve done all that, life will suddenly start to make a lot more sense.


Making Your Goal Setting Plan

At this point, you now have more ideas on how to write a properly structured goal than the vast majority of people. You understand why many goals don’t work and you know how to structure your lifestyle to support your goals rather than hinder them.

Now it’s time to start putting that theory into practice. So let’s recap and go over what you need to do now to start building those goals and sticking with them…


Step 1 – Have a Vision

First, have your vision. This is your picturesque ideal future, and it’s what you want your life to be. If you have trouble thinking of it, then consider thinking about what has made you happiest in the past, or looking to other people who have lives that you would like to live.


Step 2 – Express a Mission Statement

Take this vision and express it as a mission statement. As yourself what the most important parts of this vision are and what the underlying emotion is that makes you want to achieve that.


Step 3 – Create a Plan

Now you need to create a plan to make that happen. That means that you’re going to think about how you’ll satisfy your mission statement in the most logical, realistic and strategic way possible considering your circumstances. This doesn’t have to mean focusing on your career!


Step 4 – Set Goals

Now you set your goals. These are the small steps you can repeat every single day to achieve the plan.


Step 5 – Don’t Break the Chain!

Give yourself a tick every day that you complete your goal to avoid breaking the chain. If you are struggling to motivate yourself, then focus on the vision and connect it back to that in your mind. Focus on what doesn’t work too!


Step 6 – Get Help From Others

Don’t tell everyone your goal but tell a few people and get them to introduce some real stakes for you so that you can’t skip your goals so easily. Likewise, look for other people to help you by joining your cause!


Step 7 – Support Your Goals

Look for ways to change your lifestyle to support your goals. That means lifestyle design and thinking about how to pick a career, location, etc. to help you get the things you want from life and achieve those goals.


Step 8 – Assess and Review

Constantly assess and review your goals to make sure that you are getting the most from them. Address failure points and finds ways to improve your chances of success.

And one final thing that is fundamental to achieving goals is to remember to appreciate them. This is something that we forget all-too-often, and it ultimately can end up making the whole pursuit meaningless.

This happens when we work so hard toward our goal and then our next goal, which we never stop to appreciate what we already have.


Imagine it: you finally have that best-selling novel published but then you start to fixate on all the things you didn’t quite manage in that first book. You stress about sales and work on that, but meanwhile, you start writing your next book immediately.

You’re highly successful; you achieved your dreams, but now you just feel stressed!
Not ideal. And it makes it all too easy for us to lose the enthusiasm for that original goal.


So make sure that you take the time to enjoy your achievements too and that you factor this into your actual plans. Tony Robbins recommends starting each day by reflecting on what you’ve accomplished and how that makes you feel. Start every day by thinking about the things you’re grateful for – whether that’s a roof over your head, your great health, or maybe your success so far in your career.

This will keep topping up your energy and your optimism and to help you to keep moving forward! You’ve already achieved so much and kept that in mind should remind you just how much you can yet achieve.


IMPORTANT: To help you further take action, print out a copy of the Checklist and Mindmap we provided. You’ll also find a Resource Cheat Sheet with valuable sites, posts, and articles that we recommend you go through.

Viral Rang
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