Basic Supplies You Need For A New Home Office

When deciding to work from home, the next thing you do is set up your home office. First, you’ll choose the perfect place in your house or apartment for inspiration and efficiency. Then, it’s all about choosing the right home office furniture and supplies to complement and meet your needs.

The problem? Some people underestimate or overestimate their office needs, which can be frustrating!

The solution? Use this checklist that help organize your needs fashionably and easily.

Of course, you won’t need all the items on the list. However, we forgot to mention all the items most of the home workers need.

A Designated Space

The first thing is first! Where are you going to set up your home office? How much space do you have?

By measuring the space available, you’ll choose the right desk and home office furniture to bring the best of this space.

  • What if you have a small space?
  • Do you need storage space?
  • Will you manufacture or assemble products at home?
  • Do you have the communications connectivity?
  • Will clients visit your home office?
  • Will your employees work from your home?

All these are significant questions you need to answer before deciding where your home office will be.

Also, you can always know how to select your workspace at home with the help of our guide.

Tips on Home Office Setup and Design

1. Know how you’ll use the home office

Are clients going to come over to discuss business? Will you invite team members to work in your office? Will you be sharing video conference calls with clients? When will you dedicate time to work?

All these are significant questions that will affect how and where you set up your new home office for productivity.

2. Differentiate between working space and living space

Your mind should be aware that you have a space dedicated just for working. Whether you add a divider or already have a separate room for your home office, then you must dedicate it solely to working. You shouldn’t eat, watch movies, or chill in your workspace because you’ll confuse your brain.

3. Be comfortable but not too comfortable

It’s not the bed or the couch! Your office should be comfortable for the back and neck, but not too comfortable to the point where you won’t get things done! Make sure that the workspace motivates you to get things done while comforting your body.

Basic Home Office Furniture

A Desk

You can choose between many home office desks types according to your work nature and available space. Also, you can get creative and use a counter or a table you already have if you don’t have space to put a new desk. Keep in mind that you use the corner space by getting Wrap Corner Office Desks.

A Good Chair

It’s important to put your health first when choosing an office chair. The chair should be comfortable and kind to your back to avoid any health complaints in the future.

Choose from the many types of home office chairs. Always keep in mind comfort and ergonomics to work with ease.

A Computer

No online business can complete their work at home without having a computer. Depending on your work demands, you should pick the computer that will match your needs.

For mobility, it’s best to get a laptop that you can carry anywhere around the house and outdoors. Also, it’s great when you have limited desk space or meet clients outdoors for business.

A Monitor

If you have a desktop computer and need to display a lot of windows altogether, then having an extra monitor is essential. Also, doctors highly recommend desktop computers over laptops since it’s better for your neck.

Monitors come in many shapes, sizes, and resolutions. If your work involves graphics and design, then you need a high-resolution monitor.

Desk Lamps

Success requires your productivity and focus at your best, and having sufficient light is a key ingredient. There’s no denying how crucial lighting is when you work to prevent headaches and eye strain. You can choose the best type of desk lamp according to your work demands.

A File Cabinet

There’s no better way to store and organize your files and documents than in cost-effective file cabinets. It makes it easy to find any document or folder and doesn’t take up much space. This is a small yet useful item in your home office.


Organizing your desk gets you miles closer to success in your home business. Consider getting a desk with drawers or shelves to store your office supplies. Moreover, you can get creative and stylish by decorating your desk with small desk organizers to store your pens, pencils, pins, and other supplies you need.

A Fire-Safe Box

Finally, in the worst-case scenario, you must store valuable personal and business paperwork in a fire-safe box. It’s for extra protection to keep backup copies of your data. We always pray for the best, but it’s smart to stay safe and protected.

Essential Home Office Technology

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

When the electricity goes out, your work shouldn’t stop! A business stops for no one. To ensure your success, you must have a UPS to provide a limited time power supply to keep on working. Also, it’ll help protect your work from being lost when using desktop computers that don’t run batteries, unlike laptops.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

High-Speed Internet Access

Undoubtedly, you cannot work from home without having internet access. Imagine being on a business conference call with a client, and the internet keeps discounting! Do you think the client will be impressed?

Absolutely not! It’s important to have high-speed internet access, to make uninterrupted calls, and to reply quickly to work online efficiently.


Nowadays, many developers launched online software to ease your work online. You can use Google Apps, which include a drive of 15GB, Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, and more for free. All you need to do is set up a Google account (Gmail), and you can enjoy Google’s free apps. Also, you can benefit from many other free and paid online apps and software for ultimate productivity.

A Network Router

Sounds pretty obvious! But, remember we’re creating a complete list of all the things you’ll need to set up a perfect home office. If you have more than one personal computer, then it’s probably necessary to have a network router. Also, you must consider a wireless router if you have a laptop and not a desktop computer.

NETGEAR Nighthawk Internet Access

Backup Drive or Personal Server

You can’t rely 100% on your computer’s software. Sometimes, out of the blue, the software fails and might cause you to lose all your data.

It’s best to be safe and find a backup plan to protect your data as soon as you set up your home office. Cloud-based backup services are great since they copy your files and documents automatically.

Another way to protect your data is by getting affordable external drives and personal servers to avoid data loss in case of computer failure.

A Surge Protector

An important item that is often forgotten is the surge protector, which is a staple in any home office with computer equipment.

Surge Protector

A Printer Machine

Not every home office needs a printer, but some home workers use it daily. If you have a paperless office, then you won’t need a printer. However, if your work revolves around paperwork, contracts, and documentation, then having a printer is essential. Also, you might consider getting a multifunction printer with scanning and faxing options.

Home Office Printer

A Paper Shredder

Last but not least, a paper shredder to destroy any sensitive and confidential business documents and information. It’s not safe to throw any whole paper in the trash for scammers are waiting for you to do that! Always make sure you destroy sensitive documentation because safety always comes first.

Paper Shredder

You’re All Set

Now, it’s time to test and work in your new home office. By following the guidelines we provided, you should be happy and ready to work from home instantly. Also, you can boost your productivity and focus by upgrading your home office. We wish you the best with your new workspace. Cheers!

The final test is when you sit down to work. If you’ve followed all the advice in the guide above, you should have everything you need to be your best, most productive you. May all your work go well!

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