How to Achieve Freedom by Working Online

At its most fundamental, time is freedom. The more time you have that is your own, the more choices you have regarding what you want to do and how you want to direct the course of your life. What this tells you is that you can increase your freedom and stop feeling like you’re being led around in your own life by freeing up more time.

And one of the best ways to free up time? Working online.

This is perhaps the most common example of lifestyle design: working online so that you can start to choose when, where, and how you work. Now you can decide to make your work fit in around your lifestyle instead of being forced to squeeze your life in when you can.

The Digital Nomad

What does one do with this freedom once they have it? Well, a common choice is to become a ‘digital nomad’. This term describes someone who travels the world while working online. They use the ability to work not in an office as a way to work on the move. These people travel from country to country, meet new people, and see incredible sights during the day. Then, in the evenings, they use the rest of their time to work in cafes and bars – anywhere with a power socket and an internet connection.

This is true freedom. These people can support themselves but in doing so they are also getting to climb mountains, see famous landmarks, and discover other cultures. They aren’t tied to any one place and surely that’s one of the truest demonstrations of freedom.

The Alternatives

But the reality is that not everyone would enjoy this lifestyle. Some of us need colleagues to avoid going mad and many of us have partners or families that depend on us – we can’t afford to go traveling for days on end.

So instead, you can use the same thing to just have more freedom at home.

How about working in cafes near you? Or perhaps there’s a beauty spot you could enjoy working in? Because there’s no commute though, you can spend an extra hour in bed. And if someone invites you out for an impromptu lunch? Then you’ll be free to take them up on that offer!

You can travel more but still come home in between to spend time with your family and with your creature comforts (like tea…).

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