How to be Fashionable in a Baja Hoodie

If you’ve heard about Baja hoodies, but are not sure what they are, then you’ve come to the right place! Baja hoodies are big nowadays; they were more commonly known as ‘drug rugs’ before they became popular and are originally made in Mexico.

Usually, they have one pocket on the front and vents on both sides. Many people started challenging the stereotype of Baja jackets that they are only worn by stoners.

Some people consider these hoodies to be synonymous with a hippie culture lifestyle which is known as ‘cholo’.

However, drug rugs have stopped being emblematic of one lifestyle or culture. On the contrary, they are even now popular among both genders.

A colorful combination of yarn and other fibers is knitted together to create a fashionable article of clothing that can be mixed and matched with many items to create different looks and styles.

If you are wondering about how to wear Baja hoodies more fashionably, here are some suggestions you should try out.

Wear Them with Neutral Colors 

The original Baja hoodies were actually made from hemp. This is why they were surrounded by a reputation of being only worn by stoners.

However, Baja jackets quickly became quite popular when surfers bought them and wore them in Baja California, Mexico on the beach. They are now made out of many fabrics such as acrylic, cotton, wool, polyester, and other recycled materials.

Surfers used to combine them with different shades of cool colors such as light blue or baby green to go along with the beachy vibes. Nowadays, you can give them a spin and combine a pair of khaki pants with these Baja hoodies to achieve a more modern fashionable look.

Without any effort, you can rock your comfy warm hoodie without looking sloppy or lazy.

Surfer Style 

Baja pullovers have been invading many runaway shows in recent seasons with the same surfer look that has always distinguished them. They are usually paired with a pair of flip-flops and board shorts to achieve an anti-fashion uncaring clothing style.

Since this type of hoodie is warm and highly durable, they are perfect for the bipolar weather if you aren’t sure if it’s going to get cold or not. This style can be rocked by all ages and genders.


Many people think that the revival of Baja hoodies goes back to their earthy handmade texture in a world full of Instagram photos of adobe interiors, but the truth is that this fashion item never really went away.

It has been an iconic piece of clothing since the 70’s culture of drugs and surfing and until the thriving of cannabis culture nowadays, even among different celebrities. Rihanna, for instance, has worn Baja hoodies on different occasions, matching them with a pair of jeans, a faux fur bomber, and brown safety boots.

Kylie Jenner also rocked drug rugs in different styles; one time she wore them to the airport with tight black pants, black fashion boots, and a Louis Vuitton brown leather backpack.

Willow Smith also showed up grabbing lunch with some of her pals wearing a Baja hoodie with a colorful beanie and light bell-bottom jeans.

The drug rug is being embraced widely, especially by celebrities is the biggest sign of the acceptance of New Age hippie styles in the fashion world.

Be Careful When You Wash Them

Baja hoodies shouldn’t be ironed with high heat. This is why you need to take care of the washing process to ensure that they will look good rather than sloppy. It’s important to remember to use a fabric softener in the washer.

With Baja hoodies, you don’t have to worry about shrinking. The fabric used is usually pre-washed and it’s never 100% cotton, so the chance of shrinking is slim. Make sure to bear in mind to set your washer to gentle washing mode.

New Age Look

New Age Look Baja Hoodie

Since the main concept of Baja hoodies is the easiness of throwing them on after a long, tiring day at the beach, you shouldn’t choose them to look body-hugging.

You should choose sizes that would look rather body-hugging, or you can even go for a more oversized baggy look.

Instead of choosing skinny jeans, you can settle on matching a Baja sleeveless shirt with a see-through dress in the same shade as the shirt to achieve a new Age hippie vibe.

Pair it with White Sneakers

Baja Hoodies have a unique design and appearance and if paired with the right outfit, they’ll give you a unique look and style. Sneakers are in trend these days and pairing your Baja Hoodies with a cool pair of white sneakers would stand you out from the crowd.

Just make sure the sneakers you have should be of great quality and design. Just like Loom Vegan sneakers. Loom is the pair of shoes everyone should have in their cupboard! Waterproof, breathable, and on top of all, vegan friendly.

You definitely want to check out these vegan sneakers as they’ll make a unique combination with the Baja Hoodies.

Baja hoodies prove that fashion items shouldn’t be stereotyped. Now that you’ve become more familiar with its history and how it’s been able to blend in with current fashion, you have a better understanding of how versatile it can be.

It’s a timeless article of clothing that has been popular among different ages and genders and holds a story of the culture behind it as well. Since the cannabis culture has been growing more and more every day, the popularity of the Baja hoodies is slowly growing with it. 

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