How to Create a Successful e-Commerce Website for Business

Let’s figure out how to make the best e-commerce site. We will go through the main details of an ideal commercial page and discuss things that are worth working on.

What does an ideal e-commerce website consist of?


Unfortunately, many people forget about it, but this is a critically important element for a commercial page. The upper navigation block performs several tasks at once. He helps people:

  • Understand how the site works. This is especially important if the page structure is complex. Whether it’s a retail or a wholesale eCommerce store, convenient and intuitive navigation is critically important, because it’s very easy to get confused. Therefore, the user should always understand where he is. The same is true for brand pages. Search has to be pretty smart and simple, you can use smart solutions to implement this, for instance, Google Cloud Discovery Solutions.
  • Find out more about the brand. If a person visits the site for the first time, it is essential to create a good impression on him and tell the maximum about the brand. We realize that the initial visit to a webpage rarely ends with the conversion of a visitor into a buyer, but this is not a reason to neglect the first impression. And navigation will also assist with this. It should tell you about yourself and broadcast the message and ideology of the brand.
  • Understand what else can be found on the site. Whether this is my first or second approach to the website and I’m trying to find out more about the firm, then I will want quick and easy access to the web pages “About us”, “About the product” and so on. I wish to learn what the company has to offer me. Just navigate in the “Basket” and look for the goods. Approximately 10-12% of visitors use search as the main instrument for site navigation. Therefore, the search should be visible and simple, otherwise, you risk losing potential clients from this group. The situation is the same with the “Basket” – it should be simple, convenient, and minimalistic.

Basic Product Info

It is essential to be sure that we convey to the buyer information about how to interact with the goods or services. You have to place visual content reflecting the item placement, you can add video or animation, but only if it is justified.

Detailed Product Description

There is usually a lot of content here. In our case, we see a list of product properties: dimensions, materials, production process, and so on. We need to help find answers to questions as quickly as possible. For example, if you know that customers are often interested in the terms and conditions of delivery, then I will simply place all the information in a prominent place. You can understand what interests customers by talking to them. Analyze what questions are coming from users, and ask existing customers what caused difficulties in the ordering process and what was not obvious.

SEO of E-commerce Sites

Everything is quite simple here. The main items are keywords, content, engagement (behavioral factors), links, and, sometimes, the frequency of site updates. If all is well with these aspects, then there is nothing to worry about.

  • Keywords. Are you convinced you named the product after the individuals who want to buy it? If the response is “no,” this is a chance to make things better. Even if you utilize a trademark, I recommend mixing it with the commonly used term for your items.
  • Content. And it is crucial that the search engine can understand that you can do that. If there is a video on the website, make a description and annotation. It’s the same with pictures – descriptions and tags must be filled in.
  • Engagement. Or behavioral factors. It improves if users hang on the site pages for a long time, and do not close the tab to go to competitors.
  • Links. They can be obtained from the press, blogs, quality reference books, partners, suppliers, fan communities, and reviews. Links from different sources and a well-written title tag will assist you in ranking higher than your competitors.

In case you do everything I’ve told you today, you’ll get the best e-commerce site on the web.

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