Most Common Vision Problems

In life, one thing that we grow increasingly used to having is clear and 100% reliable vision. We use our eyes for so many things, so it becomes increasingly easy to take having quality

In life, one thing that we grow increasingly used to having is clear and 100% reliable vision. We use our eyes for so many things, so it becomes increasingly easy to take having quality, clear vision for granted. Sadly, we all do that – it’s just something that happens from time to time in life. When we get so used to something, we stop looking after it and we take it for granted. However, some things will come up in life which are clear factors in having vision problems.

What, though, are they? What indicates visual deficiencies?


Muscular weakness

When it comes to caring for our eyes, one of the most likely issues that you are going to find is that your eyes are weakened in terms of their muscular strength. Gradual damage to the macula of the eye is known as age-related muscular degeneration, or AMD. It’s a very common problem and those who are aged 60 and above can expect AMD to occur unless they are quite lucky.

This particular condition is one of the most common vision-based problems that you can have, and often has a massively debilitating impact on your quality of life. It means that you often find everything in the centre of your vision becoming increasingly blurry. It’s a serious issue, and one that is very much likely to lead to a degradation in your quality of life. Unfortunately, solutions for such a condition are thin on the ground – it’s something that occurs as a natural byproduct of ageing, unfortunately.


Blurred vision

A common problem that you can suffer from when your vision seems to be weakened is your ability to see. This can lead to a loss of focus when looking around, often causing a loss of detail in objects. Whether you are suffering from myopia – when an object looks blurry in the distance – or you suffer from hyperopia – when an object up-close becomes blurry – it does not matter. This is the same kind of problem, and it’s one that you should look to get support and assistance for as soon as possible. Most of the time, going for some contact lenses can be just what you need to solve the issue.

Another common problem that can result in blurry vision is known as presbyopia. This happens as we age, and it’s akin to farsightedness. This is caused due to a loss of elasticity in the eye, and the main reason for that breakdown in elasticity is the passing of time. Sadly, there’s not much you can do to solve that.



A very common vision problem, especially in those who are ageing, is called a cataract. Cataracts have become one of the most common problems that you could have with your eyes, and it leads to a lot of visual discomfort. Cataracts cause what is known as a clouding of your lens, meaning that your eyes no longer function to the same standard. It becomes much harder to stay focus on something, and it often leads to both blurriness and vision that is colour-tinted.

Cataracts also tend to develop the presence of a ‘halo’ around certain objects, especially during the evening. This can naturally become quite off-putting, and it can make it hard to retain focus on things in life. This is common and most likely will be solved by going for some form of surgical treatment. Keep this in mind, though, as many people who suffer from eye issues like cataracts might have no option but to either put up with the condition or pay for expensive surgical care.



For people who are diabetic, a common issue that you could suffer from is known as retinopathy. This particular problem is something that you will face if you are diabetic, and the problem itself is caused by damage to our blood vessels of the retina. This is caused by diabetes, as mentioned above, and it’s often going to cause a level of blurriness in your vision – as well as dark spots appearing in your vision on a regular basis.

If the problem is not treated and you don’t reign in your blood sugar regulation, then you could eventually go fully blind from this problem. Keep that in mind, and it should help you to stay focused when it comes to making choices about your health and your quality of life. As ever, you should look to seek out professional medical expertise if you worry about developing this visual issue.



A common vision problem for many people is known as amblyopia, and this is a very particular problem. It’s often known as having a ‘lazy eye’, and it tends to occur when vision has not been given the chance to fully develop in that particular part of the eye. As such, your brain starts to naturally move to the other eye, using that as a means of trying to retain focus and provide you with the best all-around vision.

This will often happen if your eye is unable to produce the images needed from birth until the age of six. Sadly, it’s not really something that can be fixed in later life. The most important thing that you can do is lookout for this in children, and seek out medical expertise if you notice a child who has a lazy eye prior to reaching the age of six.


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