Under $50: Must-Haves for an Organized Home Office

A clean desk is a happy desk. When first setting up your home office, you’ll spend some cash to bring all the home office furniture you need. So, you might disregard the little things that can make a more significant difference in how you work and your productivity. 

For under $50, you can get small items that will organize your desk and boost your productivity. We call them home office helpers who hold and organize your office supplies until needed. When you work in a neat, organized, and clean place, your focus, creativity, and productivity levels increase.

The Benefits of an Organized Desk

Why should you organize your desk in the first place? Well, many benefits will encourage you to keep your office clean and organized. 

Have you ever found a successful person with a messy desk? Definitely, not! Having a clean, organized desk makes you look more professional. Also, you’ll not waste time looking for meeting notes, misplaced invoices, or office supplies you need.

A lot of studies have shown that an organized desk has work and psychological benefits, like:

  • Improving mental stability.
  • Increasing productivity
  • Boosting focus
  • Reducing stress
  • Making healthier food choices
  • Getting better sleep

On the contrary, the University of Minnesota noticed that employees with slightly messy workspaces were more creative and innovative with their ideas than those who had neat offices. 

Should you mess up your desk or workspace?

Well, not because some were found to be creative in a messy place means you’ll be too. It’s best to start with a helpful, tidy desk, and see what will boost your creativity and induce productivity.

What Will You Need To Organize Your Desk?

1- Desk Drawer Organizer

Drawers are great to store all your office supplies, but they can get crowded and turn into a junk drawer instead! That’s where a desk drawer organizer comes in handy. It’ll help you organize and sort all your supplies, notepads, pens, and other essential office supplies. After organizing your supplies, you can easily access what you need when you need it.

Desk Drawer Organizer

2- Desk Lamp

Can you work in the dark or dim light? I guess not! Lightening is essential to induce a productive work environment. Although we always recommend natural lighting, if it’s not an option, then you must get a desk lamp.

You can choose between different types of desk lamps according to your needs. Also, you can get a desk lamp that comes with a built-in organizer.

traditional desk lamp

3- USB Hub

When using several smart devices, you might need to charge them altogether. A USB hub will charge multiple devices quickly. Instead of draining your laptop’s battery to charge your devices, get a USB hub that can charge them. 


4- Desk Accessories

Keeping your desk organized is key to success and focus. Some of the desk accessories you need to consider getting are a tape dispenser, pencil holder, stapler, and other accessories. It’s best to have a neat desk to encourage you to work and keep you focused on the task. For under $40, you can get a bunch of desk accessories that will do the trick.

Desk Accessories

5- Trash Can

It makes sense to keep a trash can near your desk to have a clutter-free working environment throughout the day. We recommend getting eco-friendly trash that allows you to use plastic grocery store bags as the liner cans. 

Trash Can Home Office

6- Desk Vacuum

Can you believe that there’s a vacuum specially designed for your desk? Although it might sound strange, imagine how useful it can be! Having a tidy workspace can be fun by using a mini vacuum to clean debris and dust off your desk. 

Desk Vacuum Organized Home Office

7- Cord Organizer

When working on your laptop or PC, cables and cords get tangled and create a messy looking desk. So, a cord organizer makes sure each cord and cable are separate for easy access. Choose a cord organizer that suits your desk’s needs.

Cord Cable Organizer

8- Hand Shredder

When you think of a shredder, a bulker and older version come to mind. However, nowadays, a modern and simpler hand shredder has replaced the bulk one. Although nowadays, most of our work is digital and stored online, some documents are physical. It’s not safe to crumble and throw confidential documents in the trash. It’s easy, just wind the crank, and the confidential paper shreds quietly. 

Hand Shredder Organized Home Office

9- Letters & Keys

Who would’ve believed that a silhouette of an elephant could organize a messy desk? It’s a fun-looking desk accessory yet useful at the same time. Also, it can hold your keys on its curled trunk. “Elephants never forget,” and that’s why you should keep important paper and notes in the silhouette of an elephant.

Letters and Keys Organizer

10- Paper & Document Tray

If your work involves lots of paper, files, and documents, then it’s essential to stay organized with a paper tray for fast access. Also, the paper tray is useful when you want to sort your bills, official memos, and letters.

Paper Document Tray, Organized Home Office

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