The Ultimate Guide to Beautiful Eyelashes

If you want long, thick, dark eyelashes, well, you’re not the only one.

Psychologists say that there are several reasons why we all want beautiful eyelashes. It could be an evolutionary thing: long lashes were a sign of overall health, which made mates more desirable to the opposite sex.

Nowadays, though, we see pretty eyelashes as a way to accentuate the eyes and beautify the face.

No matter the reason, you want to find ways to get better eyelashes. Here’s our ultimate guide to getting those enviable lashes.

Slather Them in Castor Oil

Do you have a nighttime skincare ritual? If so, it’s time to add another step: swiping some castor oil onto your eyelashes.

Turns out, castor oil deeply moisturizes your eyelashes and maintains their health. That way, they don’t break and, therefore, grow longer.

There’s some scientific evidence that backs up castor oil’s efficacy in reversing hair loss. And, while plenty of people swear by the stuff for eyelash growth, there hasn’t been enough research done to confirm this.

Brush Your Beautiful Lashes

Another way to extend your lash line is to start brushing your hair. Yes, that’s right—you can brush your eyelashes.

Using a spoolie brush—like the ones you’d find in a mascara bottle—you can gently comb your eyelashes every day. This will keep the hair growing straight, which will make them look longer and fuller.

Learn How to Use Your Mascara

If you apply mascara with the right technique, you will make your lashes look thicker and fuller. Start by curling your lashes so they curve upward, just the way you want them to look. Then, apply your mascara from the side—a sideways application will push the lashes outward, making them look longer.

When it comes time to take off your mascara, make sure you do so gently. Otherwise, you might break or damage your lashes, thus counteracting all of the work you’ve put into them.

Use a gentle eye makeup remover and swipe it downward from the eyelid to the lash. Make sure you’re wiping off your makeup every night, too. Leftover mascara will get dry and brittle, which will leave your lashes feeling the same way.

Buy a Fresh Tube Often

When was the last time you replaced your mascara? It could be that your current tube has started drying out, and that’s why your eyelashes look shorter than you’d like.

Most experts recommend that you open up a new mascara every three months. So, try and pinpoint the last time you replaced your tube. If you can’t remember, then that’s probably a sign that you need new mascara.

Sprinkle Some Baby Powder

Here’s a trick for thickening up your natural lash line. Apply one coat of mascara, then sprinkle some baby powder over them. Then, coat the stuff with the second layer of makeup to really thicken up your lashes.

Heat up the Eyelash Curler

You can amp up your normal eyelash-curling regimen to lift your lashes even more. Reach for your usual curler, but grab your hairdryer, too.

Blast some warm air onto the curler so that it’s warm—but not hot—to the touch. The heated device will more effectively curl your lashes than it would while cool.

Pick up Some Falsies

You might just want to thicken your eyelashes for special occasions. In that case, a pair of false eyelashes could do the trick.

You can buy false eyelashes at your local drug store, although you should be extra careful when you put them on and remove them. These often come with lash glue, which can be damaging if it gets stuck to your natural strands.

There are more high-tech options when it comes to false eyelashes nowadays. You can also find magnetic versions. You’ll brush a magnetic liquid onto your lash line so that the falsies adhere and stay in place for every last wink.

The latter option is, of course, more expensive than the traditional glued-on falsie. But if you know you’ll get good wear out of them—and you want to protect your natural lashes as best you can—then you might want to upgrade to magnetic ones.

Try Eyelash Extensions

Now, you might have tried lots of different methods for achieving your dream eyelashes. But if you can’t get the length you seek with the other natural options, then lash extensions could be the right choice.

A professional esthetician can apply for extensions along either part of or across the entire lash line. These tufts of hair will add that length and thickness that you seek. And, even if you just want a little lift, adding extensions to the outside of your eyes can be enough for the doe-eyed effect you want.

Lash extensions are expensive, and you will need to have fill-ins regularly to maintain their lush, lengthy look. But if you really want that dramatic eyelash look, then it could be worth the cost and time.

Get the Most Beautiful Eyelashes Ever

As you can see, you have several options when it comes to achieving your most beautiful eyelashes ever. So, switch up your make-up routine, pick up some falsies, or have a consultation for extensions.

No matter what road you take, you’ll be one step closer to the fuller, longer lashes you love on others—and want for yourself.

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