What are the Medical School Admission Requirements for International Students?

Getting accepted into a good medical school is essential for students who want to become a doctor in the future. While hard work is the key to success in this field, there are certain other criteria that need to be covered by aspiring physicians.

Going through medical school admission requirements is important so that you understand the checklist of areas that you need to cover to be an eligible candidate. International students who are planning to apply to a Caribbean medical school should keep the following factors in mind.

Admission requirements in the Caribbean

Any international student applying to a medical school on a Caribbean Island needs to understand that each medical school has its own set of admission requirements. You should check the website and get in touch with the admission advisers to get a clear picture of the admission criteria. However, here are some general requirements that apply to reputed medical schools in the Caribbean.


An important part of the application process is taking the Medical College Admissions Test exam, which is known as the MCAT. Try taking the exam at the earliest so that you already have your MCAT score when you are submitting your application and your personal statement.


There are also a few prerequisite courses that students need to cover to be eligible for a Caribbean medical school.

General Biology – one academic year

Inorganic Chemistry –one academic year

Organic Chemistry – one academic year

Language Arts in English – half an academic year

College Math or Computer Science – half an academic year

English proficiency

Students who are applying from other countries also have to demonstrate their proficiency in English. This is required because English is the medium of instruction at all reputed Caribbean medical schools, so to be able to progress academically or even communicate effectively with faculty members or peers, students need to have a good command of the language.

Those students whose first language is not English have to sit for a Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) test.

Meeting the required technical standards

Another crucial requirement when applying for a Doctor of Medicine degree is to have five skills in these important areas:

  • Communication
  • Motor function
  • Intellectual-conceptual
  • Behavioral
  • Social skills

Caribbean medical schools are an excellent choice for students who are looking for high-quality education. They prepare you for a brilliant career ahead as a doctor as well as meeting the international standard of curriculum. Many of the reputed medical schools in the Caribbean offer clinical rotations in the U.S and excellent residency programs that are the perfect platform for aspiring doctors to start their medical profession journey.

Additionally, medical schools in the Caribbean have rolling admission which is very helpful for medical students. Along with taking off the pressure of missing out on admission dates, it also makes the evaluation process less taxing. Students are evaluated in a more flexible manner, rather than by having a hard deadline. Those who apply early can beat the pressure of being measured against many other applicants. It can also make other aspects, such as looking for suitable housing options, easier.

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