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What Is Enclosed Auto Transport & How to Find a Company Offering It?

Realize that the upcoming move, or perhaps the sale or the purchase of a vehicle will require you to contact professionals and let them handle the part of transporting said vehicle. Whatever your reasons for using this service are, doing it is a very good idea, since it’s much safer than driving, as well as much more convenient and cost-effective. And, it will save you time, because both you and your vehicle would need to rest if you were driving. Get some long-distance driving tips that you’ll need here.

Anyway, understanding the advantages of using auto transportation services is one thing. You’ll probably easily get it. Yet, it is part of actually selecting the right type of transportation and the right company for the job that could give you some trouble.

Heard of enclosed auto transport? Want to learn what it is, to decide if it is the right type for you? Sure you do. And, once you’ve learned about it and made your decision on whether you want to use it, you’re highly likely to want to learn how to find a company offering this option, which is the second question I’ll answer for you below.

What Is Enclosed Auto Transport?

Starting with the basics, aren’t we? Not having used auto transportation services before, you may even be surprised that there are different types of it people can go for. And yet, there most certainly are.

Enclosed auto transport is one of the types. It is not only one of the types but usually THE type that people prefer, due to the extra protection that it offers for the vehicles. Let’s not jump ahead of ourselves, though. Explaining the solution first will also make it clear why people prefer it.

As opposed to open auto transport, the enclosed type consists of vehicles being shipped in an enclosed carrier. The trailers are smaller and can’t accommodate as many vehicles as the open trailer can. This, in turn, makes the service more expensive.

What makes it more favorable, though? Well, the mere fact that your car will be better protected. When you check out the Roadrunner enclosed car transport company, and any other firms offering these services, you’ll realize that the enclosed option is the safest one for you.

You can say goodbye to worrying that your vehicle will get damaged in transport. Outdoor elements won’t pose a danger to the car, and you won’t need to be concerned about the state it will be in upon arrival. Not being exposed to anything, the vehicle will arrive in the same condition in which it was shipped.

Not that open transport is not a good idea, though. But, some vehicles simply need that extra layer of protection that the enclosed option can offer them. And, if you find that your vehicle does need that as well, or if you simply want to protect it the best way you can, then you should go for this solution. Sure, it’s more expensive than the open type, but the extra protection is worth paying for.

How to Find a Company Offering It?

Now, having decided that you want to use the enclosed auto transportation service, the next thing you’ll want to do is figure out how to find a company offering it. Has the question made you assume that there are only a few firms offering this particular option and that most deal with open carriers only? I get why you may have thought that, but it’s not true.

Most amazing companies offer both solutions, allowing the customer to choose and have the final say in the matter. Finding them can be done through the Internet, or through getting recommendations from other people who have used this service. And, it is not the finding part that’s difficult. It’s the choosing part.

Do you think you should choose based only on the price? Ready to use some calculators and let them guide your decision on which company to select? While considering the prices is important, you should never make it your number one factor when trying to select the perfect company for you.

Anyway, once you’ve found a few interesting companies, you should aim at checking out their level of experience and their reputation, along with those prices. Your goal should be to choose a firm that is a good name in this industry, that has been in business for a while, that has served its clients very well and that has, thus, built the perfect reputation. Upon choosing, contact the company you want to work with and agree on all the details of transporting your car on an enclosed carrier.

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