What Your Personality Says About Your Weaknesses

People are created differently. There are those who feel uncomfortable in crowds while others do not have any challenge thriving in crowded places.

People are created differently. There are those who feel uncomfortable in crowds while others do not have any challenge thriving in crowded places. You may have a friend who is always there for you. There may be another friend you cannot open up to. It all boils down to personality. Personality embraces things such as moods, opinions, and attitudes of a person which is expressed during interactions. Humans are not perfect. They have both strengths and weaknesses which depend on their personality. There are four major types of personality; the director, the socializer, the thinker, and the supporter. Let us explore what your personality says about your weaknesses.


The director

If you fall into this category, then you will find that you are good at providing, supervising, inspecting, and protecting. Directors are good listeners and they know how to focus on other people’s needs. It is easy to notice and remember about other people’s needs when you fall into this category. A director will not have any challenge with delegating duties as they can entrust others with operations.

However, this personality type has its weaknesses. You may tend to take the blame for other people’s misdoings. You may also be blunt and insensitive at times. You may also be too rigid, always want to be right and take criticism personally. Dealing with conflict may be a challenge when you have this personality. A director can be impatient at times and abrupt which may affect productivity.


The socializer

If you like being around people and being the center of attention, then you are a socializer. This personality is known to be energetic and fast-paced and outgoing. You may find that you easily strike conversations with people and create new relationships. Words of admiration, complements, applauses, and acknowledgment of achievements are some of the things that lift the souls of the socializer.

The socializers have their weaknesses as well. You may find that you are impatient, too self-involved, or even have problems spending time alone. You may always be trying to prove your worth to other people which can become addictive and draining. The socializer tends to be impulsive and also unrealistic at times as he or she wants to please others. A socializer can be cocky or arrogant at times as he or she does not focus much on other people.


The thinker

This person is always detail-oriented and wants to get involved in things that are stable and controlled. When you have this personality, your focus will be on logic, accuracy, and rationality. People in this category are very creative and always want to play by the rules. Such people believe that emotions may affect objectivity and logic.

The thinkers have various weaknesses that may affect their interactions with other people and productivity at the workplace. A thinker may show detached behavior and likes to do things his or her own way. The thinker will find it hard noting or caring about other peoples’ emotions and understanding their feelings. They focus much on the progress of the task at hand and will most of the time view the glass as half-empty instead of half-full. You may also become skeptical or disbelieving until you see things done which can demoralize those you work with.


The supporter

If you love to take an easier and slower pace in life, then you are a supporter. Such a person is happy doing repetitive tasks and what matters is security and longevity of the job. A supporter is consistent and always confident about what he or she is doing. Sincerity and caring are some of the traits that will define a supporter. It is easy to trust such persons and they are also dependable.

Being a supporter comes with several weaknesses. They are easily used by others and do not disagree even when they are being oppressed. Being used to repetitive tasks makes it hard to accept changes. Supporters are also easily hurt and at the same time shy to express themselves.

Understanding your personality and how it influences your strengths and weaknesses is the first step towards having better relationships. You will also understand how to craft your dreams as you understand what matters to you. Your personality traits may at times lead you to chemical addiction or other activities such as gambling. It is advisable that you test addictive behaviors to determine whether your personality is serving you well. You will thus work on your self-control and learn some of the things that you may need to change.

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