Why Men Love A Military Haircut

Military haircuts have been around since forever, and it is not a haircut that is likely to go out of style. Historically, military personnel, like the soldiers, only used military haircuts. However, there has been a surge in the number of men who go for the military haircut styles as they provide them with a clean-cut look that is easy to manage and looks professional. 

After searching far and wide, we found out that different men love military haircut for different reasons. Some men said the military haircut made them look more masculine, handsome, serious, and ready for work. We have also had a few people who said the military cut helped them meet their other half. Therefore, we shall take a look at why men love military haircuts for the rest of this article.

7 Reasons Why Men Love the Military Hairstyle

– It allows men to reinvent themselves

If confidence is so tightly locked to our hair, then that means our ego is too. Military cuts are an opportunity to remove the veil of vanity that we are so often weighed down by. Field sanitation asides, there is a reason why the military buzzes the head of every recruit- it removes or at least reduces individuality, hence reinforcing the unit’s singularity. We spend a lot of our time scrutinizing our physical appearance, and our hair forms a big part of that. 

By sharing one of our most fussed-over features, the military cut allows us to remove some of our external focus, turn it inwards, and gives us a chance to start fresh to destroy and then rebuild. It is easy to joke about the drastic post-breakup haircut that women often get, but we would be remiss to act like men didn’t also do drastic things with their hair during challenging times. While this typically involves growing our hair and beards longer, a military cut is an equally radical move that achieves the same result of reinventing yourself.

– A military haircut can change people’s perception of men

Hair is one of the first things that we notice about a person, and we subconsciously and sometimes consciously formulate our initial opinions of someone based on their hair. Of course, other things influence people’s first reactions as well, but hair is definitely part of the equation. When it comes to hair and other people’s perceptions, one of the most common questions is whether or not women are attracted to men with short hair or men with long hair. 

There is no clear-cut answer, and if you search the internet long enough, you can find answers to support either claim. A part of the population views men with short hair as more masculine and more attractive, while other women say they are turned off by a man who spends too much time on his hair. 

The military haircut drastically cuts down the time it takes you to get ready. It is the ultimate low-maintenance hairstyle. In the summer or on vacation, you can seamlessly transition from beach to pool to bar without having to take time out of your day to restyle your hair.

– A military haircut Is money-saving

Men spend more money on grooming products than ever before, and the truth is, the longer your hair gets, the more expensive it gets to make it look great. Longer hair means using more of your everyday hair products to have the same effect. Additionally, the quality of the products you use really makes a significant difference in your hair looks. 

Trying to tame and style long hair with cheap products can discourage most men from giving long hair a real trial. Keeping long hair can really be wallet-draining. The military haircut, on the other hand, almost eliminates the need for most hair products. You need just to apply a utility balm to the scalp to keep the skin soft and hydrated.

– Military cuts can hide the grey

For most men, grey hairs start popping up between ages 34 and 44. However, these sparse hairs tend only to be notified when the hair is longer. When the hair is short, it is near impossible to pick out any grey outliers unless you have already gone silver. If you are feeling subconscious about going grey, military cuts can delay the noticeability for a while.

– Maintenance is easy

To sum it up in a bit, the military haircut is a real-time-saver and is easier to maintain. You can easily go about the activities you need to without having to think about the problem of hair falling on your face. Maintaining a military cut is usually easy, as you have to consume fewer hair products on your hair when compared to a man who wears long hair.

– Simple to style

The military cut is very wash-and-wear and dries much quicker than longer hair. It saves you valuable styling minutes in the morning, as it is very easy and faster to style than long hair.

– Hygiene is easier to achieve

Keeping a military haircut affords men better hygiene when it comes to issues relating to their hair. One good personal hygiene measure involves washing the hair with soap or shampoo at least once a week. This is usually an easy thing to do for men with the military cut as it takes little or no time to do this. Hence, they get to do this as frequently as they can. This fosters their personal hygiene invariably.


We have strong opinions about what other men should and should not do with their hair. Perhaps we project our hang-ups and beliefs about what we should and should not do with our hair. Deep down, our hair impacts how we feel about ourselves, maybe more than any other part of our body. This is why choosing the perfect haircut you love for yourself, and the reasons best known to you is paramount.

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