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Just as many aspects of our lives are affected by the Internet, many aspects of business can be affected by the Internet as well. What this forum can do for you and your craft business is open you up to a whole new customer base.

There are hundreds of online craft shows where you can display your product at. Be aware that a lot of people think that this type of venue is a waste of money, but many others have seen great success in selling crafts online.

Two huge parts of successful online selling are cross-promoting as well as linking to your blog or website. Getting the word out about your site is the key to high sales!

E-bay isn’t just a place to sell stuff you found in Grandma’s attic. You’d be surprised to see how many crafters are successfully selling their products on eBay – and amassing a customer base at the same time.

If you make unique children’s clothing, check out boutique wear for kids on eBay. Often, hand-crafted articles of clothing can sell for upwards of $100 for a pair of appliquéd overalls. Most of this clothing is directed toward little girls, but you can sell boy’s clothing as well.

Anything that is hand-painted (HP) will sell well – especially if it’s personalized. Thousands of people throughout the world love to have items that are “their own” and made just for them. Personalized gifts are huge sellers as well!

But there are a lot of other places online where you can showcase your craft. Consider some of the following websites:

Handmade Artists’ Shop






So we’ve covered a lot about selling your stuff at craft shows. What about when you shop at the fairs? Are there tips out there on how to shop? You bet!

We hope you enjoy this full craft fair guide to sell your crafts at craft fairs, this is Part Fifteen, find the full parts here:

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