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Paper Mache Recipes

Paper mache is a crafting medium that is made from recycled paper glue that sticks the paper on top of mold or structure when dried can be painted. Here are some paper mache recipes for you to enjoy. Remember that paper mache is a messy project, so you want to protect the area by covering it with a drop cloth, plastic, or newspapers before you begin.

Paper Mache Recipe 1

A good amount of Recycled Paper

You begin by stirring three parts of water into one part of flour until it becomes a smooth, creamy mixture. It is suggested that you add a few drops of oil of wintergreen because it gives the paper mache a longer shelf life. You can get the oil of wintergreen at almost any drugstore/ pharmacy. After mixing these ingredients, the paper mache paste is now ready for use.

Also adding a couple of tablespoons of salt to the paper mache helps prevent it from molding which can occur.

The next step is using the paper with the paste. The old newspaper is highly recommended for this. You tear the paper into strips. Tear both long and short strips. When you tear the strips, you then compile them by color and size putting the same ones in a common pile.

For the first recipe once you have your model, your paste, and paper ready; you then dip your paper in the paste and cover the structure you modeled with the wet paper. When the structure is completely covered to your liking, you then let it dry. When dry you can paint it if you wish or leave it as is depending on what you made and how you want the finished project to look.

Paper Mache Recipe 2

This recipe involves using wallpaper glue. You can buy wallpaper glue at any well-equipped hardware store.

Wallpaper paste

This paper mache is prepared by mixing one part of wallpaper paste with three parts of water. Once it is stirred well it’s ready to use. The paper is torn like the first recipe and then dipped into the paste the same as recipe 1. You then cover your structure and let it dry.

Paper Mache Recipe 3

This variation uses white glue instead of wallpaper paste or flour as in the first recipe. You take two parts white glue to one part warm water and mix to have your paste. The paper procedure and structure covering remain the same as in the first two recipes.

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