How to Plan an Out of Town Roadtrip with the WHOLE (Extended) Family

Planning a family vacation can be a hassle, especially when the entire extended family is involved. There are so many people of different ages and interests that you need to cater to, that it just becomes pretty difficult to please everyone.

Now imagine having to plan a road trip where all these people will be seated together for the duration of the entire trip, how do you plan that without putting yourself at risk of being murdered?

Seating plan

One of the most important factors that will determine the survival of many of the passengers on board is the seating plan. First of all, it’s important to decide whether you want to all be together on a Charter bus Rental, or whether it’s best to be divided into separate vehicles.

Having everyone together will definitely be stressful, but will at least make the organization and planning a lot easier. Seat all the kids together at the front or at the very back to keep their noise away from the adults.

It would also be wise to seat people of different body structures together to make sure that everyone is seated comfortably without it being too tight.

Be prepared to go off-course

When traveling with the entire family, forget about following a strict plan. Be prepared to be late as it will take more time for people to assemble, there will be a whole lot of spontaneous ideas and unnecessary stops that need to be made and for the sake of your sanity, it is best not to argue.

Switch your calm on, and agree to everything that comes your way. Have one target in mind and do whatever it takes to get to your destination in one piece, with all members on board, safe and sound.

Make a stop every 2-3 hours

You’ve got kids and the elderly on board which means you’ll need to make frequent stops. Whether it’s for everyone to stretch, or for nature’s calling, the stops will be inevitable.

So, don’t let it get to you, and be ok with the fact that you’ll reach your destinations a whole later than intended. Remember that calm switch? Keep it on throughout the entire ride and you’ll be good to go.

Don’t forget your earplugs

Earplugs can be the savior of your sanity when the kids get too noisy or your great aunt gets too chatty. When you can’t take the noise anymore and you feel like you’re about to release a whole lot of rage, take a deep breath and put on your earplugs.

Close your eyes to give the impression that you’re sleeping and hopefully no one will distract you for a maximum of two entire minutes. That’s just enough time to calm yourself down and be prepared to take on a few more hours until your next stop. 

Don’t forget your earplugs

Entertainment is key

With lots of people on board, there’s bound to be a lot of noise. And so, you can try and keep that noise moderate by preparing entertainment that will keep everyone engaged. Prepare a playlist that has a mix of nursery rhymes for the little ones, a blast from the past for the elderly, and some hit songs for the rest.

Make sure the songs are spaced out to keep everyone entertained and add some classics that everyone will enjoy regardless of age. You can also prepare a few games that can be played verbally, these can include games such as I Spy with my little eye, charades, or any guessing games.

With these games, the entire family can have a great time and no one will feel left out or that the game is too childish.

Bring a whole lot of snacks

To avoid having to make a stop every three seconds because someone is hungry or thirsty, have some snacks prepared for the road. You need to take into consideration the number of people on board, the different ages, and the kind of food that won’t go bad.

Easy snacks that everyone will enjoy are things like crisps, biscuits, cookies, chocolate, fruit and mini sandwiches with cheese will definitely be appealing to both the young and the old. Don’t forget about drinks too such as water, sodas, juices, and a few beers to make it easier for the adults to put up with the kids without going absolutely crazy.

It’s also best to have a few empty bags around, just in case anyone decides to get carsick. It’s best to place them strategically around the kids or anyone known to have motion sickness, to avoid making a mess and having to drive in a stinky vehicle.

It’s all about lowering your expectations and changing your mindset to be prepared for pretty much any bumps along the way. It won’t be easy, but you can still try to have a fun road trip and enjoy the journey if you have that calm switched on and are ready to deal with whatever happens. 


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