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Wonderful And Innovative Cake Designs For Kids

Remember yourself as a kid, how excited you used to get when your birthday was a month away, making guest lists, collecting return gifts and party dresses was on the list but can you forget the super excited for your birthday cake? Being a kid, you always wanted to opt for only one pattern of cake.

But now things have changed, cakes come in different varieties and also different themes. It can be easily customized beyond imagination.

So let’s gear up with the new and innovative Kids cake ideas:

1. A very colorful unicorn cake

colourful unicorn cake

Here comes the most amazing cake theme which every kid adores these days and that is none other than super color unicorn cake.

Not only does it taste delicious but looks even more delicious. Your kid will simply love the shape and colors of the cake and this will make his or her party a big hit.

2. Hot Barbie cake for girls

Hot barbie cake for girls

This is the all-time favorite cake for all the girls out there, no matter how much a girl grows, she will never ever get tired of Barbies.

So what do you think is better than a fully loaded Barbie cake that is too hot pink in color? Make her day fantabulous by presenting this lovely Barbie cake on her birthday.

3. Doraemon cake for all the Nobita’s fans

Doraemon cake for all the Nobita’s fans

Whenever you visit kids or get a chance to talk to them, If you ask them about their all-time favorite cartoon, almost every kid simply adores the magical Doraemon and his loving friend Nobita.

This makes it easier to figure out the most loved character which should be turned into a huge blue color cake. Surprise your kid with this beautiful theme cake.

4. Let’s bring Mickey Mouse to the party

Lets bring Mickey mouse in the party

Mickey was and is everyone’s favorite. Mickey instantly brings a smile to every kid’s face. You can always make a Mickey Mouse clubhouse a huge cake for a big party or just his face for a smaller gathering.

5. Ben-ten is all time favorite for boys

Ben-ten is all time favorite for boys

Hello, how can we forget BENTEN, he is every boy’s favorite character. We can make as many shapes as we can imagine and designs cake like fondant with all the major characters or crème cakes with his face or with his bike.

6. Hello, Mister Yellow: minions

Hello, mister yellow minions

This is the hot-selling idea, as kids get to see minions on the silver screen, they craze even more for them.

The market is full of mugs, bags, tee, and much more, so how can we not get it on cakes? This is a great idea to surprise your little one with his favorite minion character.

7. A super duper Superman cake for your loved one

A super duper superman cake for your loved one

Here comes the mind-blowing idea for every kid out there, be it, boy or girl, there is a team of super characters for everybody.

8. Here comes the most favorite of all, PEPPA PIG!


The family of pigs teaches kids the importance of family in a really pleasing way. All kids simply love Peppa and George. You can make a cake in different shapes of Peppa and also along with his family.

These are just a few ideas, there is much more you can do with themes, simply figure out what your kids love the most, do the most, or watch the most and you will have tons of ideas for the very special kid’s cake designs.

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