Valentine’s Day, and Memories


Valentine’s Day is the most memorable event for my heart because it reminds me of innocent and honest moments. It has been years, and I have no right to live it now, only when Valentine’s Day visit us every year.

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On Valentine’s Day, run away from the cold roads, sit in a small corner of my house away from people, sit in front of my little fire and try to gather my scattered pieces to make the old man I loved inside me.

This man often seems to be lost in the streets like a child who does not know a house or shelter, and suddenly he is held by a merciful hand and carries him to warmth and tenderness.

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This is my feeling towards Valentine’s Day. It deepens within us a sense of loneliness, a person needs to be free to himself, and sit with her in private.

love you valentines day

On Valentine’s Day, I find myself in front of you; I face your living memory inside me, I feel the warmth of your hands on my face, as if the years that separated us have disappeared on Valentine’s Day, but you have not come back as a dream, and you have not come back as a reality, but you have come back to me as a spectrum that I can glimpse from a distance.

the best love

We hold a long life on our backs, and only a few days remain in our memory, and we see many faces, and remain in our depths only one face.

By Valentine’s Day, I saw you in front of me, and I was happy that there was something deep inside me that did not break, many things had been broken in my heart, and I was always afraid of you, but I was surprised that you are still as you are inside me, I felt strange happiness that I saw your face in front of me, and it has not changed as my life has changed all things.

I love you like

I saw you live in me, I felt all the beautiful things I lived with you, I felt the moments of the meeting that was gathering us, on the day I was flying to you, and I feel I’m going to your date I am the happiest person on this Earth.

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I remembered the moments of our repentance, how we differed so that we could come closer in opinion, thought and conscience. I remembered those few times we parted to return, and we are more longing and deeply loving.

happy valentines day

All these days I returned to my heart on Valentine’s Day, I remembered all the details of my life with you, although I often tried to delude myself that I had forgotten you, and I thought that the concerns of life had filled your place.

On Valentine’s Day, I missed my days with you, I missed the sweetness of your talk, and your compassion, which I still feel I need it and I need you.

eyes valentines day

I remember you today, on Valentine’s Day, as if I was lost in the spiral of page order to show your image in front of me from all the pictures.

My God, you are still in my imagination with everything in you, what I loved, and what I hated, what I liked and did not like, so I suddenly remembered that I had forgotten all the things that were the reason for our separation, your foolishness, your nervousness, your misunderstanding of me. There was nothing left of me but a series of beautiful and bright lines to remind you of.

I feel in love valentines day

There is nothing left other than the bright face that I loved in you; there is nothing left but your words with their zeal and recklessness. I have longed for your madness and recklessness, for I have become calm and silent.

Valentine’s Day this year confirms to me that life after you have become like a boring song and that the faces are similar, but without a pulse and without life.

find love valentines day

I want to tell you on Valentine’s Day that I searched for you in every passing woman, looking for your eyes, your days and your dreams, that I chase your face in all faces and smell your perfume, and between us, thousands of miles separate us.

I want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my memories that I live on. They are my fortune and my unique treasure.

gratitude to your love

I want to tell you that I still love you, that you are for me a dream that never comes true, and a house I did not live in.

I want to tell you that I missed you after the years of traveling, and I feel that you are standing at the end of every road I take, like my shadow, my destiny, or my years.

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That’s my memories about Valentine, what about you?

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