How to Become More Sexually Confident: A Guide for Men

Sex is an integral part of life; some may even call it a form of art. Sex can be a means for intimacy and getting closer to our partner, or even a fun way of letting go of sexual confidence.

Many factors contribute to how confident you feel in bed, and this article will help give you some pointers on how to become more sexually confident so that you can level up your bedroom game. Keep reading to learn more.

Be Present

We tend to think about all the wrong things during sex: how we look, what our partner just did, or what position we’re going to take next, etc. Being in the moment is one of our top tips for building sexual confidence in bed.

If a person can embrace the feeling, sight, and sensation of what is going on, those pleasures can override anxieties. So if you’re wondering how to be more sexual, just be more present. Practicing mindfulness can allow some people to become more aware of their body sensations during sex.

If your mind wanders off when you are trying to feel the sensations you are feeling, focus on something that will bring you right back into the moment. Think about how nice your partner smells, how great your partner feels, or the sound of their voice.


How to have better sex, you ask? There are few things more powerful than laughter in life, and that holds in the bedroom as well. No, we’re not saying get her to laugh at you, get her to laugh with you.

The ability to laugh in a sexual setting was significantly associated with both men and women having strong sexual desire. A good laugh can reduce tension, keep the mood positive, and allow both people to feel connected.

Up Your Testosterone

Struggling to get and stay hard can be the start of a vicious cycle. As soon as the thought of intercourse causes anxiety rather than excitement, it becomes less and less likely that an erection will be successful.

Testosterone plays a vital role in both your libido and sexual performance. A little boost in testosterone could solve your problems. The higher your testosterone level, the greater your appetite and activity – and vice versa if you have lower testosterone. If you want a better sex drive and want to wow your partner in the bedroom, give natural boosters a try.


In movies and TV shows, everyone seems to have mind-blowing sex without ever needing to say a word — don’t even get us started on porn. Unless you are some sort of tantric sex guru, it’s safe to say that is NOT how it works in real life.

Many of us believe that sex is a magical experience and that we should all instinctively know what to do, which is just not true. Guessing what your partner wants can result in an awkward, unremarkable romp – a surefire way to kill your confidence.

Talking about likes and dislikes in the bedroom can be awkward and uncomfortable, but there’s nothing like trying a new technique that your partner doesn’t want to do.

How to Become More Sexually Confident

The answer to how to become more sexually confident isn’t as complicated as it may seem. With a few simple changes in your everyday routine and mindset, you can start to feel better about yourself and start having the best sex of your life! You can also experiment with your partner and make your sex life more interesting with sex toys.

Check out our blog for more tips on how to master your bedroom skills and have everyone begging for seconds.

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