7 Ideas Surprising Ways to Increase Romance

Romance is an intriguing word. It is directly related to beautiful dates and impulsive actions, so being spontaneous is a perfect way to enhance romance. It can be a tricky thing, so increasing romance is not always what you think.

Thus, try painting one wall orange if you are searching for romance. Romance means that you’re thinking about your life partner. It makes life interesting, and enjoyable and that is why the relationship becomes more exciting.

If you would like your marriage to be God-honouring, if you’d like a solid and reliable marriage, you will need to agree that no matter what, you will carve out time each week merely to relax and have fun with one another.

Marriage isn’t only a business deal. It is a covenant that is made to last until death. If you’re in a marriage that’s lacking intimacy, public praise will work.

Intimacy is an essential ingredient for a prosperous marriage. Like most everything in relationships, it requires a bit of effort on the part of the married couple. The ideal way to increase intimacy in your relationship is to increase romance. It is the key to relational happiness. It is important to every relationship. Creating intimacy outside the bedroom will allow you to connect within the bedroom.

Increase Romance love

The word “romance” evokes almost the same thoughts, emotions, and associations both in men and women. The romance is connected with longing looks, slow dances, candlelight dinners, and relaxing music. Romance is important in any relationship as it keeps it fresh and exciting.

When you are dating, romance is natural as there are no different issues to fight over. However, after years of marriage, romance may fade away. So, if your relationship is filled with romance, there is no chance that you’ll get bored together.

Romantic gestures will help you to open new facets of each other’s personality and cast out monotony and boredom.

Here are creative and surprising ideas, which will help you to increase romance and impress the second half.

The Importance Of Romance In A Relationship

The survey, conducted in the USA in 2017 on the importance of romance in a relationship, shows that about 36% of responders stated that romance was essential to them in a relationship.

Romance In A Relationship

So, romance helps to feel loved, desired, and appreciated. Also, romance improves the relationship in the following ways:

1- Romance Helps You To Get Intimate

Romance improves your sexual life as it increases the intimate bond between you two. Affectionate touches, and kisses, help to show how much you are attracted to the partner and how much you love him or her. If you have a high level of intimacy, it also enhances your spiritual bond.

2- Romance Keeps The Relationship Exciting

The relationship requires constant work to flourish, so romantic gestures help your love shine. Boredom is the major enemy of your relationship and romance eliminates it and brings something fresh to it. Romance makes life interesting, and enjoyable and that is why the relationship becomes more exciting.

If both partners respond to each other’s romantic needs, they motivate and inspire each other to do even more in order to keep the partner happy.

3- Romance Strengthens The Bond Between Partners

Romance is the universal language to express love. If you fill your relationship with romance, you improve your love and connection. Romance gives you the feeling of security, keeps the flame of love alive, and reduces misunderstandings.

How To Create Romantic Feelings In A Man

Stereotypes teach us that men tend to be less emotionally expressive than women. However, it doesn’t mean that they lack emotional sensitivity and warmth. The researchers developed the Romantic Beliefs Scale.

It is based on the questionnaire, which incorporates statements, concerning romance (e.g. “There will only be one real love for me”). Therefore, analyzing the results of men and women, the researchers have found that, on average, men outscore women. In fact, the male attitude towards love and relationship is more romantic.

So, if you want to evoke romantic feelings in your man, consider these ways.

1- Say The Words Of Affirmation

Your language is a powerful tool, which can either save or destroy the marriage. Words are used to express your feelings and emotions. People, who’ve been married for a long time, take their partner’s attitude for granted, and oftentimes they point out all of the ways the partner upsets or disappoints them.

This is a misleading path for those, who want to increase romance in the relationship as this behavior may destroy the marriage.

In order to change the situation, you should change your attitude and look at life and your relationship from a positive perspective. Find good sides in your life and find time to express your appreciation and love.

Praise your man as it is extremely important for him. The man, who knows that his woman is proud of him, is capable of amazing things. Besides, make compliments his appearance, accomplishments, and character. The spouse will feel loved, adored, and appreciated.

2- Create Rituals And Stick To Them

Small secrets, traditions, and rituals unite you and deepen your emotional connection. Make your morning special by bringing your partner a cup of coffee when he is in bed. This sign of attention will help your man to feel loved. It will give him inspiration for the whole day and will make your routine more romantic.

Besides, at the end of the day, try to have a special period. It means that when you see each other after a tough working day, you spend one minute hugging each other. Therefore, you will be connected throughout the evening and this simple gesture will set you up for a romantic mood.

On top of that, if your partner had a tough working day, organize a romantic dinner for him. You may cook his favorite meals, turn on his favorite music or just talk about pleasant things. It will alleviate the tension, cheer your man up and he will feel appreciated and needed. It is highly important as the good attitude of the woman inspires the man to commit actions.

3- Give Thoughtful Gifts

Gifts are always pleasant and they are a perfect way to express your appreciation and love. The gift is the embodiment of your care and attention and a thoughtful gift is important as you take time to choose it and always put thought to make the gift perfect for your man. The gift may be small or big, expensive, or not, the only requirement is that it should be presented with love.

For instance, you may write a note about your feelings and put them into his suitcase. It will be a wonderful surprise for your man when he is far away from you. Besides, you may take into account his hobbies and interests. Thus, if your beloved is a music lover, present his concert tickets, the book about his favorite musician or band, or a vintage musical record.

Also, if your man leads an active lifestyle and loves sports, you may give him new sports gear (sunglasses, backpacks, navigators, new cap), tickets for the matches, and the excursion to his favorite football arena. On top of that, if your partner loves reading, show him that you share his interests and present a copy of a rare book, a gift card to the bookstore, or an e-reader.

4- Pursue New Romantic Interests Together

Doing something together increases your emotional and spiritual connection, which is vital for a healthy and romantic relationship. New interests, hobbies, and activities break your routine. So, impress the loved one and do something extraordinary. You may take a dance class together (salsa, ballroom dancing, contemporary).

Also, if you are musically inclined, write a love song together and then practice performing it. If you are both into cooking, go to the cooking class or cook together at home. Also, a very romantic activity is a ceramics or painting class together.

Novelty can infuse romance back into the relationship and give a second life to your common life.

Things To Do To Make Your Girlfriend Love You More

Women are very emotional and sensitive. They are romantic, love noble gestures, surprises, and all possible manifestations of love. If you want to amaze your girlfriend, consider these strategies.

1- Laugh Together

Don’t know how to be romantic? Laughter is the answer! Laughter may cure many things as well as eliminate monotony. Mutual laughter is one of the major signs of a romantic connection. The empirical results of the studies showed that when the pair laughed together, they were more interested in each other.

Therefore, in order to improve romance, make the woman laugh at your jokes. It may be silly jokes, which both of you love, or intellectual funny stories. Besides, you may recall funny stories from your common past or childhood.

Common memories always bring people together. On top of that, it is useful to be silly sometimes in order to distract from the seriousness of life. You can play a trick on your girlfriend and make her laugh. However, the joke should be presented in a romantic way.

2- Say Compliments

Women fall in love with their ears and hearing compliments is vital for them. Every woman wants to be the most beautiful and the most attractive woman for her man and even if she knows that she’s the best for you, still, sometimes she needs to hear affirmations.

If you wonder how to be romantic, then tell them how sexy, beautiful, and fantastic she is, hearing that she is attractive is important for creating a romantic relationship.

Try to say these compliments in a non-trivial way, it will spice up the relationship and make the compliment even more pleasing and surprising. For instance, leave a rose on your pillow in the morning, the flower will tell her “I love you” when you are absent.

Write a cute message (compliments or a declaration of love) on the magnetic board on the fridge. On top of that, write a short note and put it into her bag so that she will find it accidentally during the day. Be sure, it will put a big smile on her face. Besides, you may send short love quotes for her throughout the day. It will cheer her up.

3- Be Spontaneous

Spontaneity is the best cure for boredom and monotony in a relationship. Romance is directly related to beautiful dates and impulsive actions, so being spontaneous is a perfect way to enhance romance. Think about thoughtful dates. You may kidnap your partner for dinner or organize a romantic lunch on the coast.

Women love surprises and it will be an amazing present for your girlfriend. You may get out of the house and go to the place, which evokes good memories. Studies show that for women, getting away is important. If your woman loves music, go to her favorite artist’s concert or go to the local café to enjoy the dessert and listen to the local jazz concert.

Also, if your second half is an outdoor lover, you may add an adrenaline rush to your relationship and engage in arousal-generating activities, which will add excitement. For instance, it may be a vigorous hike, watching a scary movie, a roller-coaster ride, a boat ride, or riding bikes on a wooded trail.

Besides, if the woman is a food lover, you can spend the evening differently and cook her favorite meal together or make cheese or chocolate fondue together. It will bring you closer both emotionally and physically.

Also, you may try a traditional, yet super romantic surprise. Take two roses and pull off the petals. Drop the petals on the floor leading to the bedroom and put several petals on the bed. The woman will never forget this evening.

Thus, there are a lot of ways to rekindle love in a relationship, spice up the common life, and make the relationship more romantic. All you have to do is to treat your partner with love, understanding, and respect, and then these surprising ways will increase romance and reignite your love.


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